Bhimashankar Trek Picture


Are you a nature lover? Then Bhimashankar trek is an apt trekking spot for you. The Bhimashankar Trek route is full of pristine, beautiful, and scenic views as it paves into the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in the lap of Western Ghats, it proves to be a mesmerizing and thrilling trekking spot surrounded by a shawl of greenery. It’s also a complete combo of mountains with ample waterfalls, Meadows, forests, caves, fog, Rocky patches, and a ladder route, which is the cherry on the cake.

If you are a photographer, then this trek might add some of the best wildlife photographs to your profile as it is the home to the Giant Indian Squirrels. A famous Jyotirlinga temple is located amidst the forest. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your trekking shoes, take your camera, and set out for an expedition.

Endurance: Medium

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Height: 3500 ft

Activities: Trekking



1 night, 2 day



  • 15th Jun 2024
  • 29th Jun 2024
  • 13th Jul 2024
  • 27th Jul 2024
  • 10th Aug 2024
  • 24th Aug 2024
  • 14th Sep 2024
  • 28th Sep 2024


Neral To Neral:  ₹1999/-



Board 8:16 am Karjat fast local from CSMT.

Train schedule and reporting time:

    1. CSMT- 08:05 am (08:16 am train time)
    2. Byculla- 08:15 am (08:24 am train time)
    3. Dadar- 08:22 am (08:32 am train time)
    4. Kurla- 08:30 am (08:39 am train time)
    5. Ghatkopar- 08:35 am (08:43 am train time)
    6. Thane- 08:45 am (08:56 am train time)
    7. Diva Junction- 08:55 am (09:05 am train time)
    8. Dombivali- 09:00 am (09:09 am train time)
    9. Kalyan- 09:09 am (09:19 am train time)
    10. Neral – 09:55 am

Note- Participants are expected to be on time. HikerWolf will not be responsible if they miss the train by being late or by chance.


Day 1

    • As we reach Neral, we will proceed to the base village- Khandas by local transportation
    • Before reaching Khandas we will take a halt at a Hotel to have our Brunch
    • As we reach Khandas, We would have an introduction and also an instruction session and start ascending towards Bhimashankar by the “Ladder route.”
    • Because there are many waterfalls and small streams of water en route, we will have lots of fun playing and chilling in the water
    • We will reach halfway to Bhimashankar and make a halt here for the night in the house of local villagers.
    • We will have a delicious hot Maharashtrian Evening Snack and Dinner, spend time having bonfires, games and stories, and have a perfect night out.

Day 2

    • Early morning Post breakfast we will start ascending again to reach the top of Bhimashankar, We will visit the Great “Jyotirlinga Temple” and the surroundings. (Note: We will visit the temple only if it is permissible)
    • After resting for some we will start descending via the “Ganesh Ghat” route to reach the base village.
    • We will again have a mouth-watering Maharashtrian lunch in the house of local villagers en route.
    • After reaching the base village we will start our journey back home with a lot of fun and memories of having one of the most exciting and enjoyable Bhimashankar treks, and we checked it off the list!

Note – The above schedule is flexible and is produced to give an idea of the event.



    • Evening Snacks for Day 1
    • Dinner for Day 1
    • Breakfast for Day 2
    • Lunch for Day 2
    • HikerWolf Expertise
    • Travel from Neral to Khandas & Back
    • Basic First Aid


    • 5% GST and processing fees
    • Mineral water
    • Cost of Train Tickets
    • Insurance
    • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

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How to get there

From Mumbai: You can catch a ferry boat from Gateway of India to Mandwa jetty. From Mandwa jetty a bus will take you to Alibaug camping site(bus fare is included in your ferry ticket). From Alibaug you can catch a rickshaw directly to the campsite.


    • Trekking Shoes / Sports Shoes (compulsory)
    • Water Bottle (Minimum 2-3 litres)
    • 2 Extra Pair of Clothes and also a Rainwear
    • Mosquito Repellent / Insect Repellent
    • Carry all your luggage in a shoulder bag/ rucksack
    • Personal Medications, if any.
    • Identity Proof
    • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
    • Torch
    • A shawl or jacket as it will be cold on top and you may require it while sleeping


You can reach the HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping Site from Mumbai by following ways:

Option 1: If you have a car you can put it on the RoRo ferry from Bhaucha Dhaka to reach Mandwa and drive to our campsite which is 38 Km from the Mandwa ferry terminal. We will provide you with the exact location of our campsite in the Whatsapp group which we will create one day before the event for further coordination.

