Trip to Andaman

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    If anything has inspired Jai Wolf for his music “Indian Summer”, it has to be the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands. And why not? Everything extraordinary said about this island doesn’t suffice for the explosion of beauty that this place offers! Coconut trees, pristine clean virgin beaches, soft breeze, and mesmerizing sunsets. If you are choosing the Andaman tour package, you are choosing your own piece of heaven. 

    Brief Itinerary:

    Day 1: Andaman Tour Begins | Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Chidiya Tapu

    The Andaman tour starts with your arrival at Port Blair airport. Check-in to a hotel & visit Cellular Jail and Ross Island. Witness the beautiful sunset at Chidiya Tapu. End the evening witnessing the Light and Sound Show. Overnight stay in Port Blair.

    Day 2: Port Blair – Havelock | Cruise to Havelock Island, Water Sports Activities, Radhanagar Beach

    Take the cruise to Havelock Island. Andaman is renounced for its water sports activity; Don’t miss this in your Andaman tour package. Go scuba-diving or engage in other water sports activities, or just relax at the beach. Visit Radhanagar beach. Overnight stay at Havelock

    Day 3: Havelock – Neil Islands – Port Blair | Bharatpur Beach, Natural Howrah Bridge

    Head to Neil Islands and visit the Bharatpur beach. Enjoy the Andaman trip but don’t forget to take tons of pictures. Enjoy in the lagoon and move to Natural Howrah Bridge for photography. Take the ferry back to Port Blair. Overnight stay at Port Blair.

    Day 4: Port Blair – Baratang Islands – Port Blair | Road Trip, Tribal Tour, Boat Ride, Limestone Caves

    Road trip from Port Blair to Baratang Islands. Our Andaman tour package is praised for providing knowledge about the tribal community; observe the Jarawa way of living and culture. Take the boat ride through the mangrove plantation and hike to the limestone caves. Head back to Port Blair for an overnight stay. 

    Day 5: Port Blair – Jolly Buoy – Port Blair | Water Sports Activities, Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

    Move to Jolly Buoy from Port Blair. Enjoy a view of underwater life through a glass-bottom boat ride. Engage in some other water activities or just spend the time at leisure. Ride back to Port Blair for an overnight stay.

    Day 6: The Andaman Trip Ends

    Our amazing and lovely Andaman trip comes to end here. Take the flight back home from Port Blair airport, and say cheers to new friendships!


    • All accommodation
    • Entire travel as per the itinerary
    • Daily breakfasts
    • Airport transfers
    • All Boat transfers
    • All Internal transfers and Sightseeing
    • Driver night charges, toll tax, parking charges, etc.
    • Cellular Jail Sounds and Lights Show
    • HikerWolf trip leader
    • HikerWolf Expertise


    • Any Water Sports Activities
    • Any extra expense due to uncertainties
    • Insurance
    • Anything not included in exclusions

    Things to Carry:

    • Identity Proof
    • Sunscreen Lotion
    • Sunglasses
    • Hats/Caps
    • Swim Wear
    • Flipflops/Chappals
    • Quick-drying Towel
    • Insect Repellant
    • Personal Medicines
    • Beach Mat optional
    • Flash Light or Torch

    Detailed Itinerary

    Day 1 of Andaman Tour: Andaman Tour Begins | Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Chidiya Tapu

    Well hello! Such a beautiful start to the day, as we get to welcome you with the warmest of hugs to the Andaman trip. Let us tell you- what you saw from the flight is only a teaser to the awe-inspiring and vibrant movie that you’re literally gonna live in the next few days. Welcome to Andamans, mate- an archipelago of everything raw and rustic, and nature’s best taste!

    Our morning starts with a fun introduction round with our fellow travellers: Here’s to raise our glasses to the beginning of new friendships! From the airport, we head straight to our hotel for some quick relaxation. Have your breakfast, soak in the ambience for a while, and soon get ready to roll with us!

    The first destination on day 1 of our Andaman trip is the Cellular Jail. Andamans is not just about the shiny beaches. It also upholds a history that’s extremely significant and special. Cellular Jail, also known as ‘Kala Pani’ is the place where we unravel the unending struggles of our freedom fighters who were brought here for exile. It is one of the most significant stops included in our Andaman tour package.

    After an enlightening exploration in the cellular jail, it’s time for us to head to Ross Island. Together, we hop into the ferry and click some mad pictures while voyaging to the exquisite island! Ross Island is an abode of beauty. It has a history that dates back to the British era. All around you, you sight some abandoned buildings and roads that were once reigned by the Britishers. Many times, you also spot several peacocks and deers around the island. Time to click some fun group pictures with cute animals. 

    The best part of the Andaman sightseeing occurs post-sunset, we head to
    witness the magic at Chidiya Tapu, one of the most treasured additions in our Andaman package. When the sun sets, you will witness a dreamlike vision with the entire canvas of the sky painted in orange, purple, blue, and pink! We can bet that it’s the best sunset you would have ever seen in your life. And this view, coupled with some amazing group of friends is only a dream come true. We click pictures of the sky and watch our photographer friends capture the most perfect silhouettes today!

