Camping at Bhandardara


Bhandardara is a village near Igatpuri, in the Western Ghats of India. Situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, it is 117 km. from Mumbai and is an easy way to go via road transport.  The Village has all the nature’s blessings like the beauty of lakes, the lush greenery, and the captivating waterfalls and surrounded by high mountains, dams that make a perfect brain refresher for the city inhabitants. It is packed with calmness and purity of nature that has the ability to give you a perfect getaway from busy city life and let you enjoy the freedom of nature.


1 Night, 2 Days


only Fireflies special batches are available


Kasara to Kasara: 1999/-

Campsite to Campsite: 1499/-

NOTE: Block your seat at just ₹500/- and pay the rest 5 days before the event date. 

discounts & offers

FLAT ₹200/- Discounts- If you book 2 months before the trip date

FLAT ₹100/- Discounts- If you book 1 month before the trip date

Train schedule and reporting time:
    1. CSMT- 11:30 am (11:45 am train time)
    2. Byculla- 11:40 am (11:52 am train time)
    3. Dadar- 11:45 am (11:58 am train time)
    4. Kurla- 11:55 am (12:05 pm train time)
    5. Ghatkopar- 12:00 pm (12:09 pm train time)
    6. Mulund- 12:05 pm (12:21 pm train time)
    7. Thane- 12:10 pm (12:25 pm train time)
    8. Dombivali- 12:25 pm (12:38 pm train time)
    9. Kalyan- 12:30 pm (12:47 pm train time)
    10. Kasara – 2:00 pm

Note: Request you to be on time as we shall not be responsible in case you miss your train by any chance.

Brief Itinerary:

DAY 1:

Meet at CSMT station by 11:30 am and reach Kasara Station by 2:00 pm. Further, take local transportation to our wonderful venue for the night – Our own Bhandardara Campsite. You will be welcomed with the welcome drink.  On arrival set your soul free and feel the beautiful sunset while boating in the lake and let your mind express its likelihood to the silent breeze!

Have a little pleasant walk along the Bhandardara Lake which has a serene feel to itself! Evening for lip-smacking Barbeque and Nightclub starts with a little warm-up by hopping on various fun team games, activities. Dinner to be followed by some Music and Dance. We call it a day as we sleep in our tents

DAY 2:

Wake up to witness refreshing water in front of your campsite. Freshen up and adore the beautiful morning bliss greenery with a sip of hot cup tea! Click some good selfies to explore the campsite breathe in the fresh air and compare your busy polluted life to this pleasant campsite. It’s time to wrap up tents, pack our bags with beautiful memories and head back to our homes!


    • Local transportation from Kasara to Campsite and Back
    • Welcome drink
    • Evening Snacks (Jain food available)
    • Barbeque
    • Boating
    • Dinner
    • Breakfast (Day 2) (Jain food available)
    • Tent stays
    • Fun-loving games & activities
    • HikerWolf Expertise
    • Basic First Aid
    • A lot of memories


    • Mineral water
    • Insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in the above inclusions list
    • 5% GST and processing fees

Things to carry:

    • Identity Proof
    • Water Bottle (Minimum 2-3 litters)
    • 3 Extra Pair of Clothes
    • Flip flops or Sandals
    • Carry all your luggage in a shoulder bag/ rucksack
    • Personal Medications, if any.
    • Mosquito repellent
    • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
    • Torch
    • A shawl or jacket as it will be cold, and you may require it while sleeping
    • Sanitary Kit

  • HikerWolf reserves the rights to cancel the trip if the minimum batch size does not suffice. 
  • Trip Leaders will only accompany you if there are people more than the minimum batch size otherwise, the trip will be handled virtually.


People joining from Mumbai will board a pre-decided local train from Mumbai to Kasara and get down at Kasara station. We will meet at a Kasara station and take Local SUV cars from Kasara station to the Bhandardara camping site. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the Bhandardara camping site from Kasara station.

People joining from Pune will come down to Kalyan via train. And board a pre-decided local train from Kalyan to Kasara and get down at Kasara station. We will meet at a Kasara station and take Local SUV cars from Kasara station to the Bhandardara camping site. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach the Bhandardara camping site from Kasara station.