Option 2: If you stay in Navi Mumbai and have your car then you can drive directly to our campsite which is about 111 Km from Vashi. We will provide you with the exact location of our campsite in the Whatsapp group which we will create one day before the event for further coordination.

You can reach the HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping Site from Pune by following ways:

Option 1: You can reach there in your car. It is approximately 185 km from Pune. We will provide you with the exact location of our campsite in the Whatsapp group which we will create one day before the event for further coordination.

Option 2: You can take Shivsai or Shivneri buses from Pune to Alibaug bus stand and meet the people coming from Mumbai who will reach the Alibaug bus stand at around  2 pm and catch a tuk-tuk to reach our Alibaug camping site which will take around 55 minutes. If you want us to provide the tuk-tuk service to you from the Alibaug bus stand to the campsite and back, you have to pay us just Rs 250 extra.

Yes, we have many Solo Trippers on all our trips. The Alibaug camping is planned in such a way that you will not only enjoy the trip but also make new friends.

Yes, we generally have many girls joining us on our trips so there are high chances that you are not the only girl on the HikerWolf Alibaug camping. The majority of our staff are girls & girls safety is of prime importance to us. We assure you that you will be with safe and reliable people.

On HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping you will be accompanied by our travel coordinators. All our events are led and hosted by professional travel coordinators who have good experience in managing groups and conducting various team-building games and activities. This type of team-building games and activities helps like-minded travelers to mix up, make new friends and enjoy every moment of Alibaug camping together.

We provide dual-sharing tents at our Alibaug camping. All the tents are well equipped with clean mattresses, cushions, and blankets.

Yes, Alibaug beach camping is a hosted event. It is hosted by HikerWolf ‘s professional travel coordinators who conduct multiple games and activities on the campsite and make sure that you are provided with all the facilities which are agreed to.

Two people will be sharing a tent in HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping. We provide dual-sharing tents on our Alibaug camping site, but if you want to share the tent with three people the tent is big enough for the same.

Yes, we have an arrangement for a campfire dance and music on HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping. The warmness of the campfire will make you feel lively and yes we dance on the beats to our heart’s content. HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping is a hosted event that will be one of the best moments of your life.

Yes, proper well-constructed toilets are available at the HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping site. Toilets with both western and Indian commodes are available.

Yes, Jain food will be provided at the Alibaug beach camping site. You have to inform us about your food preferences priorly so we can provide you accordingly.

Yes, a parking facility is available at the HikerWolf Alibaug camping site.

Yes, You can bring your pets to the Alibaug camping site, but you have to make sure that your pet does not disturb other people on the site. Pet food will not be provided.

Yes, HikerWolf Alibaug camping tents have clean mattresses and blankets.

 Yes, mobile phone charging facility available at HikerWolf Alibaug beach Camping site.

Yes, you can get 2 people tent on the HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping site

The tents provided to you at the HikerWolf campsite are big enough for three people occupancy. We provide the same tents for dual occupancy so that our travelers feel comfortable.

Yes, tents at the HikerWolf Alibaug campsite can protect you against bugs and insects as it has a protective net that doesn’t allow mosquitoes and any insects to enter the tent. But it is always good to go fully prepared so do carry your mosquito repellent for your safety.

The majority of people joining Hikerwolf are vegetarians therefore we always make sure that we have proper arrangements for all kinds of travelers joining us. You will be provided Jain, Vegetarian, and Non- vegetarian options on the HikerWolf Alibaug Beach camping site.

Alibaug is famous for its natural beach and peaceful atmosphere. Observing the sunrise and sunset from the pristine beach camp is truly soothing. At HikerWolf’s Alibaug beach camping event you will not only enjoy the 50 shades of sun but also jazz on the live music, and dance on the beats of the DJ. And, not just that you will get to resonate with the live music from the musicians we have invited specially for you all the while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire. Relish the fun and masti, and the peaceful vibe at Alibaug beach camping site with HikerWolf.

