Goa Trip

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We know that your never-ending plans for Goa Trips have yet to be achieved someday with your friends. But, this Goa tour is going to be so tempting that your excuses of saying No’s to the trip will turn into an absolute spontaneous Yes! There’s an adventure for adventurous people, tranquillity for laid-back people, clubs, and booze for party animals – you name it! As this state offers us an amazing vibe, a much-needed break from your monotonous work life is required. 

From visiting popular sandy beaches to discovering unexplored places we have them all covered for you in our Goa tour packages. If you want to feel alive again, make your trip worth enough to bag up all memories and cross off Goa Tour from your bucket list as it’s going to be filled with loads of fun!


3 Nights, 4 Days


  •    08 Jan 2022
  •    22 Jan 2022
  •    12 Feb 2022
  •    26 Feb 2022
  •    12 Mar 2022
  •    26 Mar 2022


For Triple Sharing – ₹12,999/- per person

For Dual Sharing – ₹14,999/- per person

NOTE : Block your seat at just ₹2000/- and pay the rest 25 days before the trip date. 



We will pick you up from the meeting point at Thivim Railway station at 10 AM. For trippers who are traveling via bus, the meeting point will be Mapusa Bus stop at 10 AM. For those traveling by flight, the meeting point is Candolim beach.

Reach Candolim Beach by afternoon, that is, 12:30 pm approx. and check-in. Post lunch, we relax a bit and then head out to enjoy the pristine waters and golden sands in and around Candolim beach. 

Visit the nearby Aguada Fort and Sinquerim beach for an evening sunset view. Thereafter, Head to Baga beach to explore the infamous nightlife of Goa. Have dinner and stay overnight at Candolim.


We start our day early by 8 am and have breakfast. Right after that, we head to water sports activities like banana rides, parasailing, scuba diving, etc. at your own expense and desire. For others who are not very keen on water sports activities, we check out from Candolim & check in at Panjim, the Capital of Goa.

We then go visit the very famous Parra road & Fontanhais, one of the most instagrammable places. Have an authentic Goan Lunch in Panjim. Head out to explore local life in Panjim i.e. some of the famous churches, local cruise rides, and sunset views

Late evening, we get back to our rooms, freshen up a little and then head out to enjoy the amazing nightlife of Panjim. You can choose your own casino bar from a number of Casinos on the coast of Mandovi river and in the premium hotel property around Panjim. After dinner, we will stay overnight at Panjim.


We check out from Panjim and head to Agonda. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of Cabo De Rama Fort and explore the history of the fort. Thereafter, hunch at one of the best & famous cafés of Cabo-De-Rama. 

Post lunch, go on a little and easy hike and reach up to the Cabo-De-Rama beach. Spend a poetic time here looking at the gorgeous sunset. Have dinner at the Agonda beach and stay for the night.


After having a scrumptious breakfast, we check out from Agonda. We then head straight to Cola beach, one of the finest beaches in South Goa, and go kayaking at Cola backwaters. Thereafter, we head to Palolem beach, take a boat ride and reach the Butterfly & Honeymoon beach.

After an eventful day and an amazing trip overall, we bid our goodbyes. We will drop you off at Margao Bus Terminal at 8:00 pm and Madgaon station at 8:30 pm. We can also arrange any other accommodation as per your preference at an additional cost.


  • Pick up from Mapusa Bus Stand / Thivim Railway Station
  • Drop at Madgaon Railway Station / Margao Bus Terminal
  • Breakfast for 3 days
  • Stay for 3 days
  • Kayaking
  • All Internal transfers
  • Hikerwolf expertise


  • Meals except mentioned above
  • Water sports activities, boat ride at Palolem beach
  • Any entry charges at cafes/ clubs


  • Most Important your ID proof
  • Cap/Hats
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer
  • Glares
  • Pair of clothes
  • 2 pair for water sports (preferably Nylon)
  • Beachwear
  • Towel
  • Casual shoes and flip-flops
  • Sanitary Kit
  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other costly jewelry (at your own risk)
  • Personal medicines (if any)An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
  • Water bottle (Minimum 1-2 litre)

Note: Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.