Yes, you can, we always have people joining solo on Bhandardara lake camping is planned in such a way that you will not only enjoy the camping but also make new friends.

Yes, we generally have many girls joining us on our trips so there are high chances that you are not the only girl on the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping. The majority of our staff are girls & girls safety is of prime importance to us. We assure you that you will be with safe and reliable people.

On HikerWolf Bhandardara camping you will be accompanied by our travel coordinators. All our events are led and hosted by professional travel coordinators who have good experiences in managing groups and conducting various team-building games and activities.

This type of team-building games and activities helps like-minded travelers to mix up, make new friends and enjoy every moment of Bhandardara camping together.

We provide dual-sharing tents at our Bhandardara camping. All the tents are well equipped with clean mattresses, cushions, and blankets.

Yes, Bhandardara camping is a hosted event. It is hosted by HikerWolf ‘s professional travel coordinators who conduct multiple games and activities on the campsite and make sure that you are provided with all the facilities which are agreed to you.

Two people will be sharing a tent in Bhandardara camping. We provide dual-sharing tents on our Bhandardara camping, but if you want to share the tent with three people the tent is big enough for the same.

Yes, we have an arrangement for a campfire dance and music on HikerWolf. The warmness of the campfire will make you feel lively and yes we dance on the beats to our heart’s content. Bhandardara camping is a hosted event that will be one of the best moments of your life.

Yes, Jain food will be provided at the Bhandardara camping. You have to inform us about your food preferences priorly so we can provide you accordingly.

No, pickup and drop facilities are not available from Mumbai to HikerWolf Bhandardara Camping. People joining from Mumbai can take a pre-decided local train to Kasara and get down at Kasara station. All the travelers will meet at Kasara station and take local SUV cars (Provided by HikerWolf) to reach the Bhandardara camping site.   

No, pickup and drop facilities are not available from Pune to HikerWolf Bhandardara Camping. People joining from Pune can come down to Kalyan via train. And board a pre-decided local train from Kalyan to Kasara and get down at Kasara station. All the travelers will meet at Kasara station and take local SUV cars (Provided by HikerWolf) to reach the Bhandardara camping site.

Bhandardara camping site is 169 Km away from Mumbai. It wIll take approximately 3 hours 55 minutes to reach the site. 

Bhandardara camping site is 175 Km away from Pune. It wIll take approximately 4 hours 45 minutes to reach the site.

Mobile connectivity is pretty bad at the Bhandardara Camping site. The BSNL network is particularly strong in this area, you might also get network signals from Airtel and Vi, but those signals are not that strong.

While camping at Bhandardara you should follow the following safety rules:                                                     

  • Do not approach the lake during the night hours as it is restricted.
  • If you have children with you then please make sure that they are not near the lake alone.
  • Do not dive in the lake as the water is very deep.
  • Avoid going outside the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site property.

Yes, you can drink alcohol at the Bhandardara Camping site only at night. You have to bring your own booze, we don’t sell any hard drinks at our campsite nor is there anyone who can bring the drinks for you. Also, make sure that you are consuming a limited quantity of drink for your own safety. Avoid going near the lake when you are drunk. Smokers can smoke but you have to make sure that you don’t make others uncomfortable. 

Note – If anyone misbehaves and creates any nuisance after getting drunk, that person will be asked to leave the campsite at the very moment and no refund will be provided.

The lighting arrangements at the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site are excellent. As it is private property it is well maintained and decorated nicely. You will experience a very happening vibe on the location as it has bright and friendly decor.

The Hikerwolf Bhandardara camping event is designed especially for the young crowd. The party and the music might go on till the majority of the crowd is enjoying the same. If you are planning to come with the family then make sure that everyone is young at heart and will have no problem with people playing music and having fun till late at night.  

Bhandardara Lakeside camping is the most popular thing at Bhandardara. Many travelers come together and discover its natural beauty. The location is surrounded by attractions like waterfalls, hill slopes, Wilson dam, and Arthur Lake. The Bhandardara camping offers many activities like boating, forest visits, etc.

