Auli Chopta Tungnath

12 December onwards




Imagine yourself in between snow-capped mountains as chilling air brushes past you. That’s Auli trip for you my friends. Some people call it heaven, some people compare it with Switzerland and also it is a dream place for ski-lovers in India. Well, we suggest you why not just visit us and decide for yourself. Let’s raise a toast to the infatuating Auli trip, with the HikerWolf family! Starting off with the drive from the rugged terrains of Dehradun and Chopta Tungnath to the snow-dusted Auli, HikerWolf takes you through one of the most bewitching Garhwali experiences. 

This soulful Auli tour traces the path from Sari, Deoria Tal, Chopta Tungnath, Chandrashila, Joshimath to Auli. Each place is like the extra layer of frosting to the cake, and it is the most mystical escapade.

So, strap up your bags to join the most memorable Auli trip with an extremely enthusiastic bunch of people! 


  • 12 Dec 2021
  • 19 Dec 2021
  • 26 Dec 2021 (New Year Week Price)
  • 02 Jan 2022
  • 09 Jan 2022
  • 16 Jan 2022
  • 23 Jan 2022
  • 30 Jan 2022
  • 06 Feb 2022
  • 13 Feb 2022
  • 20 Feb 2022
  • 27 Feb 2022



On or before 15th November 2021


From 15th November 2021 to 30th November 2021


After 30th November 2021


NOTE : Block your seat at just ₹2000/- and pay the rest 25 days before the trip date. 

Note: We will provide you with complete assistance in planning your travel from your hometown to the meeting point. You are free to choose any mode of transportation, be it train, flight or bus as per your budget and convenience.


Here are the 5 days of an exciting journey in brief,

Day 1: Dehradun – Chopta | Auli Trip Begins

Reach Dehradun station by 7 am. Start driving to Chopta and reach in the early evening. Overnight stay in Chopta.

Day 2: Chopta – Tungnath – Chopta | Tungnath Trek, Explore Chopta

Early in the morning, we embark on the Tungnath Trek. We wander towards Tungnath and Chandrashilla. Explore the rich cultural heritage and cascade down to camp at Chopta. Enjoy a good night’s sleep at the Chopta camp. 

Day 3: Chopta – Joshimath | Joshimath Market & Temple

Say bye to Chopta. Reach Joshimath and relax for a while. Style yourself up and shop in the market of Joshimath. Visit Joshimath Temple, head back to Joshimath village and enjoy the rest of the night. 

Day 4: Joshimath – Auli – Joshimath | Auli Tour, Skiing, Cable Car, Gondola Ride

Wake up and hop in the vehicle, in 15 mins we will reach and begin with the much-awaited Auli tour. Get ready for adventurous activities including skiing, cable car, gondola rides and so much more. Head back to Joshimath for night stay.

Day 5: Joshimath – Dehradun | Auli Trip Ends

Bidding farewell to Auli we drive back from Joshimath to Dehradun, bid your goodbyes to your new friends, and fall back to the comfort of your home with all the beautiful memories from the trip.


  • Pick up from Dehradun through Tempo Traveller. 
  • Stay facilities for the five days are arranged in the form of camps/homestay/hotels. 
  • Breakfast and Dinner for 4 days.
  • 1 packed Lunch during trek.
  • Parking fee, Fuel Charges, Driver Included.
  • Basic first aid kit in case of sickness or injuries.
  • Entrance tickets wherever necessary. 
  • HikerWolf Expertise
  • Complete assistance in all other activities for the best possible rates
  • Government taxes and service charges
  • All permits 


  • Any additional Transfers.
  • Extra Food & Beverages.
  • Adventure Activities: Cable car rides, Skiing at the resort.
  • Personal Expenses: Laundry, Internet Usages, Phone calls.
  • Additional expenses arise due to unforeseen crises.
  • Anything which is not mentioned in the above Inclusion. 


  • Trekking Shoes compulsory
  • Poncho
  • Crampons
  • Thermal
  • Comfortable clothes
  • A sun cap and a woollen cap
  • Sunscreen lotion or any other skin moisturizers
  • Water bottles, backpack, and energy bars/snacks
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Caps or hats
  • Camera
  • Personal toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal medication if any
  • Power Banks
  • Sweater/Jacket
  • Synthetic hand gloves
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • At least 2 trek pants and cargo pants
  • Extra Bags to keep Wet clothes

Note: Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.