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    NOTE :
    • HikerWolf reserves the rights to cancel the trip if the minimum batch size does not suffice. 
    • Trip Leaders will only accompany you if there are people more than the minimum batch size otherwise, the trip will be handled virtually.



    Yes, we have many Solo Trippers on all our trips. The Goa Tour is planned in such a way that you will not only enjoy the trip but also make new lifelong friends.

    We prefer to have a group of 15-30 people on our Goa trip as we intend to have more fun and give personal care to everyone, also it is much more fun to travel with a like-minded group of people. Small tour group makes it possible for everyone to know their tour mates better and the whole trip experience is more fun-filled.

    On the Goa trip, you will be accompanied by our travel coordinators. All our events are led and hosted by professional travel coordinators who have good experiences in managing groups and conducting various team-building games and activities. This type of team-building games and activities helps like-minded travelers to mix up, make new friends and enjoy every moment of the trip.

    Yes, we generally have many girls joining us on our trips so there are high chances that you are not the only girl on the Goa trip. The majority of our staff are girls & girls’ safety is of prime importance to us. We assure you that you will be with safe and reliable people on the Goa trip.

    We provide triple-sharing accommodations, our stay in North Goa has a beautiful beachside scenic view, that lovely nature in Agonda Beach will be cherished forever, another stay is located in Vagator surrounded by an amazing view with the serene beauty of nature and breezy beaches. If you’re a couple, inform us beforehand as dual-sharing accommodation will cost an additional charge.

    Generally, accommodation is provided on a triple sharing basis. For couples, we can provide separate rooms (If you’re a couple, inform us once you have booked). There will be some extra charges for the dual sharing accommodation. 

    Yes, the Goa trip is limited to people up to the age of 35 years. Travelers need to be within the age limit on the trip departure date to be eligible to join. We strictly follow this age criterion, and cannot make any exceptions. We feel that a narrow age group leads to better experiences for our travelers when they visit a destination and the whole trip experience is more fun since people are on the same wavelength. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.

    Yes, it is requested to bring some extra cash with you for all the water sports activities and shopping where you have to buy things. Also, for the other such various essentials, whenever required.

    The key highlights of the HikerWolf Goa tour package are:

    • Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The ecstasy you get of the strokes from cascading waters that look like glittery milk, The Dudhsagar Waterfalls will make you lose yourself, completely surrendering to the idyllic beauty which this place offers.
    • The Secret Lake – The ecstasy you feel by soaking your whole body deep in the mud bath near The Secret Lake at Arambol will cleanse your soul magically. Meanwhile, the Hot water springs will do wonders by being a masseuse for you which will put you at ease.
    • Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary – The ecstasy of witnessing the natural beauty of flora and fauna in Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in a jeep safari will be a dream to achieve which can be ticked off from your bucket list.
    • Water Sports – The ecstasy you get from parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and other water sports activities beside Chapora Fort will bring out the adventurer in you.
    • Clubbing/Parties – The ecstasy in dancing your heart out with nonstop music at the Full moon party near Agonda Beach and feeling the groovy vibe in the retro hippie parties at Arambol will be a boon to your humdrum life.
    • Bike Rides – The ecstasy in riding bikes while you get to view Goa’s true heart on roads, the colorful streets being occupied by Goans and the adrenaline rush you feel while riding are something that can be cherished.
    • Casinos – The ecstasy in living a luxe life for once in a blue moon can only come true by intensifying your pulse rate for a thrilling casino night because casinos are redefined as Goa’s wild side in bold strokes.
    • The ecstasy from getting to explore various blue water lagoons to tranquil churches, wildlife sanctuaries to nightlife parties we make sure you don’t miss out on any thrilling experiences.
    • We try to give you all the ecstasy moments and unforgettable experiences, as the state itself will be doing the duty of boasting its beauty to you, we just make sure that there are twists and turns in our cheerful journey.

    After selecting the Goa trip on the HikerWolf website, click the Book now button, select the dates and make your payment. You will get an auto-generated receipt on the email submitted by you. You can also contact us if you have any difficulty, we will guide you through the booking process.

