Bhimashankar trek

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    Are you a nature lover? Then Bhimashankar trek is an apt trekking spot for you. The Bhimashankar Trek route is full of pristine, beautiful, and scenic views as it paves into the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the lap of Western Ghats, it proves to be a mesmerizing and thrilling trekking spot surrounded by a shawl of greenery. It’s also a complete combo of mountains with ample waterfalls, Meadows, forests, caves, fog, Rocky patches, and a ladder route, which is the cherry on the cake.

    If you are a photographer, then this trek might add some of the best wildlife photographs to your profile as it is the home to the Giant Indian Squirrels. A famous Jyotirlinga temple is located amidst the forest. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your trekking shoes, take your camera, and set out for an expedition.

    Endurance: Medium

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Height: 3500 ft

    Activities: Trekking


    • 2nd Sept 2023
    • 9th Sept 2023
    • 16th Sept 2023
    • 23rd Sept 2023
    • 30th Sept 2023


    1 night, 2 day


    Board 8:16 am Karjat fast local from CSMT.

    Train schedule and reporting time:

    1. CSMT- 08:05 am (08:16 am train time)
    2. Byculla- 08:15 am (08:24 am train time)
    3. Dadar- 08:22 am (08:32 am train time)
    4. Kurla- 08:30 am (08:39 am train time)
    5. Ghatkopar- 08:35 am (08:43 am train time)
    6. Thane- 08:45 am (08:56 am train time)
    7. Diva Junction- 08:55 am (09:05 am train time)
    8. Dombivali- 09:00 am (09:09 am train time)
    9. Kalyan- 09:09 am (09:19 am train time)
    10. Neral – 09:55 am

    Note- Participants are expected to be on time. HikerWolf will not be responsible if they miss the train by being late or by chance.


    Neral Station to Neral Station: ₹1999/-


    Day 1

    • As we reach Neral, we will proceed to the base village- Khandas by local transportation
    • Before reaching Khandas we will take a halt at a Hotel to have our Brunch
    • As we reach Khandas, We would have an introduction and also an instruction session and start ascending towards Bhimashankar by the “Ladder route.”
    • Because there are many waterfalls and small streams of water en route, we will have lots of fun playing and chilling in the water
    • We will reach halfway to Bhimashankar and make a halt here for the night in the house of local villagers.
    • We will have a delicious hot Maharashtrian Evening Snack and Dinner, spend time having bonfires, games and stories, and have a perfect night out.

    Day 2

    • Early morning Post breakfast we will start ascending again to reach the top of Bhimashankar, We will visit the Great “Jyotirlinga Temple” and the surroundings. (Note: We will visit the temple only if it is permissible)
    • After resting for some we will start descending via the “Ganesh Ghat” route to reach the base village.
    • We will again have a mouth-watering Maharashtrian lunch in the house of local villagers en route.
    • After reaching the base village we will start our journey back home with a lot of fun and memories of having one of the most exciting and enjoyable Bhimashankar treks, and we checked it off the list!

    Note – The above schedule is flexible and is produced to give an idea of the event.



    • Evening Snacks for Day 1
    • Dinner for Day 1
    • Breakfast for Day 2
    • Lunch for Day 2
    • HikerWolf Expertise
    • Travel from Neral to Khandas & Back
    • Basic First Aid


    • 5% GST
    • Mineral water
    • Cost of Train Tickets
    • Insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in inclusions


    • Trekking Shoes / Sports Shoes (compulsory)
    • Water Bottle (Minimum 2-3 litres)
    • 2 Extra Pair of Clothes and also a Rainwear
    • Mosquito Repellent / Insect Repellent
    • Carry all your luggage in a shoulder bag/ rucksack
    • Personal Medications, if any.
    • Identity Proof
    • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
    • Torch
    • A shawl or jacket as it will be cold on top and you may require it while sleeping


    1. Keep bags as light as possible. Bags weighing more than 3 kgs will not be allowed.
    2. Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.


      Bhimashankar trek is a 1 night, 2 days trek. We generally start our trek in the early morning from Khandas and reach our destination, i.e., the highest peak, as the sun goes down.  At night we will stay in a dormitory listening to interesting campfire stories and music. The next day, we start our descent around 9 am and via the Ganesh ghat and reach the base village around 4 pm. Challenge yourself for an adventurous Bhimashankar trek and check your fitness level.