Exploring the great Himalayas has always been the most humbling experience. Trekking to watch the towering snow-caps, you’d feel like you’re walking through paradise in itself.

Day 1: Dehradun – Chopta | Auli Trip Begins

Travel time: 8-9 hour drive

Distance covered: 230 km

Hop on board! The Auli trip is one of the most loved trips we’ve always looked forward to and planned with so much zeal, there is absolutely no doubt that you’d LOVE it. 

Exactly at 7 am we start moving from Dehradun, like the bunch of excited kids that we are. 

You’d reach the station around 6 am and it’d be the perfect timing for you to meet the team. Exchange greetings, get to know each other till we leave from Dehradun.

Get comfortable in the tempo traveler for an 8-hour journey ahead of you. Now, we have a much more convenient space to have fun with each other, so utilize it to your best, else prepare to get roasted! 

These are all the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the activities that we have onboard to get to know each other more and make this one hell of a trip! 

En-route we’d stop by Rishikesh, which is also one of the points other than Dehradun from where you can join us. 

While driving to Chopta, we’d come across several spectacles such as the Devprayag and Rudraprayag. 

It’s quite interesting to watch the Sangam at Rudraprayag. With shades of algae green blending in with clay water, nature exhibits its au naturel green screen. And of course, what better way to celebrate the beautiful backdrop than clicking tons of selfies and pictures, right? 

A treat in store for you in our Auli tour package, Chopta is what we believe soul candy looks like. The beauty of this village lies in its simplicity and serenity. Chopta is not only popular for its scenic view but it also attracts birdwatchers due to its abundance of colourful and beautiful birds. Once we finish exploring Chopta, we would freshen up and have dinner under the shimmering million stars of the night sky sitting around the bonfire. We replenish our energy for the upcoming and mind-blowing Tungnath trek.

Day 2: Chopta – Tungnath – Chopta | Tungnath Trek, Explore Chopta

Travel time: 3 and half hours trekking (approx.)

Distance covered: 30 km

Wake up and lace up your shoes for Day two. A warm plate of breakfast would be awaiting you. Eat to your heart’s content, but consider the quantity of consumption as we plan on the Tungnath trek and on climbing to the peak of Chandrashila. So, the lighter you eat, the lesser are the chances of getting mountain sickness. 

Barely 4.5 km from here is the infamous Tungnath temple. The Tungnath Trek is quite easy and immensely rewarding. Being the highest Shiva temple in the world, the modesty it holds within its stone structures will surely leave you awestruck. 

Feed your eyes the beauty of the mountain and move your hips while you climb with the ongoing jukebox of our songs. The Tungnath trek is an adventure for souls looking for a rewarding view at the finish and difficult terrain. 

Take a break at the temple, drink lots of water, and savor your proud moment looking back at how far you’ve come. Every step of the Tungnath trek has led you to a serene abode of beauty.

Chandrashila peak is at a distance of 1.5 km from Chopta. We’d carry packed lunches along with us in case our stomachs start growling in hunger. 

One thing you can be sure about is that you’d leave Chandrashila with the best flex ever – Lunch with a view of the great Himalayas, Nanda Devi, Chaukhambha Parvat, Kedar Dome, all at a height of 4000 meters above sea level! 

At this height, you’d also be able to spot the ethereal Himalayan Monal flying across with all its colours contrasting the azure skies. 

From here we go back 6 km to Chopta; Descending down on the Chopta Trek is an adventure in itself and with the HikerWolf tadka it will be nothing short of an epic adventure. Rest over in Chopta before the next day’s adventures. 

Day 3: Chopta – Joshimath | Joshimath Market & Temple

Travel time: 5 – 6 hours

Distance covered: 136 km

We leave off early from Chopta in the morning as we have to cover a distance of 136 km. This means almost 5 hours occupied but so many hours for our fun and games to continue. 

There wouldn’t be even a single dull moment with the quirkiest of all ideas and games we have planned for you every day.

“Dumb Charades” would have a hilarious twist to it with people trying to enact movies that barely anyone knows of. Now don’t ask us where we’re getting these movies from, that’s our very own tadka. 