Yes, HikerWolf Alibaug camping is completely safe at night. Outsiders are not allowed near our campsite. The crowd joining us is decent, friendly, and helpful. Our travel coordinators are also well trained and experienced to ensure the safety of our trippers.

You should keep the following things in mind before going beach camping in Alibaug:

  • Do not litter the beach. Throw all the waste only in dustbins. 
  • Do not go outside the HikerWolf Alibaug beach camping site. 
  • Follow the instructions given by your tour guide.
  • While playing on the beach make sure that you are aware of the height of waves and distance from the shore. Always be alert as waves are unpredictable.
  • Avoid taking any electronics inside the water as we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

You should carry the following things for Alibaug beach camping:

  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Extra Set of Clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Basic Toiletry
  • Mobile Charger
  • Power Bank
  • An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
  • Personal Medicines if any

Note: Do not carry any valuables. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance.

HikerWolf Alibaug camping price is:

Mandwa to Mandwa: 1899/-

Campsite to Campsite: 1599/-

Yes, the campsite of HikerWolf Alibaug Beach Camping is near the beach. This gives us a chance to our trippers to spend an amazing time on the shore, gazing around the calming beach and beautiful landscape. 

Following are the inclusions in the HikerWolf’s package of Alibaug camping:

  • Activities
  • Live Music
  • Movie Screening
  • Bonfire
  • Tent Stay
  • Fun Games
  • Dancing the night away
  • Music
  • Toilet facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Welcome Drink
  • Barbeque
  • Meals (Evening Snacks, Dinner (Jain/ Veg/ Non-Veg), Breakfast)
  • Basic First Aid

Alibaug beach camping site is approximately 98 Km away from Mumbai.

Alibaug beach camping site is approximately 185 Km away from Pune

The best time to visit Alibaug beach camping is during winters. The weather during winters is cool and pleasant. Summers on Alibaug beach are hot therefore camping is not recommended during this time. Alibaug receives very heavy rainfall therefore camping in Alibaug beach is closed. 

After selecting the Alibaug camping on the HikerWolf website, click the Book now button, select the dates and make your payment. You will get an auto-generated receipt on the email submitted by you. You can also contact us if you have any difficulty, we will guide you through the booking process.

Yes, the last day of the year is very fun at HikerWolf Alibaug camping. We celebrate it with lots of excitement and the campsite is filled with a lively crowd. We party hard, make new friends and create memories which stay with us for life long. In New Year the atmosphere is very festive, which will make you welcome the coming year readily and with positivity.

Alibaug beach camping site has many beautiful forts in proximity which had lots of historic importance

  1. Revdanda Fort: Revdanda Fort is located at the mouth of River Kundalika, and is easily accessible by the Alibaug – Murud road. Its wall is what is present as of today. This fort has also witnessed a fair share of battles.
  2. Murud Janjira Fort: Situated near the port city of Murud, this oval-shaped fort is one of the best marine forts in India. The fort can be approached by ferries. The main attraction of the fort is the 3 gigantic cannons named Kalalbangdi, Chavri, and Landa Kasam. The fort has also seen epic battles between Marathas and Mughals.
  3. Kolaba Fort: Situated at an approximate distance of 35 Kms, the Kolaba fort is one of the most military fortified forts in India. It was fortified in the reign of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort can be reached via a boat, it has two main entrances, one facing the Alibaug and the other facing the sea. It has become a popular tourist centre in modern times.
  4. Khanderi Fort: Khanderi fort is located at a distance of 20kms from South Bombay. The fort is under a restricted area which now falls under the Indian Navy. The fort also holds a few old cannons, a tomb, a musical stone that emits metallic musical notes when struck, and also a one-way secret passage to the Kulaba fort of Alibag.