    We’ll mostly be riding rental bikes to visit various places and people who don’t know how to drive, don’t get panicked! The riders will share their bikes with you. And there will be cars arranged for certain locations where we will be transporting with some comfort and moody music because car trips with any kind of music will hit the whole vibe differently.

    Yes, we carry First aid kits with us all the time. As it is an essential part of our trip, we ensure that you get better in terms of any sickness which bothers you on the trip.

    Absolutely! The little ones can accompany our Goa trip. But, they will be charged according to their age.

    –         Less than 5-year-olds have no extra charges. They get free accommodations and services.

    –         5-10-year-olds are charged 50% off.

    –         Above 10-year-olds are charged the same as adults.

    As Goa is a coastline state the most famous cuisines are seafood and Goans enjoy non-veg food more than veg. Here are the famous cuisines you can try on our Goa Trip:

    • Prawn Balchao: Pickle-like blend of ingredients, this dish has a unique taste and flavor which is best served with Pav (bread) or boiled rice. 
    • Chicken Xacuti: One of the most popular Goan dishes which consists of poppy seeds and Kashmiri red chilies that adds an intense hot flavor and color to bring out a finger-licking Chicken Xacuti.
    • Goan Red Rice: Another popular delicious dish which is also called ukda rice, this dish is famous in gourmet circles in India. Unpolished thick-grained rice with a reddish-brown color and nutty flavor, the firm texture makes it an alluring dish to have with soaked up coconut curries.
    • Bebinca: It’s a very famous dessert of Goa which is a multilayered cake that is prepared by using coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and flour. To complete the dish caramelized sugar is added for a rich flavor.
    • Pork Vindaloo: A Portuguese dish of pork, garlic, and wine is an absolute delight for your taste buds. If you don’t prefer wine with your food, Goan cooks substituted palm vinegar for red wine.
    • Veggies: Goa offers equally good options for vegetarians so, don’t worry, there is a wide range of regional vegetarian thalis from North Indian, South Indian, Jain thali, Marwari thali & so on.

    Yes, Credit cards are widely accepted in Goa. However, you will be charged a percentage if it’s an overseas transaction. You can use your debit/credit cards to withdraw cash from ATMs in goa. but you DO need to tell your bank/service provider you are going to be using it there as they might refuse to give access for such transactions.

    You need at least 3 to 5 days to visit Goa. Goa is divided into two parts North Goa and South Goa. Keep two days to visit North Goa, Two days for South Goa, and one day for local markets of Goa. That is sufficient to get the real charm of Goa. But, one can enjoy the complete experience of Goa on a trip that ranges from 4-7 days as well.

    There are many places for kids to enjoy Goa. They are as follow:

    • Sahakari Spice Farm: Visit A Spice Plantation
    • Wildernest: Kid-Friendly Trek
    • Fort Aguada: Step Back in Time
    • Dudhsagar Falls: Take A Dip
    • Arpora: Go Karting
    • Splashdown Water Park: Hop-On A Ride
    • Butterfly Conservatory of Goa: Spot Vibrant Butterflies
    • Olaulim Backyards: A Superb Staycation
    • Snow Park: Build A Snowman
    • Goa’s Ark: Relish Delicious Snacks
    • Parasailing: Have A Splash of Water

    One of the reasons why Goa feels so liberating is something as basic as local transport. Here are the highlights of the Goa bike trip:

    • While in most other Indian cities you are dependent on private car rentals that come with a driver or you must ruffle through an overcrowded bus or train, but this wonderland offers you the very bewitching option of renting a bike/scooter from which you can get around anywhere in Goa on your own!
    • The best part is renting a bike is very feasible and cheaper for consuming it the entire day.
    • Goa is a place where you get to experience a 360-degree view when you travel by bike. Such a journey is required for us to have some memorable moments to talk about in the future. 
    • Places like Panjim, Parra Road, and Fontainhas are perfect for fascinating bike rides. Explore the land of Goa and enjoy the colorful cities by sightseeing it endlessly, just hop on your rental bikes for a funky ride.
    • We will witness the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets; the vibrant beauty of this state will satisfy our souls as one can experience the beauty of nature full-fledged on bikes/scooters.
    • Our crazy bike rides will make us forget about all the stresses we carry as baggage.

