Kaas and Koyna Backwaters


Kaas Plateau also known as the Kaas Pathar is a biodiversity hotspot known for various types of seasonal flowers blooming and numerous species of endemic butterflies. From pretty orchids to the wild and carnivorous Drosera Indica, there are more than 850 species of plants that bloom in the Kaas Pathar region during September and October.

However, beyond the multicoloured views of the Kaas plateau, there are amazing places worth exploring near Kass. So get ready to explore every direction of this destination in our 2 day jam-packed trip to Kaas Pathar and Koyna backwaters.


    • 22 Sept 2023
    • 29 Sept 2023
    • 06 Oct 2023
    • 13 Oct 2023
    • 20 Oct 2023

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With Your Own Car: ₹2899/-

With Transportation: ₹4999/-

NOTE: Block your seat at just ₹1000/- and pay the rest 15 days before the event date. 

Pick up points


Bus Pickup Timings

    • 10:00 pm : Borivli SGNP Gate
    • 10:10 pm : Goregaon – Pathanwadi Oberoi Mall
    • 10:20 pm: Andheri – Start of andheri flyover
    • 10:30 pm: Bandra – Kala Nagar WEI Bus Stop
    • 10:40 pm: Sion Station
    • 11:00 pm: Chembur – Shivaji Mahrai Statue
    • 11:40 pm: Vashi – Opposite Center One Mall
    • 11:50 pm : Kharghar – Ilotel Three Star
      Note: People who opted for without transport option will be traveling by their own vehicle have to meet our team at Ilotel Three Star in Khargar at 11:50pm and follow our vehicle till Kaas.)


Participants joining from Gujarat should reach Dadar 2 hours before the joining time i.e you should reach Dadar by 8:30 PM.

Also, you can board SAURASHTRA EXP(19016) to reach early and join us for the trip.


Day 0: Kaas Plateau Trip Begins (Friday Night)

    • You’ll meet our team at the designated Meeting Point and Pickup Time. For those who opted for “Without Bus Pickup,” please reach Hotel Three Star in Khargar at 11:50pm and follow our vehicle to Kaas.

Day 1: Kaas Plateau | Vajrai waterfalls

    • Arrive at the base village by 07:00 am and freshen up at the breakfast point.
    • After a brief introduction and instructions session, we’ll head to Kaas Plateau/ Kaas Pathar, a 20-minute drive from the breakfast point.
      Explore the stunning Colorful Meadows – this is not a trek but a guided tour.
    • Take your time to soak in the beauty and capture moments.
    •  Enjoy lunch at 12:00 pm, followed by a visit to the Vajrai Waterfall view point (a half-hour trail to reach).
    • After arriving at our campsite, unwind and partake in group activities such as games, music, and stories before a sumptuous dinner.
    • Enjoy a tent stay near the lake, with washroom facilities available on-site.

Day 2: Kaas Lake | Sajjangarh fort | Thoseghar waterfalls

    • Wake-up call at 06:00 am for the early risers.
    • Breakfast served at 7 am, followed by a visit to the mesmerizing Thosegar Waterfall View Point.
    • Take in the awe-inspiring view of Thosegar falls before exploring the historic Sajjangad fort.
    • Enjoy a special lunch, Prasad, provided by “Shri Samarth Seva Mandal Sajjangad and Sansthan” before embarking on our return journey to Mumbai.
    • Anticipate reaching Mumbai in the late evening, around 10 pm, subject to traffic conditions.
    • Gallery


    • Private AC bus pickup and drop from Mumbai.
    • Shared waterproof tents (2 occupants per tent).
    • Vegetarian/Jain breakfast and lunch on Day 1.
    • Vegetarian/Jain breakfast and lunch on Day 2.
    • Vegetarian/Jain dinner on Day 1.
    • Toll charges, taxes, and other government/local body fees.
    • Kaas Entry Fees & Guide (government charges).
    • Expertise Charges.
    • Boating Charges.
    • Basic First Aid.


    • Lunch and dinner on day 2
    • Boating at Koyna Backwaters
    • Insurance
    • Any other expenses that are not mentioned above
    • 5% GST


    • ID Card
    • 2 to 3 litres drinking water
    • Camera (Optional)
    • Energy Powder or Glucon-D powder
    • 2 Extra Pair of Clothes
    • Clean napkin & towel
    • Raincoat/ Poncho/ Windcheater (Avoid umbrella)
    • Cap, sunglasses, scarf
    • Haversack or Backpack (No sling bags)
    • Please carry medicines if you need any
    • Hand Sanitizer

Note: Do not carry any valuables to the Kaas Pathar trip. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.

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Important Note:

Fitness : Kindly ensure you are in good physical condition to fully participate in the event. Prior to booking, familiarize yourself with all event details, FAQs, important points, our background, and the disclaimer.