On Your trip to the Alibaug beach camping site you can visit the following peaceful, clean, and beautiful beaches:

  1. Revdanda beach: Revdanda beach is known for its pristine clean beaches and the mesmerizing view that it provides. It is also famous for its water sports activities. The beach is perfect to spend your evening and forget the buzzing life of the city. One can reach here through a ferry from Gateway of India.
  2. Nagaon beach: Nagaon beach has located a distance of 9kms from Alibaug and it is also famous for its water sports activities. One can reach here through a ferry from the Gateway of India.
  3. Korlai Beach: Situated below an old lighthouse, at a distance of 25kms from Alibaug, Korlai beach is quite secluded and peaceful. The place has its charm as it offers a beautiful view of the ocean, the hills besides, and the watchtower.
  4. Kasim Beach: It is located at a distance of 30 km from Alibaug. The beach has long coastlines and beautiful, clean sand which makes it ideal for long walks. This beach offers calm vibes and beautiful views, perfect for a weekend break.
  5. Saswane Beach: Saswane Beach offers some mesmerizing views and it is one of the calmest beaches in Alibaug. You can reach Saawane beach from the Gateway of India through a ferry or take a road trip from Mumbai. It has layers and layers of coconut trees, long walks on the beaches can be extremely satisfying and blissful.
  6. Awas Beach: You can reach Awas beach from Alibaug through a cab, it is a secluded beach, and quiet calm. The place offers a good view of the sunrise and sunset. Sunrise can be very blissful from here. The calmness and the soothing vibe of the place are perfect for a weekend destination.
  7. Varsoli Beach: Varsoli Beach is a wonderful beach to visit with a family or group of friends. The waters are quite shallow therefore one can enjoy in the sea up to some distance. This place is also less crowded which makes it perfect for a weekend getaway.
  8. Akshi Beach: Akshi beach provides a peaceful experience for its tourists. It has sandy beaches that are famous for their cleanliness and the soothing vibe that it provides. It is also famous for its water sports activities.
  9. Kashid Beach: Kashid beach is located at a distance of 30km from Alibaug, the beach is clean and has a long coastline. The mesmerizing views and the long coastline make it perfect for walks along its sandy shores. Kashid beach serves as a good location for camping and enjoying your time away from the city.
  10. Murud Beach: The beach is located in the Raigad district and is famous for its sandy coastlines and lines of coconut trees. Its blank sand which is spread for 1.7km is suited for walking and enjoying the calming surroundings. 

And many more unexplored beaches.

There are many famous temples near Alibaug like 

  1. Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple: Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple is located on the Konkan coast near Alibaug and it is famous for its age-old Shiva Temple. The temple is very beautiful, it is at a height of 5000 feet and one has to climb around 650 feet to reach the temple. The view from the top and the pleasant weather makes for a wonderful experience. One can also enjoy the calmness of the place in the lush green serenity of the hills.
  2. Someshwar Temple: Situated at a distance of 3kms from Alibaug, Someshwar Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place has a legend that says ‘Lord Shiva once drank an ocean full of poison and converted it into nectar’. Devotees from far away come here for blessings.
  3. Nagoba Mandir: Nagoba Mandir is famed for its origin in Legends. The sound from the clusters of bells is melodious. The place is very holy and also offers a beautiful view. It is a famous religious place and devotees spend a lot of time enjoying the calmness and tranquillity of the place.
  4. Birla Mandir: Located at a distance of 20km from Alibaug, Birla Mandir has a beautiful dome that can be viewed from a long distance, and it is completely made from milk-white marble by Birla Udyog groups. One can easily locate the temple as it is in proximity to Salav.
  5. Vikram Vinayak Temple. The solace and the tranquillityTravellers of the place make Vikram Vinayak Temple special. The temple is well maintained, here the idols are made of white marble and the architecture is simple yet pleasing. The temple is located in the serenity of lush green hills, the view is brilliant. 

Alibaug is a place that does not fail to surprise you at every moment.

The average minimum temperature at the Alibaug beach camping site is around 20C and the average maximum temperature at the Alibaug beach camping site is around 31C.

Evening snacks, barbeque, dinner, and breakfast are included in our  Alibaug beach camping package. We provide Jain/Veg/Non-veg food at our Alibaug beach camping site.

The lighting arrangements at the HikerWolf Alibaug campsite are excellent. As it is private property it is well-maintained and decorated nicely. You will experience a very happening vibe on the location as it has bright and friendly decor.

