HikerWolf Well-being Commitment

At HikerWolf we’re looking forward to welcoming back our travelers as soon as you’re ready to hit the road again. That’s why we’ve rigorously evaluated our experiences, training, and protocols to make sure we not only meet our traveler’s well-being expectations but exceed them in every single way. We’re a business that has adopted global, standardized health and hygiene protocols. Read on to learn a little more about how we’re prioritizing your well-being when you travel with us.
These are precautionary measures that will constantly be adapted in accordance with guidelines. We will always take necessary steps to ensure our travelers’ well-being, but rest assured that none of this will affect the incredible cultural experiences you’ll immerse yourself in, the unique accommodation you’ll visit, or the friendships you’ll make on the road. This is still HikerWolf  – lifelong memories always guaranteed.

Pre-Trip health check

We’ll ask all travelers to make sure that they don’t show any signs of COVID 19 and are ‘fit for travel’ before joining the trip. If you are showing any Symptoms please get yourselves checked and carry the certificate along with you.

Pre-Trip communication

We’ll be in touch Pre-Trip, sharing health and hygiene tips in accordance with local guidelines specific to your trip. We want you to feel as prepared as possible by the time your trip departs.

Arrival and Welcome

We’ve adapted trip arrival times to ease congestion between groups so your Trip Manager can conduct a welcome meeting, covering what can be expected on your trip and all the necessary well-being precautions.

Your Trip Manager

Our trip manager training has been adapted and enhanced to include a dedicated module on dealing with COVID-19. (find out more in our FAQs below). They and our Travellers Support Team are available 24/7 throughout the trip should any situation arise.

Physical Distancing and group size

We’ll be adapting group sizes to comply with regional distancing requirements and for the peace of mind of all our travelers.

Protection Gears

It is important that travelers bring their own face masks to comply with regional guidelines. It is also a good idea to have your own hand sanitizer, though there will be some available on the coach at all times.

Boarding & Disembarkation

Boarding and disembarkation protocols will be adapted to ensure physical distancing is maintained and our Trip Managers & Drivers will be available for assistance should you require it.

A good & safe place to eat

We have always carefully selected our foodservice partners and worked closely with them to ensure they are meeting health, safety, and cleanliness standards with their facilities, staff training, food preparation, and delivery. Wherever possible, we will reserve separate tables or private rooms at the restaurants we visit, opt for more “al fresco” opportunities when we can (gotta love that fresh air!). We want you to feel comfortable and safe as you savor every last bite.

Hotels & Restaurants

We will only work with trusted partners that are like-minded, who care about the well-being of our travelers, and are fully compliant with locally mandated standards. Find out more in our FAQs below.

Local transportation

The use of local transportation will be limited wherever possible. Please refer to the trip Details for each individual trip for specifics.
If local transportation is used, precautions will be followed in adherence to local health and safety regulations to keep our travelers safe and sound.

Sightseeing & Local Guides

Each supplier must be fully compliant with locally mandated standards. We’ll arrange priority entrance whenever possible and ensure physical distancing throughout. All our Local Guides will be trained on hygiene protocols and provided with the same checklists and standards as your Trip Manager will adhere to.


We’ll ask all travelers to monitor their health throughout their trip, with protocols in place. If a traveler exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, Our Trip Managers will be trained and have detailed protocols to follow in this event. Read more about these protocols in the FAQs below.

Post-Trip Survey

At the end of your trip, you’ll be able to share your opinions on your experience, allowing us to constantly improve for the benefit of future travelers.



What happens if someone on my trip exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?

Steps include but are not limited to:

  • Quickly acting to place distance between the unwell traveler and others. Also, Take measures to sanitize as required
  • Depending on location this may be through physical distance or use of Personal Protective Equipment such as a face covering and disposable gloves
  • Seeking medical advice and facilitate testing
  • Liaising with local authorities and following their directives

What protocols do your accommodation and restaurant partners follow?

All our accommodation and restaurant partners will:

  • Adhere to our standards and follow minimum guidelines with hygiene protocols, cleaning, sanitization, etc.
  • Ensure staff is trained with new protocols
  • No longer offer shared finger food and where possible avoid self-serve buffets
  • Ensure appropriate physical distancing of tables
  • Offer hand sanitizer in key locations
  • Thoroughly sanitize rooms between travelers
  • Frequently clean and monitor high traffic areas

What is involved in the Trip Managers’ COVID-19 training?

The following is covered in our team’s training:

  • How does COVID-19 spread
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 and identifying potentially unwell travelers
  • Effective personal hygiene and sanitization techniques for infection prevention
  • Effective use of PPE (personal protection equipment)
  • Appropriate physical distancing protocols
  • Preventative measures to ensure your well-being
  • Protocols in the event of a suspected COVID-19 case