A Complete Guide To Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls Travel Guide


Did you ever dream of visiting Niagara Falls, the mighty waterfall of North America that provides a grand spectacle to its tourists? But what if I tell you that you can now visit Niagara Falls without having to travel to another country? Sounds bizarre? Well, not really! Because this quaint little waterfall, sprawled along the borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is not far behind! Yes, known to be the Niagara Falls of India, the Hogenakkal Falls, located at the beautiful Kaveri River, entails a magnificent view of the cascading waters falling from a height of about 2,300ft with its mighty roar and splash.


It’s as if you have stepped into Paradise itself with swaying trees, clear skies, chirps of unknown birds floating into your ears, and the awe-inspiring natural beauty! The carbonatite rocks at Hogenakkal falls are the oldest igneous type of rocks found on Earth even before civilization! It’s not your fault if you confuse them with black marble especially when the waters glide down them shining orbs of black in the sunlight, looking no less than glistening onyx stones! The Kaveri at Hogenakkal cuts through numerous of these carbonatite rocks forming them into steps at various heights from where the falls come rushing down, creating a wide pool below.


Hogenakkal is a quaint little village in the district of Dharmapuri and is popular amongst visitors for the Hogenakkal Falls which gives a striking resemblance to the Niagara Falls! If you want to spend some peaceful time against the lap of nature, away from the mundanity of the city life, surrounded by vast vegetations of greenery wherever your eyes wander, along with the mighty sound of the Hogenakkal Falls then you are welcome to step into the land of this beautiful haven!


Want to know an interesting fact? Bollywood movie Raavan, starring Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and Abhishek Bacchan was shot at Hogenakkal Falls itself!


How to reach Hogenakkal Falls


By road:

Dharmapuri is situated at a distance of about 138 kms from the city of Bangalore via the Dharmapuri-Bengaluru Road. On the other hand, Dharmapuri is situated at a distance of about 300kms from the city of Chennai via the NH48. If you want to undertake a road journey to reach Hogenakkal, what you can do is take a bus from the Dharmapuri Bus Stand which is situated at a distance of 46.2 kms from Hogenakkal via the Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal road. Or, you can board a bus from the Salem Bus Stand which is situated at a distance of 88.5kms from Hogenakkal via the Omalur-Mecheri-Pennagaram road.


By train:

Dharmapuri is also well-connected with railway services from Bangalore and Chennai. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Dharmapuri from Bangalore and about 8 hours from Chennai. But, there are many trains available for you to board. To reach Hogenakkal you can board a train at Dharmapuri Railway Station which is the nearest Railway Station from Hogenakkal situated at a distance of about 47 kms. From there you can take a cab service.


By flight:

The nearest airport to Hogenakkal is the Bangalore International Airport which is located at a distance of about 150kms from Hogenakkal. From there you can take a bus or cab to arrive at the destination.


Best time to visit Hogenakkal



The best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls is during the winter months that is from October to February with the average temperature ranging between 18 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius ensuring a pleasant weather to enjoy your stay at Hogenakkal and visit the neighbouring places with full delight.


Things to do at Hogenakkal


  1. Boating


Boating at the Hogenakkal Falls is one of the most magical experiences you will ever encounter. The boats here are intricately weaved out of bamboo frames which are then covered in black plastic. These types of boat are called basket boats or Coracles and are very interesting, which most probably you have not seen anywhere.


8 people can be accommodated on the coracle while it gently floats on the Kaveri River, which will have you swaying as gently as possible on both the sides as the coracle moves forward. You can witness the glorious scenic beauty of lush green vegetation around you, the shy fishes in the water hiding as swiftly as they appear, while dipping your hand in the cold water, feeling the chill run through your body, hearing the mighty roar of the Hogenakkal falls along with the rumbling of waters of the Kaveri accompanied by the chirp of crickets. Once you close your eyes you can very well imagine yourself enjoying a serene boat ride in the rivers of some dense forest!