    Yes, a traveler can easily pay in installments for booking this Goa Tour Package. One can block the seat by paying Rs. 2000 as advance and pay the remaining amount 20 days before the Goa trip.

    No, the adventurous sports are not included in the package yet, the good part is we will talk to the vendors and try to provide you the best bargain possible for such various adventurous sports whichever you desire to take part in where we make sure you get to play wholeheartedly. 

    Definitely! We tend to set time for your comfort. Whenever you feel satisfied after sightseeing at a certain place is when we move to another destination. So, if time permits, we might visit more places to fully explore Goa.

    Following are the documents required for the Goa Trip:

    Passport/Visa: It is important for those who are coming from outside India. A passport with the proper visa is obligatory. In rare cases, a passport can be required for Indians also as sometimes your passport might get verified at the Goa airport. On the safe side, you should carry it along with you.

    Copies of Travel Documents: You have to carry photocopies of every travel document like package details, Air/Train Tickets, Travel Insurance, etc. If possible, you have to carry 2-3 photocopies of each document along with you.

    Driving License: In Goa, you can hire a bike or car to enjoy and visit different places. Thus it is very necessary to carry your driving license with you.

    Yes, Goa is a perfect travel destination. Whether you are traveling solo, with your loved ones, with friends, or with your family, there is something to do for everyone there. If you love beaches, Goa is just about perfect, and if you are looking to explore Goa beyond the beaches, there are tons of places for you as well. So, it’s okay to visit Goa with your Family.

    Yes, we have slotted a certain time only for chilling and you will be free to explore on your own so, if you’re willing to go clubbing and casinos you can visit them in that free time during our Goa Trip.

    The Goa Carnival usually takes place in Mid-February and is one of the most enjoyed events in Goa. Carnivals are a big celebration for party animals. You get to explore the diversity in this wonderland.

    The best and jaw-dropping things that you can buy only in Goa are:

    • Colorful Cashew nuts: As we all know Goa is famous for Cashews, but these colorful cashew nuts will hit you on a different level.
    • Spices: Our Indians’ taste buds will never say no to this. All kinds of rich spices will be available everywhere for buying and Goa has it at cheaper rates with great qualities.
    • Cashew Feni/Wine: As Goa always reminds us of the booze; they even created a health-beneficial Feni and a variety of great wines which you can try.
    • Handicrafts/Wooden Carvings: Goans are pretty amazing at creating handmade items which could mesmerize you. There are handloom sarees, antiques, wooden and coconut carvings, a myriad of things you can buy for your home.
    • Music CDs/Instruments: Goa is a party-driven state so, where there is a party there is going to be nonstop music. You can buy a plethora of CDs in different genres and of course, instruments are also available to buy and why not try exploring your talent in music.
    • Painted Tiles: This artistic form of paintings is also very unique because you get to witness beauty in painting tiles that are sold for room decors.

    Beach Wears: The state is filled with a lot of beaches, backwaters, lagoons and that’s why beachwear is available everywhere to buy instantly whatever you are required.

    If we talk about the Goan festival, Carnival, Fair – it’s always a bright, loud and tasty event. It’s better to plan your Goa trip during the festival season. Here is a list of famous festivals of Goa:

    • Goa Carnival – 13-16 Feb: Colourful Goan culture is celebrated with music and dance, a four-day Carnival extravaganza that was first derived from the Portuguese culture. But, now it is all about the land of Goans.
    • Christmas – 25 Dec: Christmas day is equally celebrated in Goa as many other countries do. It is another grand festival for Goans as there are many churches in this state, the religious party mood will always be there every year.
    • Vasco Saptah Festival – 16th Aug: This festival lasts for a week as the temple of Damodar on the Swatantra path in Vasco is the venue of the biggest festival in town called Vasco Saptah and this Hindu religious festival is also being celebrated with a blast. 
    • New Year – 31st Dec: If the whole world celebrates New year’s eve so, why not Goans? As the land of party animals, Goa is a perfect place to have a hardcore 31st-night party while welcoming the new year.
    • Grape Escapade – January: This is not some regular wine tasting ceremony – it’s the world’s renowned Wine Festival held in India which encapsulates the spirit of Goa. As it is a popular gourmet and unique cultural celebration one must relish this exotic fiesta to experience the luxe life of Goa. 
    • Goa Food & Cultural Fest – February: Here’s another Festival for your taste buds, this fest consists of Goan cuisine along with a healthy dose of the state’s vibrant folklore and heritage. A gigantic celebration featuring umpteen numbers of non-vegetarian and vegetarian delicacies with traditional and modern are a cherry on top for food lovers.
    • Goa Cashew & Coconut Fest – April/May: In its bid to promote the two food items, the state of tourism department hosts one of India’s biggest cashew and coconut festivals where you can explore the variety of dishes based on these two core ingredients.
    • Sao Joao – 24th June: It is a Catholic festival distinctively celebrated in Goa, with people leaping into and swimming in wells, streams, and ponds as a form of tribute to St. John the Baptist.
    • Goa Sunburn Festival – December: It is a commercial electronic dance music festival that is one of the biggest music festivals in India. Where one can experience the hardcore music concert vibes in this fest.
    • VH1 Supersonic – 27-30th December: It started as a beachside dance music festival which later on transformed into a premier multi-genre music festival bringing in the global pioneers of hip hop music and classics.
    • Shigmo Festival – 21st March: This is a spring festival in Goa celebrated by the Konkani diaspora of Goa with a lot of pomp and splendor. Where you can witness the pure Konkani culture of Goa.
    • Three Kings Feast – 6th Jan: A very popular event in Goa is the Feast of Three Kings. This feast is celebrated on the Festa dos Reis or Three Kings Day on January 6th every year. It’s a very unique never-seen-or-heard-anywhere-before festival which itself tells you to visit this feast for getting intrigued by the diverse culture.

    Goa has internet connections like any other part of India! There is a network called g-wave in goa which also is good, but mostly not available in the outskirts of the main cities. In Goa, almost all modern technologies access the Internet as a supplier to the mobile operators, there are also providers of DSL and cable Internet. The easiest way to gain access to the network is to choose the properties with the installed Internet. 

    Goa is a hub of parties, Cruises, Beaches, Casinos, and markets. Goa’s nightlife is known for its rocking and vibrant fondness which doesn’t let its visitors sleep. Party clubs, beach shacks, bars and pubs, night markets, party cruises, silent noise parties (Goan speciality), and beach raves, you get to enjoy all these at night!

    The undeniable beauty of this state is never-ending, but these are the few best places to visit in Goa to wholly enjoy the charisma of this paradise:

    North Goa: Calangute Beach, Fort Aguada, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Chapora Fort, Arambol Beach, Vagator Beach, Morjim Beach, Membos Calangute, Tito’s Calangute, Candolim Beach, etc.

    Panaji: St Cathedral, Querim Beach & Tiracol Fort, Church of St. Cajetan, Bambolim Beach, etc.

    South Goa: Dudhsagar Falls, Butterfly Beach, Palolem Beach, Agonda Beach, Club LPK, Cavelossim Beach, Patnem Beach, Grand Island, etc.

    To know more about the best places you must visit in Goa, Click Here.

    The Goa beaches offer a variety of activities while you can indulge in Watersports activities as well such as:

    • Go for snorkeling
    • Scuba diving in Grand Island
    • Sailing from Zuari river to Maricaim
    • Ocean trek in Arambol
    • River rafting at Valpoi River
    • Enjoy Parasailing
    • Go for backwater kayaking
    • Fly in the air in Hot air Balloons 
    • Cycling expedition for adventurers 
    • Shopping spree in Anjuna Flea market
    • A Boathouse trip
    • Island Cruises
    • Partying in Clubs and Pubs 
    • Try your luck on Casinos
    • One can enjoy beautiful walks on the seashores.
    • And many more that you’ll get tired of exploring each one of them yet it will be filled with excitement and joy.