“Truth or dare” will have us telling our most embarrassing stories and doing even more embarrassing dares. Giving “Never have I Ever” our desi twist, we pour in shots with the most disgusting mix of sauces and juices we can get our hands upon, and all you can do is hope that you wouldn’t have to gulp it all down. 

En-route we pass by townships like Gopeshwar and Chamoli. The charm about hill stations is that, no matter how much they transform into neatly planned towns, their culture and heritage remain intact. Be it in terms of architecture or lifestyle. With so many colourful little huts sprinkled around like fairy dust, the places are picture-perfect.

Here, we let off some steam by going temple hopping and some really fun shopping. Whether or not you’re a shopaholic, the experience is completely unparalleled. Garhwali sweets that melt in your mouth with its rich flavours, the native embroidered shawls, and above all the smiling faces of the localities welcoming you to their humble abode. 

From here we go on to visit the Narsingh temple, Sri Sankaracharya Math, Vishnu Prayag. Joshimath is where you stay for the night.

Day 4: Joshimath – Auli – Joshimath | Auli Tour, Skiing, Cable Car, Gondola Ride

Travel time: 15 – 20 minutes

Distance covered: 5.3 km

The most awaited part of the trip, the final showdown is the snow-frosted hills of Auli. At an elevation of 2505 meters above sea level, this is where all the exciting adventures unravel. One can go for skiing, cable tour, etc, the Auli tour comprises all the activities you would have wanted to tick from your bucket list.

From Joshimath, Auli is barely a 15-minute drive away. By now we would’ve been familiar with each other in a way that everyone would rather call you by your nicknames than your actual name. It’s like our very own personal version of Bengali Daak Naam, the name remains with you always like a tag from your family.  

So be it a “Drama Queen” or “Garhwali Diva”, you’re carrying your name proudly back to your home.

The Auli tour is where all the hell breaks loose and we let go of everything and just enjoy the moment. If the phrase Carpe Diem looked like a place, this would be it. 

Jump into the heaps of snow, make snow angels, throw around chunks of snow, one thing you wouldn’t stop doing here moves around! Because even one minute of sitting idle would lead to you being bombarded by the snowballs and you sliding across the slippery snow effortlessly. 

There’s skiing, gondola rides, trekking and so much more happening around here. It’s the perfect winter destination and a much-needed dose of adrenaline for you. 

Once we’ve exhausted every ounce of our energy here playing with the snow, we’ll head back to Joshimath and fall back to the comforts of our beds and retire for the day. 

Day 5: Joshimath – Dehradun | Auli Trip Ends

Travel time: 9 – 10-hour drive.

Distance covered: 300 km

After a good night’s sleep, we move forward with much anticipation and excitement. Have your breakfast at Joshimath and we are all set for the last road trip together of the Sari – Auli circuit trip.

Pack up and load your baggage on the tempo traveler. Driving down to Dehradun from Auli takes almost the same time span as that of getting to Sari from Dehradun. 

Now, the time has come for us to box up the beautiful memories we created and return back to our homes. And of course, how could it end without the same amount of shor we created at the beginning of the trip?

From the desi Bhangra songs to Bella Ciao, we’d jam with every kind of song possible and dance our hearts out. Whether you’re a certified bathroom singer or have two left feet, there’s absolutely no space for excuses, you’re joining in with the groove! Get all the low-scale Sunburn festival feels, the venue being a tempo traveler, with the audience is your newly found family. 

En route, we stop by for lunch, and hog as much food as we can. Getting back to the tempo, we sit back and take our time to recollect the past four days, narrate our travel stories, laugh over all the fun and silliness. But just like how the song goes, we’d say “Areypagee, fikar not”, there’s so much more to come. 

To deal with all the FOMO that ensues, there are many more itineraries that have been charted, and we’re pretty sure you’d jump in for the next adventure along with the HikerWolf family. Since we’re hoping to see you soon after a small break, bidding goodbyes won’t be a painful task. 

We’d be reaching Dehradun around 7 pm, after which you can plan accordingly and get back to your respective places. In case you require any help or assistance from the HikerWolf family, we’re always there to help you out.


Making the planning and execution a lot easier with detailed charting and a budget-friendly Auli tour package, HikerWolf gives you the best of itineraries. This also comes with certain limitations from external factors that are not much under our control. Factors such as weather fluctuations, road conditions, physical conditions of the participants, may alter the itinerary. 