No, there is no need for a prior camping experience for Alibaug Beach Camping. HikerWolf already makes sure that your Tents are placed properly with clean and sanitized mattresses and blankets. At camping, you have to not cook any food as we have cooks who make delicious delights. We have clean toilets and washroom facilities too. Travelers with us do not need to worry as the management is up to the mark with the well-experienced trip coordinators

The Hikerwolf Alibaug beach camping event is designed especially for the young crowd. The party and the music might go on till the majority of the crowd is enjoying the same. If you are planning to come with the family then make sure that everyone is young at heart and will have no problem with people playing music and having fun till late at night.

Yes, you can drink alcohol at the Alibaug beach Camping site only at night. You have to bring your booze, we don’t sell any hard drinks at our campsite nor is there anyone who can bring the drinks for you. Also, make sure that you are consuming a limited quantity of drink for your safety. Avoid going near water when you are drunk. Smokers can smoke but you have to make sure that you don’t make others uncomfortable. 

Note – If anyone misbehaves and creates any nuisance after getting drunk, that person will be asked to leave the campsite at the very moment and no refund will be provided.

Yes, HikerWolf Alibaug camping is completely safe for couples.

Yes, it has many water sports. These water sports are not included in your Alibaug beach camping package but you can try them if you want to. Following are the water sports which you can try:  

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Mandwa Beach
  • Banana Boat Ride at Nagaon Beach & Revdanda Beach
  • Jet Skiing at Nagaon Beach & Revdanda Beach
  • Bumper Ride At Nagaon Beach & Revdanda Beach
  • Parasailing at Nagaon Beach

Yes, Alibaug has many agents who provide two-wheelers on rent. If you feel like roaming around Alibaug on bikes rather than public transport then it is a good decision because you can roam around everywhere very easily and according to your comfort.

No, Monsoon is not a good time for Alibaug beach camping due to heavy rainfall and winds it can be unsafe to stay on the beach.

yes, but summers are melting hot on Alibaug beach therefore camping during summers is not much preferable. 

Yes, Alibaug camping is safe for kids. Just make sure that you don’t leave your kids alone on the beach at any time. Also, make sure that while playing on the beach your kid is near you only, because sometimes the waves are very strong and unpredictable. Rest your kids will have a very playful and safe time on Alibaug beach camping.

Yes, the HikerWolf Alibaug Camping is limited to people up to the age of 35 years. Travellers need to be within the age limit on the date of the trip departure to be eligible to join. We strictly follow this age criterion, and can not make any exceptions. 

We feel that a narrow age group leads to better experiences for our travellers when they visit a destination and the whole trip experience is more fun since people are on the same wavelength. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.

Alibaug beach camping is very enjoyable. It is the best escape from all the hustle-bustle of the city.  Here you can experience beautiful sunsets and soothing waves on the beach. Not only the view but you also get a very good quality of service, food, and clean and sanitized tents. Your every moment on the campsite is worth it and delightful also it is well said that each second on the beach helps to restore your soul.

HikerWolf Alibaug camping is conducted on splendid private property. We welcome travelers with a fresh welcome drink. Once you enjoyed the welcome party you will experience watching the sunset with your friends. After the mesmerizing evening, you get time to relax alongside the lake. Evenings are turned delicious with lip-smacking barbeque, the best part is that barbeque is for everyone Jain, Vegetarian, and of course Non-vegetarian. More sugar and spice will be added to Alibaug camping with the help of soulful singers and crazy dancers.

 HikerWolf is known for hosting the best events, therefore, your camping continues with exciting activities and games. These activities help our travelers to mix quickly and know others easily. You make new friends and party under the stars until and unless you hear your heart racing loudly. 

Yes, you can play on the beach during Alibaug camping. Playing and forgetting that you are grown-up is the best feeling while camping. HikerWolf host many activities and games to double your enjoyment. These activities help our solo travelers to make new friends and mix up with everyone. There are many Water sports too in which you can participate. Note that water sports are not included in our package but they are very cheap and fun. Also, swaying with waves and getting tanned will leave memorable marks on your heart. Sea


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