        Trekkers joining from Mumbai will board a pre-decided local train from Mumbai to Karjat and get down at Neral station. From Neral, Hikerwolf will provide local Eco cars to reach Khandas Village (base of the Bhimashankar trek). The journey from Neral station to Khandas village takes around 50 minutes.  

        Trekkers joining from Pune can take a train to Neral station. From Neral, HikerWolf will provide local Eco cars to reach Khandas Village (base of the Bhimashankar trek). The journey from Neral station to Khandas village takes around 50 minutes. 

        Yes, we have many Solo trekkers joining us on all our treks and trips. The Bhimashankar trek at HikerWolf is planned in such a way that you will not only enjoy the trek but also make new friends.

        Bhimashankar Trek base village (Khandas) is 90 KM away from Mumbai. It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 mins to reach.

        The distance of Bhimashankar Trek base village (Khandas) from Pune is 128 Kilometer. It would take around 2 hours and 45 mins to reach.

        Yes, the Bhimashankar trek is completely safe. HikerWolf’s professional trek leaders will accompany you on this trek, make sure you follow all the guidelines given by them. The trek leaders and our local partners will take care of everything so that you can enjoy this adventure to its maximum with your newly made trek buddies

        You should carry the following things to Bhimashankar Trek:

      • Trekking Shoes / Sports Shoes (compulsory)
      • Water Bottle (Minimum 2-3 liters)
      • 2 Extra Pair of Clothes and also a Rainwear
      • Mosquito Repellent / Insect Repellent
      • Carry all your luggage in a shoulder bag/ rucksack
      • Personal Medications, if any.
      • Identity Proof
      • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
      • Torch
      • A shawl or jacket as it will be cold on top and you may require it while sleeping

      Note-  Keep bags as light as possible. Bags weighing more than 3 kgs will not be allowed. Do not carry any valuables to the Bhimashankar trek. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.

       Following  things to keep in mind while going for the Bhimashankar trek:

      • Confirm the timings of the train with the experts at HikerWolf. 
      • Clear all your queries before the trek starts.
      • Wear only trekking shoes or shoes with good grip.
      • Carry enough water, refreshments, and fruits. 
      • Don’t pack too much, keep your bag as light as possible.

        The total trekking distance of the Bhimashankar trek is 7-8 kilometers depending upon the route you follow, and you have to climb a total of 3250 ft above sea level. Once we start climbing up, it will take till the sunset to reach the top of Bhimashankar. A night stay is required for this trek. The next day, the descent starts around 9 in the morning and you will reach the bottom at around 4 in the evening. 

        Yes, the HikerWolf Bhimashankar trek is limited to people up to the age of 16 to 35 years. Trekkers need to be within the age limit on the date of the trip departure to be eligible to join. We feel that a narrow age group leads to better experiences for our trippers and the whole trip experience is more fun since people are on the same wavelength and same spectrum of energy. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.

        There are toilets at the base, at our lunch point, and our stay on the top of the Bhimashankar trek. It is always better to carry your basic amenities and toiletries too.

        The roads from Pune to Bhimashankar base village are well-maintained and have several options for fuel and refreshments on the way. The road is well connected even with Pune international airport and is easier to get on to. The distance from Pune to Bhimashankar base village is 128 km and takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes by road along National Highway 60 and MH SH 54.

        After we reach the top, it will take approximately 45 minutes for Darshan in the Bhimashankar temple, on holidays it may take longer.

        Yes, the Bhimashankar trek is safe during monsoons. Wear proper trekking shoes or sport shoes with good grip. Monsoons make this trek much more adventurous and exciting. You’ll find many waterfalls en route while climbing. Reaching the top is the best feeling as the climate is very soothing and breathtaking.

        No, trekking shoes are compulsory for the Bhimashankar trek as the route to reach the top is steep, rocky, and you might lose your grip. Only shoes with proper grip are allowed on the trek.

        Experienced and trained trek leaders will guide you to the HikerWolf Bhimashankar trek. Before starting with the trek they will give you a few guidelines which you have to follow. While climbing the giant make sure that you are following the trek leader and not going apart from the group. 

        Following things you should know about the Bhimashankar trek:

      • It is one of the most beautiful treks in the Western Ghats which passes through dense deciduous forest. 
      • If you visit during the month of monsoon, you will get to experience scores of waterfalls on the way to the top and the sight of them is indeed mesmerizing. You can stop on the way and play with water, splash water on your friends and take loads of pictures.
      • There is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the protection of wild animals named Bhimashankar Wildlife sanctuary. It was established in 1984 and has since been committed to protecting wildlife over here. You can give a visit to this place and enjoy watching animals thriving in their natural habitat.
      • Witness the Giant Malabar Squirrel or Shekru along with tiny crabs, deers, and many rare birds having their glorious time.
      • Some nearby attractions, as well as nature’s creations, such as waterfalls and rock formations, are sure to catch your attention.
      • The main attraction of this place is the Jyotirlinga, situated at the top. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas found all over the world. Many tourists come here every year to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and also experience the soothing atmosphere and the holiness of this temple.