There are also several vendors placed along the banks of the Hogenakkal falls who sell fish found in abundance in the Kaveri River. You won’t help to stop yourself from just one serving as the fried fishes cooked with a variety of spices are absolutely delicious! Hence, the coracle boat ride is surely one of the magnificent experiences at Hogenakkal falls.


Timings for coracle ride at Hogenakkal Falls:

8a.m. – 5p.m.

Price of coracle ride:

Rs750 per boat containing 4 people



  1. Swimming


Can’t stay away from the water? Well, now you don’t have to! Because at Hogenakkal Falls you can dive in the waters of the Kaveri and have a great time splashing waters at each other and playing in it. Want to recreate the iconic film scenes where the actors pose amongst the waterfall, completely wet? Then you are welcome to do the same at Hogenakkal Falls while you ask your friends and family to capture these special moments in the camera! But, just a word of caution, the waters can be really chilly, so do be prepared. Hogenakkal Falls is one of the best places for swimmers as the depth of the water is just about perfect and the surrounding scenery just adds to the charm even more! Non-swimmers, no need to get disappointed as everyone willing to swim in the waters will be provided with life jackets, so you can too enjoy in the placid river!



  1. Trekking


Adventure enthusiasts, it’s time to brace yourself and tighten your shoelaces as Hogenakkal Falls is here to offer you with the scope of a fun-fused trekking experience like none other. Admiring the scenic beauty of the place with the dense forests all around and marvelling at the series of 14 waterfalls, the Hogenakkal falls trek is truly a treat to the eyes! The 2km long trek through rocky terrains is fairly easy so that even beginners can enjoy the experience. The mighty fall of the gigantic waterfall and the maze of smocking rocks through which you need to navigate to reach the top is a thrilling experience. Watch your step on the way so that you don’t step on tiny animals like squirrels or weasels as these adorable creatures are found plenty on the trek. If you get tired on the way up, you can stop for a while to catch your breath and utilize the moment to click some amazing pictures of the splendid landscape to take back home a bunch of happy memories.


  1. Oil massage


Who doesn’t want to just lay on the comfy and soft towel-laden floor while enjoying a relaxing oil massage? At Hogenakkal Falls, you get to enjoy this soothing experience as well. There are various masseurs present near the site who offer you with oil massages for a few minutes that can instantly relieve you from all the exhaustion and stress of daily life. These masseurs are quite skilled in their work and are familiarized with the 14 notable pressure points in the body, giving you a rejuvenating experience of a lifetime! Don’t be worried about the oil products used, as they are all herbal and safe for the skin, seeping deep into your body, wearing away your body pain, and aches, de-stressing your being and rejuvenating your mind!


Price for full-body massage:

Rs 100 – Rs 150


  1. Crocodile Park


You might hate those rusty-green coloured, ferocious beasts of the water, but you cannot help but be amused by them! Yes, I am talking about the dangerous crocodiles! Hogenakkal Falls hosts a crocodile park in its proximity where you can visit to watch the gnarly animals. The authorities breed these crocodiles so that one day they can be released to the place they really belong, that is the wilderness! You can have a fun time watching the crocodiles lazing around, soaking themselves in the sun, and clicking pictures from a close vicinity. Just don’t get scared if you find one staring right back at you!



9 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed on Tuesday

Distance from Hogenakkal Falls:


Entry fee:

Rs 5 per person



Sightseeing places at Hogenakkal Falls


  1. Mettur Dam

Mettur Dam
Enjoy the grandeur of this magnificent dam


Mettur Dam, which is about 1700m long, is one of the largest dams ever built in India. Not only is the dam located against a beautiful backdrop of picturesque hills and amazing natural beauty, just apt for a picnic, the Mettur Dam built across the Kaveri River is of great strategic importance as well. The vast acres of agricultural land approximately 2,71,000 acres is irrigated by none other than Mettur Dam and it is the prime source of water for about 12 districts of Tamil Nadu. Tourists flock here to witness the grand surroundings and have a gala time with friends and family.



