Tapola, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar Trip

10 December onwards




Situated near Mahabaleshwar, Tapola lake serves as the perfect atmosphere to make your weekends spectacle and fun-filled. Enjoy the landscape view of the Mahabaleshwar on the other hand witness the clear and soothing Tapola Lake. And that’s not just it, set on an adventurous trail and explore the nearby forest, lose yourself to the water activities, and meditate in the ancient and architecturally famous Mahabaleshwar temple.

Set out on a journey to discover Panchgani and witness the panoramic view from its highest point, i.e. the Table Lands. Wallow in its serenity, calmness and tranquillity to enjoy the peace that you will find here. Complete your bucket list activities while we add our special HikerWolf tadka to make it more memorable and happening.


3 Night/ 2 Days


  • 12th Nov 2021
  • 26th Nov 2021
  • 10th Dec 2021
  • 24th Dec 2021 (New Year Special)
  • 30th Dec 2021 (New Year Special)


 From Mumbai & Pune: ₹4999/-

On or before 15th November 2021

With Transportation ₹5,999/- (From Mumbai & Pune)

From 15th November 2021 to 30th November 2021

With Transportation ₹6,499/- (From Mumbai & Pune)

After 30th November 2021

With Transportation ₹6,999/- (From Mumbai & Pune)


NOTE : Block your seat at just ₹2000/- and pay the rest 25 days before the trip date. 

Brief Itinerary


  • 09:45 pm – Borivali- Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • 10:10 pm – Western Express Highway, metro station bus stop
  • 10:25 pm – Bandra, Kalanagar Bus Stop
  • 10:45 pm – Sion station circle
  • 11:00 pm – Ghatkopar (Amar Mahal)
  • 11:30 pm – Vashi Toll Naka
  • 11:40 pm – Belapur
  • 11:50 pm – Khargar Hiranandani Complex
  • 12:00 am – Kalamboli (McDonald)


  • 01:30 am – Wakad (Jinger Hotel)
  • 02:00 am – Navle Bridge

DAY 1: Begin the Mahabaleshwar Trip | Jungle Trail, Tapola Lake Water Sports, Mahabaleshwar Tour

At 05:30 AM: Arrive at the campsite and rest, drink a cup of tea

We now begin the Jungle trail; explore the wilderness and trek through the forest.

It’s time for a quick break to have a scrumptious breakfast. Post breakfast we visit a nearby farm.

We now participate in water sports activities. We have Boating, Kayaking, and Swimming lined up for us.

Post these thrilling activities enjoy the savoury lunch beside the beautiful lake.

After lunch, we visit the infamous Wilson point and the sunset point.

We also visit the local market for shopping.

We return to our stay at Tapola Lake Camping and indulge in music & dancing. Bonfire is also arranged.

We end the day here and rest in our allotted camps.

Day 2: Departure from Panchgani | Horse Riding, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panchgani Tour

Wake up early and enjoy the majestic sunrise from beside the imperial Lake.

We set out for Horse Riding besides Venna Lake post a yummy breakfast.

We will also visit the ancient and much famed Mahabaleshwar temple.

An appetizing lunch is arranged at Panchgani. Post lunch we will tour Mapro Gardens and the Devgiri art gallery.

To get the best view of sunset we visit the famous Table Lands of Panchgani. Observe the sun crossing the horizon and let its beauty capture your heart.

Here comes an end to our amazing trip with loads of cherishing memories and tons of fun. We depart for our hometowns. We will reach Pune around 8.30 pm and Mumbai around 11.30 pm.


  • Travelling from Mumbai – Mumbai/ Pune – Pune
  • 2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • Water Sports (Boating, kayaking & Swimming)
  • 1 Night Camp Stay on dual sharing basis
  • Forest Entry
  • HikerWolf Expertise


  • Insurance
  • Any personal expenses during the trip
  • Anything not included in inclusions

Things to Carry

  • Identify proof (Original Compulsory)
  • Backpack
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Power banks for charging electronic devices
  • Cap, Goggles, Sunscreen, etc.
  • Pair of clothes as much required (shorts, track pants or any comfortable clothing you wish for)
  • Personal medicines
  • Sanitary kit
  • Towel
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Warm clothes

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Begin the Mahabaleshwar Trip | Jungle Trail, Tapola Lake Water Sports, Mahabaleshwar Tour

 Welcome people! We are highly excited to have you on board with us on this exciting hike. Rest for a while in the campsite and freshen up, but don’t let your excitement flow away as jillions of refreshing and thrilling adventures are awaiting us. Our campsite is located beside the beautiful Tapola Lake right in the serenity of nature, enjoy the scenic view of the hills, the lake and the jungle. We will prelude the Mahabaleshwar trip after serving you with a delicious cup of tea, make yourself home.

Now, before we move ahead with the tour we’ll play a few games to get to know your tour-mates. We are sure that with all that energy and smiley faces, you’ll be friends in no time.