Food : Indulge in the authentic flavors of home-cooked meals thoughtfully prepared by local villagers. If you appreciate the richness of local cuisine, this event promises a delightful gastronomic journey.

About Event : The event is Organised by HikerWolf and Affiliates to create a memorable experience for all participants.

Transport : Our HikerWolf events involve hiring buses, similar to how one books Ola or Uber. The buses are comfortable AC seaters, not sleeper coaches. Seat allocation is based on a first-come, first-served basis due to the nature of group tours. This is a common practice in group-based events across India.

Timeliness: In group events like ours, maintaining punctuality is crucial for smooth operations and ensuring everyone’s enjoyment. If you’re using HikerWolf transportation, please be mindful of schedules to avoid missing the pick-up. For those driving individually, we kindly ask that you refrain from joining if there’s a risk of lateness. Remember, this event runs on a group schedule, and adjustments to individual timings may not be feasible. Your cooperation ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.


 All of our trips have a large number of solo travellers. The Hikerwolf Kaas Pathar and Koyna backwaters trip is planned in a way that you will not only have a good time but also meet new people.

We usually have a lot of girls on our trips, so there’s a good chance you won’t be the only one on the Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip. The majority of our employees are female, and we guarantee high priority on their safety. On this trip, we assure you that you would stick around with safe and trustworthy people.

On our Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters Trip, we prefer to have a group of 15-30 people so that we can have more fun and provide more personal attention

Our travel coordinators will accompany you on the trip. All of our events are led and hosted by professional travel coordinators with extensive experience managing groups and leading different team activities and games.

This type of team-building activities encourages like-minded travellers to mingle, make new friends, and enjoy every moment of their Kaas Pathar and Koyna backwaters vacation.

Yes, we will be providing pick up facility from Mumbai for Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip

On this Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip, we will provide triple/quad sharing accommodation at our hotel. All of the rooms have clean mattresses, pillows, and blankets. HikerWolf is well-known for providing the best possible budget stays on all of its trips.

 In most cases, lodging is provided on a triple/quad sharing basis. If there is a couple, we can provide them with a separate room with some extra charges (please notify us once you have booked if you are a couple).

Yes, the Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip is only available to people under the age of 35. To be eligible to participate, travellers must be under the age limit on the date of the trip’s departure. We strictly adhere to this age requirement and cannot make any exceptions

We believe that limiting the age range of our travellers leads to better experiences. When fewer people visit a destination, the overall trip experience turns out to be more enjoyable because everyone is on the same wavelength. Furthermore, those people befriending each other during the trip adds to the wholesome memories they create together.

 Yes, Jain food will be provided on the Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip. You just have to inform us about your food preference in the whatsapp group which will be made for coordination.

Yes, campfire jams, Dance, Music, and lots of Masti are our specialities. We will have an amazing time sharing stories and relaxing around the bonfire on our Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters Trip.

Yes, campfire jams, Dance, Music, and lots of Masti are our specialities. We will have an amazing time sharing stories and relaxing around the bonfire on our Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters Trip.

Yes, boating in the Koyna backwaters in the midst of a soothing climate is safe and fun.

Yes, you can share your ideas for the Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip. We will analyze it and if the idea is feasible we will apply it.

Yes, you may consume alcohol only on the day of your visit to Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters (only at night during the stay). Smokers are permitted to do so, but they must do it privately, making sure not to make others uncomfortable.

Yes, there are pick-up & drop facilities for HikerWolf Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip from Pune.

Participants joining from Gujarat should reach Dadar 2 hours before the joining time i.e you should reach Dadar by 8:30 PM.

 The best months to visit the Kaas Plateau are August, September and early October. The bloom only lasts for two to three weeks, so plan your trip accordingly if you want to take in the magnificent sight of colourful wildflowers meandering throughout huge fields. During the monsoon season, the drive from Mumbai to Kaas plateau is a wonderful travelling experience in itself !

Kaas Pathar is a plateau of igneous rock in the Satara Maharashtra district which is located below the western Ghats biome. Belonging to Maharashtra and residing in the Flower Valley, Kaas is known for its overwhelming flower tapestries that revive the monsoon time. The plateau has an average rainfall of 2000 mm during this time and a large part of the water is drained from porous laterite rocks. The whole area has flowers of different colours, and with the time of year the dominant colour changes. In Kaas, there are more than 450 species of flowers, orchids and even carnivorous plants like Drosera Indica.


Koyna in Satara district of Maharashtra state is the largest hydroelectric project. It is 80 km from the wall of the dam to Tapola. The Koyna Wildlife Reserve and the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve feature a multitude of fauna and flora apart from evergreen forests reared by fruit trees and fruit trees. The environment is ideal for soft trekking, hiking, kayaking, climbing and rappelling adventures. The place is a platform to connect with the local people to get an insight into their style of living.