We reserve the right to change any schedule in the interest of safety, comfort, and general wellbeing.


Request a callback

    NOTE :
    • HikerWolf reserves the rights to cancel the trip if the minimum batch size does not suffice. 
    • Trip Leaders will only accompany you if there are people more than the minimum batch size otherwise, the trip will be handled virtually.

    1. What will be the group Size?
    We prefer to have a group of 15-18 people as we intend to have more fun and give personal care.
    We need at least 6 people to kick start our treks.

    2. Who will accompany us on the Trek?
    All our treks are led by certified professional trekking leaders, climbers. In addition to them, there will be a local guide, a cook, an assistant, porters, and other staff.

    3. I am joining as a solo girl and/or traveling for the first time, is it safe to travel/trek alone?
    Safety is of prime importance and we understand them very well. The major of our staff is a girl for that very reason so be assured you are in safe and reliable hands.

    4. What type of ground transportation will be used during the trip?
    We rent taxis such as Innova, Tempo Traveler, Bolero, Tata Sumo, etc. from our suppliers.

    5. I can’t carry my backpack/bag while trekking, can I offload it?
    We always recommend carrying the backpack while trekking to help maintain body posture. If you can’t, we can provide you with a mule/porter to carry your backpack. I want this service you must inform us at least 1 week before the trek. The offloading fee would be around INR 300 per person per day.

    6. What shoes should I buy?
    Shoes are the lifeline during the trek. It is highly recommended to buy trekking shoes for a well well-known brand. You can consider companies like Quechua, Columbia, etc. A waterproof shoe with ankle support will work well.

    7. Are there bathrooms/toilets facilities available during the excursion?
    During the trek, separate toilet tents will be installed on each campsite.

    8. What will be the type of accommodation?
    Accommodation is in dome tents/Homestay.

    9. Will you provide sleeping bags and mattresses?
    Yes, we will provide sleeping bags and mattresses during the excursion. Our sleeping bags can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees.

    10. How many trekkers will be in a tent?
    It totally depends on the dynamics of the group. If there is a couple, we can give them a separate tent. If there is an odd number of people, then the tents would be on triple sharing basis.

    11. How can I book a trek with you?
    After selecting the trip/excursion, you can book by clicking the Book now button or you can contact us and we will guide you through the booking which is quite easy.

    12. What kind of food is served during the trek?
    We provide nutritious and healthy food during the trek. We always serve vegetarian Indian food and eggs.

    13. How can I get drinking water during the trek?
    Himalaya water is considered the purest and safest water to drink. But for safety reasons, we sometimes boil water and use it for drinking and cooking.

    If you find clean water while hiking, always fill the water where it flows, not where the water is stable or at rest.

    14. Can we change the path?
    Yes, you can make suggestions. We will analyze this and, if we consider it feasible, we will apply it.

    15. Can the trip/excursion be personalized?
    Yes, we can customize any trip/excursion based on your needs and feasibility.

    16. Will the doctor accompany us during the walk?
    No, but our trekking leaders are certified in the first aid course for wildlife and always carry a first aid kit and oxygen cylinders during high altitude excursions.

    17. Do you prefer to take medications with me?
    Yes, it is recommended to bring your own medicines while trekking.

    18. Is Diamox advisable or not?
    Well, it totally depends on the person. There are usually no side effects of Diamox, but if you have previous medical conditions, it is best to consult your doctor.

    Our itinerary is designed in such a way that we get sufficient time acclimatized. If in case you have any problem while trekking, inform your trek leader about your condition as soon as possible.

    19. What is the minimum age limit to be eligible for the trek?
    The Minimum age limit is 14 years

    20. What will we do if it rains?
    If it starts to rain slowly during the trek, we will continue walking as expected. Your poncho will keep you dry. If it rains a lot, we will try to find a refuge and wait for the rain to stop or subside. If it rains in the field, there would be no problems because all our living tents, our kitchen tents, and our bathroom tents are waterproof. You will stay dry inside.

    21. Why is the trekking pole needed?
    It differs from person to person. If you think this will help you maintain balance while trekking, bring your cane. Some people believe that walking sticks break the pace while walking. It depends on you

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