HikerWolf Core ValuesHikerwolf core-values


1. Platonic Love & Care

  • Treat all our clients, stakeholder, and colleagues with Platonic love and care.
  • Go out of the way to win hearts
  • Take care of people in a way that they feel extremely safe when they are with us
  • Encourage and help people to overcome their fear
  • Grab every opportunity to make people happy

2. Spread Happiness

  • We are in the business of spreading happiness and making this world a better place
  • True happiness consists of making others happy
  • We believe happiness is contagious and we can spread it by bringing people together and encouraging friendships

3. Passion is at our heart & soul

  • For us, passion means doing what you love to do
  • Passion will give you the drive to energize, engage and inspire others
  • We encourage people to do what they are passionate about.
  • We will create and provide opportunities for people to live their dreams.

4. Go out of the way to create good experiences

  • We always give our best short to create the best customer experience
  • We continuously strive to improve our services.
  • Our goal is to be the best in business and achieve zero customer complaints.
  • We make every decision, no matter how big or small, by keeping our customers on top of our minds.
  • We always go out of our way to make our customers happy

5. Learn from Failures

  • We believe that failures, mistakes, mishaps play a very vital role in helping us learn and grow.
  • We embrace the mentality of trying out new ideas and figuring out which one works to drive better results.
  • We should not only learn from our failures but also form the failures of the people around us.

6. Always Value Relationships

  • We always strive to build good relationships and friendly bonds with all our stakeholders.
  • We ensure that everyone who serves us earns fair wages
  • We work closely with our local partners, find ways to make their life better, and make them happy.