The flower valley or ‘Kaas Plateau’ is a UNESCO natural heritage site! It is a place filled with beautiful butterflies with endemic potted plants! This spot has the perfect balance of nature offering a treat to our eyes and chilling sensations to our soul. Majestic waterfalls here add to the thrill of witnessing the colourful flower beds even more pleasant. Kaas Plateau is a natural exploration epitome, indeed!

HikerWolf also brings you a wonderful fun place in addition to Kaas Plateau that goes by the name Koyna backwater. It is a delightful place to have a boat ride at night and also bestows a chance to get to know our true selves on this peaceful and secluded site.

Yes, Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters trip is safe for couples. Although, exercise precaution at night, it is better to stick with a group or crowded places. Staying alert at night is advisable.

The average annual temperature is 23.8 °C | 74.9 °F in Kaas Plateau, Satara.

Yes, besides Kaas pathar and Koyna backwaters, the other sightseeing spots that we are going to hit are Vajrai waterfalls, Kaas lake, Sajjangarh fort, and Thoseghar waterfalls.

  • Most Important your ID proof
  • Cap/Hats
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer
  • Glares
  • Pair of clothes
  • Towel
  • Casual shoes and flip-flops
  • Sanitary Kit
  • Personal medicines (if any)An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
  • Note: Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.


  • Lunch and dinner on day 2
  • insurance
  • Other personal expenses

It is going to be a 2 day jam-packed trip to Kaas Pathar and Koyna backwaters.

In the months of August and September, it is a biodiversity hotspot known for various types of seasonal wildflowers blooming and numerous species of endemic butterflies. The plateau is about 10 square kilometres in size and sits at an altitude of 1200 metres. Kaas has over 850 different flowering plant species. Orchids, shrubs like the Karvy, and carnivorous plants like Drosera Indica are among them. Kaas Pathar is a volcanic-rock plateau in the Satara district of Maharashtra that falls under the Western Ghats biosphere. The flora of kaas, i.e. all flowering plants are usually limited to a particular area only.

The fort was built by Bahmani kings who ruled from 1347 to 1527. It was later taken over by Chhatrapati Shivaji, Maharashtra’s famous warrior king, after falling under the Adil Shahi dynasty. He asked his guru, Samarth Ramdas, to establish an ashram within the fort, which was named Sajjangad, which means “fort of good men.”

Thoseghar waterfalls are part of a series of small and large picturesque waterfalls, some of which are only 15-30 metres tall, while the tallest is around 500 metres. The Thoseghar Waterfall is also known as the Ram and Lakshman Waterfalls, according to legend. As a result, the falls have been named after the Hindu gods Ram and Lakshman, as the name suggests.

 Aside from the multicoloured views presented by the Kaas plateau, there are many activities worth exploring and performing. Check out our suggestions to make your holiday even more enjoyable:

  1. You can park your cars on the side of the road and walk to the Kaas lake. Bring your own snacks, soft drinks, and a chatai, and you’ve got yourself a lakeside picnic! The more daring visitors can even go on a brisk Kaas Plateau trek in the area, imprinting the sights in mind and savouring the escape from the city in a whole new way. Before the lake, there are a few local restaurants that serve excellent zunka-bhakri, kanda bhaji, vada pav, and Maggi.
  2. There is a mud road that leads to the Vajrai falls from the Kaas village. You can park your car in Kaas village and then take the trail to the end of the road, which obscures the valley and the might of three-stepped Vajrai Waterfall, which can be seen from afar. The valley panorama, the waterfall, and the low floating clouds are truly magical.
  3. Bamnoli, a quaint settlement on the banks of Shivsagar Lake 15 kilometres from the Kaas Plateau, is widely known among trekkers as the starting point for Fort Vasota. In recent years, the village has started to promote a variety of boating services to tourists. You can take a boat ride on Shivsagar Lake, a boat ride to Tapola (also known as Mini Kashmir), or a boat ride to the Nageshwar Shiva temple.
  4. The Satara Forest Department has worked hard to make tourists’ falls accessible, making the perfect location for an alternative Kaas plateau hike. The road from the entrance to the waterfall viewpoint is well-paved and crosses a few very beautiful woodlands. High st 200m. The path from the entrance to the waterfall view point is well paved with some very beautiful woodland views. 

We will travel to Kaas Pathar via bus/traveler/car depending on the batch size. 

 After selecting the Kaas Pathar & Koyna Backwaters on the HikerWolf website, tap on the book now button, choose the dates of your convenience and get on with the payment process. An auto-generated receipt will be sent to your email address. For further queries, feel free to contact us.


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