        The average temperature maintained in winter is 14°C -28°C. In summer it is melting hot as the temperature goes up to 19°C to 34°C.

        Yes, Bhimashankar Trek can be personalized for you if you have a group of 15 plus people.

        After selecting the Bhimashankar trek on the Hikerwolf website, click the Book now button, select the dates and make your payment. You will get an auto-generated receipt on the email submitted by you. You can also contact us if you have any difficulty, we will guide you through the booking process.


      • Bhimashankar is located in the Sahyadri region of Maharashtra. 
      • It is located on the banks of the Bhima river and it is believed that this place is the origin of the river and is said to be the sweat of Lord Shiva released during the war between him and Bhima.
      • Visitors have to climb up to a height of 3250 feet for the Bhimashankar trek, while also experiencing the priceless artifacts by nature along the way.
      • The Bhimashankar temple was built by the then Maratha minister Nana Phadnavis. 
      • It is a Jyotirlinga, one of the 12 shrines found across India, is a shrine dedicated to the Hindu god, Lord Shiva, and has an amazing legend tied with it.
      • The temple boasts an exceptional Nagara style of architecture that dates back to the 18th century. 
      • Although the structure is fairly new, mentions of the shrine can be traced back to Vedic period literature.
      • This place has its magical serenity and its evergreen vivid scenery of the captivating mountains as well as the lush green meadows elegantly residing below.

        We make a WhatsApp group of all the participants joining for the  Bhimashankar trek one day before the event and share all the necessary details in that group

        No, it is recommended to not bring kids along for this trek. As the level of difficulty for this trek is moderate, we do not advise bringing kids along for the Bhimashankar trek. 

         No, Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited on the Bhimashankar trek.

        The Bhimashankar trek can be classified under moderate difficulty. The trek You might encounter some steep slopes and rocky terrain but they are difficult yet thrilling to cross. The entire trek will be filled with numerous artifacts by nature itself which are downright stunning.

        The best time to go for an exciting Bhimashankar trek is during the monsoon season. The weather will be pleasant for you to climb up the height and the atmosphere itself will give a boost to your motivation. A lot of waterfalls get rejuvenated by the incoming rainwater and makes this place loud and captivating. Moreover, this will probably be the best time to look out for the faunas who linger in the depths. July to September is just the ideal time to go for this trek.

        By road, Trimbakeshwar to Bhimashankar is just 237 km and it only takes about 5 hours and 30 mins along NH60 to reach Bhimashankar by car.

        The Bhimashankar temple, Maharashtra is a Jyotirlinga shrine, dedicated to the worshipping of Hindu god Lord Shiva. Built by Nana Phadnavis in the 18th century, this temple holds one of the 12 Jyotirlinga sites found all across India. The Jyotirlinga and the legend behind it, on the other hand, dates back to the 13th century. It was built when the maharajas of the south were trying to gain the support of the people by acting on traditions and beliefs and building lots of temples. It has a composite of archaic architecture styles that blend in together, called the Nagara style of architecture.

        You do not need to be an expert trekker to venture on the Bhimashankar trek. People with good stamina, endurance, and fitness levels can enjoy the trek easily. For those who are not physically active, light workout sessions or cardio at least two weeks before the trek can help your body channel strength. It is advisable to not stuff up your backpack and keep it as light as possible.

        The peak of the Bhimashankar trek is situated at a height of 3250 feet above sea level. 

        Comfortable trekking shoes are recommended for the Bhimashankar trek. We recommend Action Campus trekking shoes for better grip in the Sahyadri treks.

        You will have a sound network connection at the base village but as you trek up to the top your mobile connectivity will start to fluctuate. Even your mobile wants you to get lost in nature and forget all the material worries XD. Due to its remote location and high altitude, mobile networks are only scantly available. Connectivity is poor in this region due to the lack of availability of telecom towers in the vicinity. You may occasionally get a 2G signal but 4G signals are a tough nut to crack.

