Meaning of HikerWolf

Sitting by the corner of the room, a little on my own, 

I dream of hills and beaches, and some places unknown.

Should I pack my bags, and take that detour?

Or should I ask my friends, of whom I’m not sure? 

Will I lose myself, if I head out all alone? 

Or will I make the best memories with those faces not known?

We are sure that these thoughts often strike you. Hikerwolf always encourages you to take that leap of faith. It is the same thought that led us to create Hikerwolf years back. But why do we call ourselves ‘Hikerwolf’? Our partners are often curious to know what drove us to our name. And we can proudly say that more than just a name, Hikerwolf is about each one of us. 

Our generation is filled with explorers. And in most of us, there resides an undying passion for traveling and exploring that doesn’t seem to recede. ‘Hiker’ is that explorer within you- an explorer who yearns for fun and solitude in faraway places.

And apart from yearning for distant locations, if there is one thing that keeps us human, it is our never-ending yearning for a sense of belonging. Hence, ‘wolf’. Wolves travel miles after miles in packs where each of them treats the other as an extended family. They end their race together, just like they start. Hence, we look at each individual as someone who sticks to one another like a pack of wolves.

Hikerwolf upholds the sole promise of traveling like a family. We meet one another like strangers, make friends as we travel and head back home like a family. You will be stunned to know that more than 80% of people who book their trips with us are solo travelers, and magic starts as soon as the trip begins. 

We eat together, hike together, sing together, dance together and even joke together. But how does it happen? How do traveling with strangers materialize into something as everlasting as an ‘extended family’? That’s mainly because of the way we customize our trips. It doesn’t take more than a few hours for strangers to know each other and materialize a bond that they cherish until the end. And we strongly feel that this connection is basis the like-mindedness that is showcased by the entire group. Every individual who joins us has this innate love for traveling. This brings in a fresh new perspective to the entire journey. And that’s how we travel miles, both in distance and in friendships.  

Today, we are not only proud of delivering the best trips, but also for fostering the most beautiful friendships. We promise that every memory made with us is way beyond just photographs. And every friendship made with us lasts a lifetime.