  1. There is a small park named Ellis Park located along the vicinity of the Mettur dam where you can take a small stroll or kids can enjoy a ride on the swings and slides.
  2. The Mettur dam has set-ups for multiple thermal and hydro-electric power generation which serves an important purpose to the villages in the neighbouring regions.
  3. Want to know another interesting fact? The Mettur Dam which was built in 1934, took 9 long years to complete. While the width is 171 ft, the height of the dam is 214ft. Hats off to the patience of the workers!



9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Entry fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Mettur Dam:



  1. Melagiri Hills

Melagiri Hills
Get lost in the lush green flora that are awaiting your presence


The convergence of the Eastern and Western Ghats marks the beautiful creation of Melagiri Hills. Located at a short distance from Hogenakkal Falls, the Melagiri Hills is a land of remarkable beauty encircled with dense forests and the misty sky giving the impression of a forbidden forest! What’s more, you have to take a short trek to reach the Melagiri Hills so it’s a great chance for adventure freaks to keep their adrenaline pumping inside. If you get lucky on the trek you can even catch a glimpse of the one-horned antelope which is found in these valleys. The view from atop is brilliant and you can take some Instagram-worthy pictures to make everyone jealous!



  1. Apart from the antelopes, if you are lucky, you can even come upon other wildlife like jackals, mongoose, deer, wild cat, otter, and other reptiles as well. Don’t miss the fantastic flora found at Melagiri Hills.
  2. The foggy weather around the Melagiri Hills is one of the key highlights of the place. The misty climate is enjoyed by many as it gives off a mysterious vibe!
  3. The trek to Melagiri Hills is moderately easy and can be undertaken by beginners as well. It can be a fruitful experience for first-timers who want to trek in the future.




Entry Fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Melagiri Hills:



  1. Pennagaram Village

Pennagaram Village
A guide to a simple life


Tucked away in the heartland of Dharmapuri district is the beautiful and quiet village of Pennagaram. The village has a colourful vibe to it with its statues and structures carved out of terracotta, called Aiyanars which are magnificent to look at. These gigantic structures with different hues add charm to Pennagaram Village and every year tourists flock to this place to enjoy some solitude and peace as well as to attend the weekly fair, set-up every month where various handcrafted wooden and terracotta items are sold.



  1. You can click some amazing pictures of the Aiyanar, made out of terracotta. The Aiyanar is a South Indian deity who is worshipped by Malayalis, Kannadigas, and Tamils. You will get to know more about the Aiyanars once you enter the Pennagaram Village.
  2. You can talk to the locals and get to know more about the village why they worship the Aiyanar, their culture, and lifestyle.
  3. You must visit the weekly fair once in Pennagaram as you won’t be able to take your eyes off the intricately decorated showpieces, baskets, vases, photo frames, paintings, hand-made clothes, and what not!




Entry fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Pennagaram Village:



  1. Theerthamalai Temple

Theerthamalai Temple
Welcome to a holistic approach


The Theerthamalai Temple is dedicated to the deity Theerthagireeswar, one of the avatars of Lord Shiva. It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites near Hogenakkal Falls. During festivals like Mahasivarathri the temple is adorned with decorations and lights which are a sheer treat to the eyes. Legend has it that Lord Rama visited this place which is now called Theerthamalai Temple to ask for forgiveness to Lord Shiva for killing Ravana and other demons. He prayed to Lord Shiva so that He absolved all his sins. And to this day, the locals residing here believe that taking a dip in the holy waters of the Theerthamalai Temple will wash away all their sins.


The Hanuman Theertham temple is also situated in the same proximity to the Theerthamalai temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and you can visit here as well.



  1. The Theerthamalai Temple is revere by thousands of devotees as they believe that having a bath in the waters here will help them relieve off their sins.
  2. There’s also a nearby village from the temple where you can spend some quiet time with your beloved or your friends, taking some beautiful pictures of the surroundings or engaging in a heartfelt conversation with the locals to know more about the history of the Theerthamalai Temple.
  3. There are around 300-400 steep steps which you have to climb before you can reach the temple premises. But take this as a challenge and while you climb upwards enjoy the refreshing beauty all around you and the different species of butterflies fluttering!
  4. You can also enjoy feeding the innumerable monkeys which are found aplenty at the Theerthamalai Temple. Don’t get scared as the monkeys never harm anyone there!




