The beauty of Brahmatal Trek – the Indian Himalyas


Mythology suggests that Brahmatal was the place where Lord Brahma meditated. As you walk along the meandering trails of this towering pinnacle of beauty, you understand why the beauty of Brahmatal Trek – the Indian Himalayas is so admirable. Tranquillity oozes out of Brahmatal and you strike that chord of harmony with your inner-self and with the beings around. Truth is, Brahmatal, standing proud at 12,000 feet is still an unexplored territory for many. This is essentially one of the most charming aspects of the Brahmatal trek. From the dense forests covered in the fine icy snow to the splendor of palatial mountains like Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, to the typical challenges the summit throws at you, it is undoubtedly an experience etched in memory forever. Here are the best and the most beautiful of the great Brahmatal trek.

sunrise from brahmatal trek


Unless you happen to be one those few lucky ones who happen to live in a quaint cabin in the woods, it’s safe to say the views will unquestionably leave you spellbound. The trees swaying to the rhythm of the winds, the snow falls reminding you of a cone ice cream dripping off the edges are mesmerizing, to say the least. If you look up, you see several clouds in different shapes as if they have a story of their own to tell. The most important thing to enjoy a trek is to be present-always at the moment. It’s safe to say that that would be a very effortless endeavor in the case of Brahmatal trek. The captivating beauty of the trails does a fine job for this cause. Whoever you are and wherever you are coming from, Brahmatal knows exactly what you need be it a walk of solitude or a rush of adrenaline, and every single time, it delivers.


Brahamtal trek opens to the enthralling sights of river Kali and river Pindari. There are many different streams on the way but Kali and Pindari stand out without question. The chilly waters of these rivers will send a shiver down your spine at first touch but with the time you appreciate the true pristine nature of the rivers-unperturbed and unmoved by the impurities and evils beyond. As you stand at the banks engrossed in the beauty you get transported a world of your own. You almost feel as if the river flows just to take the falling snow to places far off. The sweet symphonic burbles and clear soothing colors almost make it wonder if god was an artist after all.

Brahmtal Trek Lake

The quintessential features of this Brahamtal Trek, however, are the majestic mountains-Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda. As you camp at Brahmatal surrounded by humongous mountains almost touching the sky for company, you come in touch with reality. How we are all just a piece of a jigsaw..just a tiny bit of an extremely big picture. However, when you stand at the peak, as far as the trails take you, the sense of liberation you gain is enigmatic, to say the least. Standing tall at the gigantic peaks and looking to infinity and beyond with clouds under your feet is truly therapeutic as well as almost emotionally unshackling. 


The Brahmatal trek poses challenges unique and different. The six-day, thirty-kilometer trekking experience is not very consuming that it drains you completely. Nevertheless, it also is challenging enough that the completion of trek culminates into a sense of accomplishment. So if you are a beginner, then this is the ideal way to step into the world of trekking. Traversing through alleyways and different terrains and acclimatizing to the extreme climate are all part of this great trekking experience.

The Lohajung village serves as the base camp for the Brahmatal trek. Day 1 usually involves transportation to base camp from Kathgodam. Seizing an altitude of 12000 ft and the mirage effects that make you think the next ten steps will take you to the top only to realize it will take hundreds more are all thrilling experiences. Day 2 will take you to Bekaltal and on day 3 you reach Brahmatal. The descent which starts at day 4 gives you a whirlwind in the stomach exactly as you swing down a typical park swing. Yes, it’s exhilarating. On day 6 you reach back to the base camp and on looking back you acquire a sense of achievement as you see the long paths trod to reach the very point you are standing. It’s unquestionably a beautiful feeling.



It’s highly imperative to have all the essentials for a trek. The predominantly cold climate requires you to have thermals to keep you warm. Keep a raincoat or poncho handy as the melting of snow will wet the utilities. Since treading on snow requires special shoes, it’s safe to have a pair of high-quality trekking shoes. Trekking always leaves you dehydrated hence it’s vital to carry enough water. Energy bars are also ideal for a quick bite to replenish energy.

The Brahamtal trek is allowed for children aged eight and above and also adults with sufficient cardiovascular endurance and leg strength. Homestays are available at Lohajung and trekkers can also indulge in having a taste of the exotic local cuisines from here. With the right types of equipment and preparation, Brahmatal trek can be a successful and memorable experience. 

Famous writes Mary Davis says that “to walk in nature is to witness a thousand miraculous things”. If not nothing else the Brahmatal trek heeds Davis’s words. Strap your backpack, there are miles to go and miracles to see.


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