About HikerWolf

-The traveler in you.
Hikerwolf has become a character of a lot of travel journeys and one thing that we’re sure of is that we deliver happiness. With each trip and adventure, we’ve seen shining smiles and an overdose of laughter packed with wistful memories.
We based our foundation in 2016, and since then we have been spreading the warmth of happiness and bringing people closer to the outer family via group tours.
Hikerwolf organizes group tours, corporate trips, treks, camping events, college industrial visits, and other adventure, and travel events.
 Let’s assure your trust with us by presenting you a few stats from our database:
 1. 73% of the people who trek with us are beginners.
 2. 82% of the trippers join us solo and end up building bonds with new people, which have turned out to be bonded for life.
 3. 86% are freshers who eventually become a part of our growing family.
 4. And last but not least, which we love to boast about, 92% of our clients are repeat customers.

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