You should carry the following things for  Bhandardara camping:

  • Identity Proof
  • Water Bottle (Minimum 2-3 litres)
  • 3 Extra Pair of Clothes
  • Flip flops or Sandals
  • Carry all your luggage in a shoulder bag/ rucksack
  • Personal Medications, if any.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
  • Torch
  • A shawl or jacket as it will be cold, and you may require it while sleeping
  • Sanitary Kit


Note: Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.

Yes, proper well-constructed toilets are available at the HikerWolf Bhandardara Camping site. Toilets with both western and Indian commodes are available.

HikerWolf  Bhandardara camping price is:

With Transportation: 1999/- 

Without Transportation: 1499/

Yes, the campsite of HikerWolf Bhandardara camping is just beside the lake. This gives a chance to our trippers to experience the best sunset, relax and spend an amazing time beside the calming lake.

Yes, You can bring your pets to the  Bhandardara camping site, but you have to make sure that your pet does not disturb other people on the site. Pet food will not be provided.

The tents provided to you at the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site are big enough for three people occupancy. We provide the same tents for dual occupancy so that our travelers feel comfortable.

Yes, tents at the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site can protect you against bugs and insects as it has a protective net that doesn’t allow mosquitoes and any insects to enter the tent. But it is always good to go fully prepared so do carry your mosquito repellent for your safety.

The majority of people joining Hikerwolf are vegetarians therefore we always make sure that we have proper arrangements for all kinds of travelers joining us. You will be provided Jain, Vegetarian, and Non- vegetarian options on the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site.

Yes. You can get your car to the Bhandardara camping site as parking facilities are available there.

Yes, you will be mixed with other groups at the HikerWolf Bhandardara camping site. However, you are not compelled to do so. HikerWolf’s main motive is enjoyment with securing the comfort zone of our travelers.

Not only the safety of female travels but also the safety of each of our travelers is our topmost priority at Hikerwolf. Many female travelers join us solo and also with their friends on our Bhandardara camping. You do not need to worry about anything as our campsite is on private property and outsiders are not allowed to enter the campsite. The trippers joining HikerWolf are also very decent, you will not feel uncomfortable around them.

No, there is no need for a prior camping experience for Bhandardara Camp. HikerWolf already makes sure that your Tents are placed properly with clean and sanitized mattresses and blankets. At camping, you have to not cook any food as we have cooks who make delicious delights. We have clean toilets and washroom facilities too. Travelers with us have no need to worry as the management is up to the mark with the well-experienced trip coordinators. 

In winters the climate is cool and breezy with temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees. Summers are hot but serene. It is very beautiful and the best part is that the lake is always filled with water. Therefore summers are also a good time for Bhandardara camping. 

After selecting the Bhandardara camping on the HikerWolf website, click the Book now button, select the dates and make your payment. You will get an auto-generated receipt on the email submitted by you. You can also contact us if you have any difficulty, we will guide you through the booking process.

The Bhandardara Camping package from HikerWolf includes the following meals in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and Jain options:

  • Welcome drink
  • Evening Snacks
  • Barbeque
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast

Yes, Bhandardara lake camping is completely safe at night. Outsiders are not allowed near our campsite. The crowd joining us is decent, friendly, and helpful. Our travel coordinators are also well trained and experienced to ensure the safety of our trippers.

Yes, the last day of the year is very fun at Bhandardara camping. We celebrate it with lots of excitement and the campsite is filled with a lively crowd. We party hard, make new friends and create memories which stay with us for life long. In the New Year, the atmosphere is very happening which will make you welcome the coming year readily and with positivity.

Yes, HikerWolf Bhandardara camping has clean mattresses and blankets. 

Bhandardara Camping is one of the most exciting things you should not miss. But besides camping, there are many more places which are worth visiting in Bhandaradara. 