    A popular mode of transportation in Goa is the motorcycle/scooter/taxi. You can also rent out a motorcycle/scooter and can book taxis or vehicles run by Govt. of Goa itself i.e. GTDC or can take Women Taxi services. Here are the renting vehicles that are allowed in Goa:

    –         Hire geared or non-geared bike ‘per day’ basis

    –         Use the Pilot service (Motorcycle rickshaws)

    –         Auto rickshaws or Cabs

    –         E-Bikes

    –         Scooter rental services

    –         Scooty or a bike

    –         Bicycle

    The emergency numbers in Goa are:

    –         Women’s Police Helpline: 1091

    –         Ambulance: 108 All Goa

    –         Senior Citizen Helpline: 1090

    –         Child Helpline: 1098

    –         Ambulance Helpline: 108

    Yes, Goa is one of the safest places in India even at night. But you cannot move from one island to another at night. Otherwise, it’s safe for everyone as this state is mostly a tourist place where many travelers visit to explore the beauty of Goa.

    Clothes you can wear in Goa are as follows: 

    For Women – Swimsuit/bodysuit/bikinis, Maxi Dresses, variety of Shorts, Jumpsuits, Coverups, Sarongs, Rompers, Tunic dresses, Fringed shrugs, Sundresses, Tank tops, Long skirts, Chic accessories, flip flops, and many more aesthetically pleasing yet comfy clothes are the classy options you can wear in Goa.

    For Men – Vest with Bermuda shorts, open shirts, just shorts, colorful printed shorts, light layers, beachwear accessories, hats, sunglasses, etc. All these can show off your cool side with sassy vibes.

    There are no such restrictions on the clothes that you wear. But Goa is not only about beaches, it also offers many things like temples, churches, and waterfalls. You cannot wear the same set of clothes at every place, especially when you are visiting any religious place you should wear proper suitable clothes according to the locations.

    Goa offers multi-diverse food cuisines where you can find various rich flavors and unique tastes. Good restaurants can be a little expensive but if you are a budget traveler then you can try street food that will be cheaper and the local food is also very famous which becomes a must-try delicacy one can have.

    There are shops everywhere, but there are various famous flea markets which one can visit for shopping:

    The Collective Bazaar – At Hilltop a Friday night flea market called The Collective Bazaar has hundreds of stalls, live music, a bar, a kids area, a healing area, yummy foods, and many more. It’s a unique set-up of everything curated with love. 

    Anjuna Flea Market – A weekly Wednesday flea market that was popular among hippies in the early 60s and 70s has now become a vast range of creative goods that are sold widely and Anjuna Flea Market became one of the famous tourist attractions in Goa from clothing to handicrafts, offering tattoos to coloring your hair, everything you desire will be available in this market.

    Baga Night Market – Only on Saturday nights, Baga night market offers us a plethora of useful things which are made from natural materials handmade by local artisans. Clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, leather goods, and many nice things for your room decors.

    Calangute Market Square – This place is known as ‘Queen of Beach Markets’  which has numerous stalls and shops that line in the sandy beach, offering mouth-watering local seafood, souvenirs, metal goods, accessories, clothes, and various artifacts which are not only from Goa but also from other parts of the country that might attract you magnetically to buy as much as you want.

    Mackie’s Night Bazaar – Every Saturday, from November to the end of May this market is set up near Baga where you can walk through the lanes of colorful oriental artisan bazaar, go from one stall to another and surprise yourself with a myriad of products. Also, there is a dance floor for those who like to dance, music is played by live bands, amuse yourself to amazing performances by Indian/International artists, acrobats, fire dancers, jugglers, oriental belly dancers, and many more that makes your visit a memorable one.

    Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar – It’s located in between Arpora and Anjuna resorts, as on the peak time when the weather is so pleasant in Goa the tourists get attracted a lot in flea markets, but this place gets flocked by people as it has many things to offer products like herbs and spices, handicrafts, bags, accessories, jewelry, rugs, carpets and many more. You can even check your bargaining skills hereby making the deal of getting the price of products down to your desire. 