Tighten your shoes as we now begin the Jungle trail. Hopping through the jungle we explore its wilderness, leaping across tress and jumping across the rocks we dwell in the nurturing jungle and explore its true glory. We laugh, we sing, we click enormous pics and have tons of fun with our friends while trekking through the forest, isn’t this trekking all about?

We take a small break and fill our stomachs with a scrumptious breakfast. But make sure to keep your stomach light as we will trek down the forest to visit a farm. Engage yourself with the locals and learn about their livelihood and gain knowledge from them. Observe the farmlands and their ripe vegetation, learn from them about food production.

Post the visit to the farm, we take part in the water sports activities. Tapola Lake is home to several prestigious water sports activities. And we are on our way to enjoy them, we have Boating, Kayaking & Swimming lined up for us. Experience the exhilarating Kayaking, paddle the boat with all your might, Swim across the serene lake and enjoy the buoyancy of the water. Ample time and adventurous activities are all that we need to set the perfect atmosphere. Submerge yourself in the water and enjoy your time leisurely.

Once we complete the exhilarating activities we treat ourselves to a tasty meal. Post lunch we will begin a small tour to Mahabaleshwar. The Mahabaleshwar trip will make you feel like journeying through paradise on earth. We visit the strawberry gardens and stroll through the farms. We will witness ghastly rapid and untamed rivers, monumental peaks, jungles that are packed like sardines, historic temples and much more; truly the Mahabaleshwar trip is a journey of dreams. Next in line we visit the unfamous Wilson point and the sunset point and relish the dramatic view. Observe the amazing views, give fantastic poses and click tons of pictures. And also, get ready for photobombing, our group consists of amazing photobombers.

We visit the local market and go crazy shopping. We return to our stay at Tapola Lake Camping. And indulge in the music & dancing. Camping without a bonfire, wouldn’t that be biased, don’t worry we have that part covered. A campfire would be set beside the breezy lake in the chilly atmosphere. Warm yourself and luxuriate in the stories, dance around the campfire, sing tuneless songs and humour them out, what could be a perfect end to a day than this?

Day 2: Departure from Panchgani | Horse Riding, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panchgani Tour

 Good Morning folks, today we are going live with the exotic sunrise by our side, grasp the sunlight and the pleasant weather and charge yourself to have fun on another exciting day.

Finish your yummy breakfast and move for horse riding. Riding a speedy horse under the stormy clouds beside the lake, sounds too filmy right? But you will experience the thrill of horse riding beside Venna Lake. Venna Lake is surrounded by lush green jungle and serves a serene view; horse riding besides this beautiful and calm lake is a dream come true and an enthralling adventure in itself. A fun tip: Riding is much more fun when you make a friendly bond with the horse.

Next, we visit the historic Mahabaleshwar temple which is known for its brilliant architecture. You will be mesmerized by the 6 feet long Shiva Lingam, which depicts the stone incarnation of Lord Shiva. Admire and experience the calmness and holiness of the place. Also, you can spend some time meditating here and look for inner peace. After spending some time here we move to visit Panchgani. En route, adore the beauty of the lush green forest and the hills; the view of the lakes and waterfalls from the top is fantastic.

We have our lunch arranged in Panchgani. Enjoy a finger-licking delicious meal and satiate your taste buds with a view of the beauty that this valley offers. Next, we visit the famous Mapro Gardens. Roam around and engage yourself with the history of Mapro and its production and plantation unit. You can also buy Mapro products from here.

We move along to visit the much famed and talked Panchgani’s ‘Art Gallery’. Many artisans are working here, a huge amount of collectables and artefacts are on display. Beauty reflects not only in their work but from their style of work. Watching them work with precision might just bring your inner artist and art lover.

Next, we transfer to the Table Lands of Panchgani, i.e the highest point of Panchgani. These plateaus offer a landscape view of the valley, it offers a view of the sunrise as well as the sunset. Panoramic views of the valley is a treat. They are also the apt location for selfies and candids. Plus point, the calmness of this place is the perfect getaway point from the city. The crazy group of people that we are certain will do too much masti and won’t let your laugh fade. 

It is time for us to bid goodbyes as we end our trip. Head back home with tons of happy memories, the momentous Mahabaleshwar trip, will be etched in all our hearts forever! Hope to see you all again

    NOTE :
    • HikerWolf reserves the rights to cancel the trip if the minimum batch size does not suffice. 
    • Trip Leaders will only accompany you if there are people more than the minimum batch size otherwise, the trip will be handled virtually.

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      positive review  it's really amazing just love it. Everyone should try while coming back to home bringing a lot of memories and kind new friendships. thank you so much hikerwolf and their trip leader ❤️

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      positive review  Had an amazing experience with Hikerwolf. Organizers are very friendly and helpful. Experiences they setup are fun cause they themselves have fun doing it. Perfect ambiance setup and food arrangement. Highly recommend their setups.

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