6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Entry Fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Theerthamalai temple:



  1. Parameswari Temple

Parameswari Temple
Pay your offerings to the sanctity to the timeless temple


One of the important and revered temples located near the Hogenakkal Falls is the Parameswari Temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Putlur Poongavanathamman popularly known as Goddess Parameswari who is said to be the protector of pregnant women. It is also believed that Goddess Parameswari fulfils the wishes of a woman to bear a child and grants her blessings to infertile women as well. The huge statue is placed at the centre shrine with the idol of the Goddess depicted in a resting position.



  1. Do you know that the deity, Goddess Parameswari is worshipped as a pregnant woman in this temple? Thus, pregnant women come to her for her blessings. Women who want to have a child also offers their prayers to Goddess Parameswari.
  2. The temple has a grand architecture and carvings of many mythological deities beautifully sculpted in the walls. You can’t help but be amazed at the gorgeous sculptures.
  3. There are many tour guides near the temple who will fill you in with details regarding the ancient history and many legends attached to the temple.
  4. The Goddess in the Parameswari temple is the only deity who is found to be in a resting position, unlike other Gods and Goddesses.




Entry fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Parameswari Temple:



  1. Krishnagiri Dam

Krishnagiri Dam
Pay a visit to this distinct piece of architecture


The Krishnagiri Dam is another important dam situated in the vicinity of Hogenakkal Falls which is the major source of water supply to the districts of Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri. The verdant hills in the background and the glistening Kaveri River below makes it a perfect afternoon for a picnic or to spend some time with your loved ones here. If you wish, you can also opt for trekking and head over to Yelagiri Hills from the dam itself marvelling at the brilliant views of the surroundings.



  1. There’s a nearby park at the Krishnagiri Dam where you can spend some time enjoying with your family or having a picnic.
  2. Do try the spicy and fried fish food available there. It’s is absolutely delicious and are pocket friendly as well.
  3. There is ample space for you to walk around and take a leisurely stroll.



8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Entry Fee:

30 for car parking

Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Krishnagiri Dam:



  1. Subramanya Siva

Subramanya Siva
Set a gaze to this monument of great significance which pays tribute to a legendary hero


Another interesting sightseeing place to visit near Hogenakkal Falls is the Subramanya Siva monument. Legendary freedom fighter Subramanya urged many young people to raise their voice against the British Government during their rule and he himself played a crucial role in the freedom movement of India. To honour his love for his country, the statue of Subramanya is built at this place as a symbol of his bravery and patriotism.



  1. You can hire a tour guide who will explain to you the ways in which Subramanya Siva tried to attain freedom from the British, his early life, his struggles, his journey, and many more.
  2. You will be able to see the things which Subramanya used in his daily life from his official notebooks, documents, utensils, weapons, and cars he used to travel to name a few.
  3. You will feel proud of your patriotic heritage.



6 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Entry Fee:

Rs 5 per person

Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Subramanya Siva monument:



  1. Kotta Kovil

Kotta Kovil
Temples are an expression of Gods love, thus rejoice in the presence of Lord Shiva


Another of the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva is the Kotta Kovil which is situated at a short distance from Hogenakkal Falls. The brilliant sculptures and paintings made by skilled artisans are really wondrous to look at and are strictly protected under the government. Tourists usually visit Kotta Kovil to have a look at the famous Hanging Pillar and the exquisite paintings to admire.



  1. There is supposedly a secret passageway inside the temple which connects to Adhiyamankotta. Now how interesting is that?
  2. The temple revered by thousands of devotees because it is known to fulfil their wishes. It is believed that if you truly wish for something from the bottom of your heart, that wish gets granted for real!
  3. The hanging pillars located in the temple weigh as heavy as 2.5 tonnes! Thus, you can’t help but marvel at the amazing work of the artisans!
  4. The Aadipooram bangle festival is held in the temple in the months of July and August.



6 a.m. – 11a.m. and 4 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Entry fee:


Distance between Hogenakkal Falls and Kotta Kovil:


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