    As Goa is famous for seafood, the locals offer us a variety of seafood which you can try like:

    • Crabs
    • Prawns
    • Lobsters

    All kinds of fish are a quintessential part of Goan Food, but simultaneously, chicken and pork are popular as well. Goan traditional dishes have a touch of Portuguese influence which is combinations of coconut, chilies, vinegar, and spices that makes them a must-try food cuisine such as: 

    • Fish curry rice
    • Goan red rice
    • Fish Cafreal 
    • Chicken Xacuti
    • Pork Vindaloo
    • Goa is famous for its fusion of European and Indian culture beauty. 
    • Due to the Western Ghats, Goa is rich in wildlife and flora.
    • Nothing beats the excitement and enjoyment we have in various fantastic beaches, carnivals, festivals, watersports, beach shakes, etc. 
    • Goa is polished with Portuguese influence, which leads to tons of trance parties, seafood restaurants, clubs, casinos, and many more for party animals.
    • As Goa is most known for tourist destinations in India locations like forts, churches, flea markets, etc. make the most chaotic yet unexceptional vibe for you to visit.
    • Other things which are famous in Goa are dolphin spotting, wildlife sanctuaries, laidback lifestyle, shopping, and local cuisines. 

    Goa has plenty of offbeat experiences to offer, be it the fishing villages, beach parties, old villages, or islands there are ample places which can be explored like:

    –         Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: You can capture the moments of flora and fauna in this venue and a jeep safari towards the sanctuary would be the icing on the cake for your trip. 

    –         The Mangrove forests and The Sahyadri section: As Goa’s biodiversity is remarkable, you can hop a boat or a canoe to explore the world of mangrove forests. Chorao island of mangrove forests is truly a heaven for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. 

    –         Chapora River in Siolim for backwaters: An overnight trip on the Chapora River in a Houseboat is exactly what you need to fully explore this offbeat place. Windy breeze, verdant palm trees, serene farmland, along with emerald banks as you cruise into the sunset.

    –         Spice Plantation tour: This is a perfect way to appreciate nature, as the land of spices offers you spice-enriched flavors in various ways so it’s best to see them in their natural habitats by going on a tour to Spice Plantation.

    –         Grand Island Tour: Here you can experience the sea life where you get to see all the species living underwater by snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. If you are lucky you can spot dolphins twirling. This place offers you all the watersport activities as well which will be a treat for adventure seekers.

    The Do’s and Don’ts of while visiting Goa are as follows:


    • Drink water and stay hydrated.
    • If you are interested in getting a tattoo, choose a safe Tattoo Maker.
    • Always have some cash with you.
    • Pack what you need. (light clothes, shorts, etc.)
    • Ensure that all documents are kept safe in your hotel room lockers.
    • Bring your personal medications with you.
    • Keep emergency numbers in handy all the time.
    • Respect local culture and religion.
    • Always follow the traffic rules.
    • Observe the speed limit in all the areas.



    • Do not wear heels on the beach.
    • Do not wear expensive jewelry.
    • Do not go for a water sport that has no instructor.
    • Don’t stuff your bag with any heavy or warm clothes unnecessarily,  
    • Don’t stuff too many eatables or vessels in your bag.
    • Do not drive without an appropriate license.
    • Don’t let strangers combine your drink.
    • Do Not Drink and Drive.
    • Do not take pictures in photography restricted areas.
    • Do not perform any illegal activities (drugs, etc.)
    • Don’t prefer the use of plastic.

    Accordion Content

    Things you can pack for the Goa trip are:

    • Most Important your ID proof
    • Cap/Hats
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Sunscreen, moisturizer
    • Glares
    • Pair of clothes
    • 2 pair for water sports (preferably Nylon)
    • Beachwear
    • Towel
    • Casual shoes and flip-flops
    • Sanitary Kit
    • Power Bank/Mobile Charger
    • Please avoid wearing Gold and other costly jewelry (at your own risk)
    • Personal medicines (if any)An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
    • Water bottle (Minimum 1-2 liter)


    Note: Do not carry any valuables on the Goa trip. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance. 