  • Umbrella Falls – It is a spectacular waterfall which you should visit especially during monsoons. It flows over the naturally placed rocks, Umbrella Falls originating from Wilson Dam are one of the most spectacular tourist places in Bhandardara. 
  • Wilson Dam: Wilson Dam is the largest earthen dam in India. It gets its water from the Pravara River. Another name for Wilson dam is Bhandardara Dam. It has a garden at the base of the dam, which offers striking views of the architectural marvel.
  • Kalsubai Peak: It is the highest peak of Maharashtra 5400 feet. It is on the bucket list of every trekker. You can climb this giant and get the best views from the top. 
  • Radha Falls: Randha Falls offers a refreshing sight as the water flows down with its full energy, creating a roar as it touches the surface. It is mainly attractive in monsoon.

For more info: Read our blog

Yes, HikerWolf Bhandardara camping is completely safe for couples. Nature lover couples can enjoy and relax in the peaceful environment of the camping

No, Bhandardra lake camping is not wheelchair accessible as the surface of the camping area is quite uneven. 

Yes, you can go to Bhandardara camping in the summer. As Bhandardara lake is filled with water throughout the year. During summer the weather will be a little hot but the surrounding scenes never fail to surprise us. At night the climate cool’s down and the sky is filled with stars 

Yes, Bhandardara camping is safe for kids. You can have a wonderful time with your kids beside the lake, amidst the lofty mountains, and watch the beautiful color-shifting of the sky as the sun goes down. Kids are very much fond of such experiences and this might create the best childhood memories.

Yes, the HikerWolf Bhandardara Camping is limited to people up to the age of 35 years. Travelers need to be within the age limit on the date of the trip departure to be eligible to join. We strictly follow this age criterion, and can not make any exceptions. 

We feel that a narrow age group leads to better experiences for our travelers when they visit a destination and the whole trip experience is more fun since people are on the same wavelength. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.

The HikerWolf Bhandardara Camping package includes activities like:

  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Campfire
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Various exciting Games

Bhandardara is 170 km from Mumbai, and it takes nearly 4 hours by road via NH 160 and 2-3 hours by train to reach Bhandardara from Mumbai. Bhandardara is well connected to Mumbai by road and train.

Fireflies are insects that glow in the night. They are the best part of Bhandardara camping. The natural lighting glowing in the surrounding is so hypnotizing that you might not have seen before. These fireflies can even light up a whole tree! Once you get the opportunity to experience the tantalizing views of the night sky filled with them, you will definitely want to come back here again and again. They only appear for 2 weeks prior to the rainy season, from the end of May to the beginning of June. Fireflies camping behold the traveler’s attention with the sparkle it throws on your way giving an unforgettable experience.

HikerWolf Bhandardara is 44km away from Igatpuri. It takes about 1 hour to reach the campsite from Igatpuri.

Bhandardara Camping is very enjoyable. It is far from all the buzz of the city.  Beautiful sunsets and a restful lake view will make you forget all the worries of your life. The view at Bhandardara lake is very astonishing. You get a very good quality of service, food, and clean and sanitized tents with all the required equipment. Your every moment on the campsite is worth it and refreshing.

HikerWolf Bhandardara camping is conducted on splendid private property. You are welcomed with a refreshing welcome drink. Once you settle down you will experience watching the sunset with your friends while boating. After the beautiful evening, you get time to relax alongside the lake. You will also enjoy lip-smacking barbeque, the best part is that barbeque is for everyone Jain, Vegetarian and of course Non-vegetarian.  Soulful singers and crazy dancers will give a mic drop performance.

HikerWolf is known for hosting the best events, therefore, your camping continues with exciting activities and games. These activities help our travelers to mix quickly and know others easily. You make new friends and party under the stars until and unless you hear your heart racing loudly.

Yes, we can organize a personalized Bhandardara Camping event for you if you have a group of 15+ people.

Yes, you can swim in Bhandardara lake. It is not restricted to swim in the lake but you have to take permission and swim under the supervision of a lifeguard. This is a natural lake and therefore not every area is safe to go swimming. We will also take the local’s advice before heading to the lake. Make sure that you don’t go very deep and you can still have lots of thrill and fun while playing in the water.


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