      Tucked in the western peninsular state of Maharashtra is this religious center and popular tourist destination Bhimashankar. This place holds the popularity for the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga holy shrine, one of the 12 shrines found all across the Indian subcontinent. Each year, thousands of people come here to take their chance and trek up this amazing mountain. Here are some of the highlights:

      • The Bhimashankar trek is held on the mountains of Bhimashankar atop which sits the prestigious Jyotirlinga, Bhimashankar temple. 
      • Offer your prayers to Lord Shiva and get to experience the commencement of various rituals and practices.
      • The whole trek is filled with plenty of extraordinary sights, built and cherished by nature, that will blow your mind away. The sunsets are particularly praised in this region.
      • Bhimashankar during the monsoon season is filled with waterfalls in every direction your eye goes making it a spectacular sight for the tourists. You can play with the waters and take loads of pictures on the way.
      • You will also get to learn the amazing history behind the Jyotirlinga and get to know about the enthralling legend behind it. Just the right amount of history and culture for your curious mind.

       Our Hikerwolf Bhimashankar trekking package includes:

      • 2 Breakfast
      • 2 Lunch
      • Snacks
      • 1 Dinner
      • HikerWolf Expertise
      • Travel from Neral to Khandas
      • Travel from Khandas to Neral
      • Basic First Aid


        No, as of now, Hikerwolf does not provide any pick-up facilities for tourists who want to opt-in for the Bhimashankar trek from Pune as well as Mumbai. The trippers who have signed up from Mumbai/Pune are required to board on a pre-decided train to reach Neral before the commencement of the trek. From there, HikerWolf will provide local eco-cars that will take you to Bhimashankar trek base village (Khandas village).

      Bhimashankar trek is one of the most amazing treks that you get to take part in the western ghats. Filled with natural treasures, this place is sure to make a huge impression on your mind. But, there are a couple of other places too that you can check out and we bet you’re going to love it!

      • Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga:

      Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, an infamous Hindu deity. You can visit this centuries-old shrine and offer your prayers here. 

      • Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary:

       Established in 1984, this beautiful wildlife century hosts a huge collection of unique floras and faunas thriving in their habitats. You get to turn on your jungle safari mode and go on an exploration! 

      • Hanuman lake

      This lake is another marvel of nature located near Bhimashankar. This place is a perfect destination for camping and spending quality time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to bring binoculars! Those extra eyes might even help you catch a glimpse of squirrels and birds.

      • The waterfalls:

      The falls are among the numerous falls that can be found around here. With its loudness and alluring views, it’s sure to catch your attention. It also offers you a glimpse of the Dimbhe Dam backwaters and is a romantic destination for couples.

        Trekking is all about strength, stamina, and endurance and if you can conquer them, this will be just a trifle. Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing for the trek about two to three weeks before. Start working out, a little jogging will help too. All you need to do is keep your explosive strength and stamina in check. Eat good amounts of carbohydrates for energy.

      Yes, first-timers can also go for the Bhimashankar trek. Though it requires a good level of fitness. If you think that you are healthy enough then you should give it a try. Bhimashankar trek is categorized under easy to moderate, hence it will not be difficult for a first-timer. You can prepare yourself a little before the trek to keep up with the climbing.

        The minimum age required for the Bhimashankar trek is 14 years.

       HikerWolf Bhimashankar trek includes 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, and 1 dinner. The best part is that we provide Jain / Vegetarian / Non- vegetarian food choices.

      During the HikerWolf Bhimashankar trek, we will provide simple and delicious food made by localities. For breakfast, you will be served fresh and hot Poha or Upma with a hot cup of tea. For lunch & dinner, you get proper Maharashtrian food which includes chapati (Indian bread), bhaji (vegetable curry), rice, and dal. In between the trek, there are many small stalls where you can eat your favorite Maggi, and also other snack items like chips, biscuits, and lemon juice stalls are open so that you can maintain the energy throughout the trek.

       Yes, we will have a night stopover at the Bhimashankar peak. Trippers at night can cherish the sublime stargazing experience at the peak, as well as the serenity that this place withholds. Our night stopover for the Bhimashankar trek also includes some particularly engaging activities including campsite storytelling, singing, dancing, and lots of games which will make you feel more included and allows you to mix up with like-minded people.

        Yes, Jain Food will be provided on the Bhimashankar trek. Please make sure to inform us in the WhatsApp group which will be made for coordination.

        For the Bhimashankar trek, we prefer to have a group of 15-30 people. We believe that smaller groups of people can connect easily and have lots of fun together. 

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