    Goa has good roads all around and all the cities, towns are quite well connected and accessible. So, we can say that the roads are safe and tidy.

    As we will already carry a First Aid kit with us, medicines for fever, headache, body pain, cold & cough or if any will be provided by us. but, if it’s your personal medications that are prescribed by the doctor for you then you must carry them. Also, do not completely rely on medical facilities in Goa as they might be unavailable sometimes.

    It varies on different beach huts. But, the most common services are these few things:

    – Pick & Drop service from the airport or railway station as the case may be.

    – Laundry

    – Vehicles on rent

    – Room service 24×7

    – Dolphin trip & Nearby places trip

    As Goa is connected to the rest of the country through all major forms of transportation, which include air, railways, and roads, you can land on Goa in any form of transportation. And these are the few things to remember while going on a Goa Trip:

    • Keep your money safe in a wallet in your baggage.
    • People know English, Konkani, Marathi, and Hindi languages in Goa.
    • Mosquito repellent & flashlights are a must.
    • Cotton is the most preferred fabric at the seaside.
    • Keep your essentials like personal medications with you as per your health condition.
    • Don’t hail a cab, instead of rent a bike/scooter to make your way around in this sunny state.
    • Book accommodations in advance for a smoother Goa Trip.

    There few languages which are spoken in Goa such as:

    • The state’s dominant language of Goa is Konkani.
    • English is widely spoken as well because it is the national language of education and commerce in India. 
    • Other languages like Hindi and Marathi are also known by several people living in Goa.

    Many hotels in Goa have Wi-Fi access, usually in the reception area although some do have access in the rooms. There might be extra locally for this access at some places.

    The Arabian Sea can be deceiving and often has strong currents and undertows. On many beaches, there are trained lifeguards and flag systems in place but please observe caution when swimming in the sea and do not swim out of your depth.

    Goa is an ideal winter sun destination. It enjoys almost uninterrupted sunshine and virtually no rainfall from November to March. Daytime temperatures are on average 30˚C, and in the evening the temperature cools off nicely. From April until June, the heat and humidity start to build, leading to the arrival of the monsoon. It is not until October that the skies start to clear again and the humidity gradually dissipates.

    Yes, you can, there will be extra charges if you want any services to be arranged by us.

    After selecting the Goa trip on the HikerWolf website, click the Book now button, select the dates and make your payment. You will get an auto-generated receipt on the email submitted by you. You can also contact us if you have any difficulty, we will guide you through the booking process.

    In January 2019, the Goa cabinet had passed a law banning the consumption of alcohol in public places and assured a crackdown on ‘boozing’ on beaches and other tourist sites in the coastal state, which attracts nearly eight million tourists every year.

    The Goa cabinet has approved the new, stricter law which provides for a fine of Rs. 2,000 or a jail term of up to three months. Those committing the offense in groups will be docked at Rs10,000 each. Nobody can drink alcohol on the beaches and tourist places anymore as the bottles cannot be carried, food cannot be cooked in the open and if an offense is registered there will be imprisonment for 3 months. Better check out on the rules, it’s best to hit a bar than end up behind bars.

    The best time to visit Goa is from mid-November to mid-February when the temperature falls from 20°C to 28°C and is known as the peak season of Goa. During this season, you will witness the highest number of tourists, due to the cool & pleasant weather, especially during Christmas and New year.

    Peak Season – November to March

    Shoulder Season – April and October

    Low Season – May to September

    HikerWolf’s Goa trip is not only the best part of your life but also we bring people together in such a way that you could create an amazing bond among each other. The purpose of having a certain age limit is to bring out the moments from the folks who could connect with you on the same level. It will be the experience of being with your actual friends because of the connection you created with them which you never thought about having in the first place.

    Our motto is to live in the moment. To achieve that our Trip leaders and staff make sure to give the best version of a Goa Tour to you way out of your imaginations. Every day will be spent to show you the raw beauty in various aspects and it will be a life-changing memory for you to hold onto your soul. Also, various life-learning lessons will be witnessed throughout the journey.

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