    After sunset, we head to the jail to watch the magnificent light and sound show. The light and sound show will take you on a trip to our pre-independence days and unravel the story of our freedom fighters. The feeling of patriotism will be immense! 

    When we finally head back to our hotel in Port Blair, it’s time to say hello to some mouthwatering dinner. You’ll realize that despite being tired, you will still like to keep chatting with each other until it’s late and get lost in some memorable conversations. End of the first day of our exciting and energizing Andaman tour.

    Day 2 of Andaman Tour: Port Blair – Havelock | Cruise to Havelock Island, Water Sports Activities, Radhanagar Beach

    Hope you had a good night’s sleep, friend! ‘Tis the second day of our Andaman trip, which means, the fun is twice as before. Hurry up and grab your breakfast, as today, we hippie souls are gonna hit the cruise. Woohoo!

    As soon as we leave the hotel, we hop into our car and get pumped up with the jazziest of songs ever. Our car will halt next to the Phoenix Bay Harbour, the place from where we board our cruise. 

    And soon, the wait will be over. Here is where one can get the best opportunity at Andaman sightseeing; we are gonna go roaring on the seawater and feeling the splashes of water on our skin. But hey! Two hours of cruise journey also calls for some unlimited fun! So let’s get dancing. We laugh, joke, and show our best and craziest moves for the next few hours until we are all drenched in happiness. It’s going to be the most fun and memorable ride ever, kicking some of our favourite steps with the most happening music- aah! That party feels. All of us will become your favourite cheerleaders while you dance to glory. 

    Making one memory at a time at the cruise, we soon reach Havelock and
    transfer to the resort where we unwind ourselves and gulp in some delicious lunch. Lunch with a sea-side view? Check! But the surprises are not over yet. Because adventure enthusiasts are in for some real treat- Any guesses? We are going scuba diving! The next two hours will be all about hopping on the ferry and getting to explore underwater marine life. Imagine diving in the cold blue and green water, under the sun, and getting to witness the most amazing underwater life from your own eyes. We are sure you wouldn’t wish for anything better.

    And hey, if you’re not into scuba diving, don’t you worry. The amazing vibes of the beach got you covered; the Andaman tour package has been planned so that all can enjoy and make the most out of it. We can laze around next to the beach, sipping on some drinks and even dipping our feet in beach water.  We can also head to Elephant beach which offers some of the best water sports ever! Or just chill around with each other with a drink and engage in some fabulous conversations. 

    In the evening, we head to the best-rated beach in Asia, a luxury you
    get to experience by choosing our Andaman package. No kidding here! The Radhanagar Beach or Beach 7 is literally referred to as one of the jewels of Andaman. It’s crystal clear, turquoise ocean water with the surrounding dense forest, and a never-ending stretch of white sand are only possible in movies; one of the best Andaman sightseeing spots. Damn… you will see how the colour of the water is so different that you are going to fall in love with it in the blink of an eye! We walk side by side, under the setting sun and vibrant sky, hopping on the waves and creating memories for a lifetime. We are also going to click some killer beach pictures too. [Pro tip: Don’t miss the chance to photobomb each other!!!  just kidding.]

    With the view of the Radhanagar beach fresh in our minds, we head to our
    hotel with the same spirit with which we started the day- a little bit of fun, frolic, and madness. Overnight, we stay next to the sea, have our dinner with a mini-party (because of thug life), and pull our best sleep!

    Day 3 of Andaman Tour: Havelock – Neil Islands – Port Blair | Bharatpur Beach, Natural Howrah Bridge

    Wake up, sleepyhead! Don’t keep the delicious beach breakfast waiting. Today, we are going to Neil Islands; one of the most exciting tourist site in the Andaman tour package. Isn’t hopping from one exotic island to the other with the coolest group the perfect kinda vacation?

    Just like the last day, we hop on the ferry and take this fun trip to Bharatpur Beach. Bharatpur beach is pretty much like those postcard-perfect locations. It’s the kind of beach where you’d just want to relax, lazying around on the white sand while looking at the sea waves hitting the shore. This beach also offers several water sports activities. We run through the sand and jump into the turquoise colour lagoon together, and splash, splash, splash! Please ensure that none of us is left dry! 

    After some mad lagoon session, next up in line is the Natural Howrah Bridge. This picture-perfect spot is a photographer’s favourite! The low tide makes it ideal for us to walk and reach this rocky beach, as we need to walk on several dead corals. And damn, when we reach this place, we are in for some real treat. The rocks make a perfect site for your Instagram worthy pictures. We also make the funniest of faces while we click some memorable group pics! We also click some singles and feel proud of clicking some drool-worthy pictures of each other. 

    By evening, we take our favourite ferry ride and head straight to Port Blair. Tonight, we shall prep ourselves for the most joyous days of our trip. We have our dinner with loads of fun and camaraderie and retire ourselves to our cosy bed!

    Day 4 of Andaman Tour: Port Blair – Baratang Islands – Port Blair | Road Trip, Tribal Tour, Boat Ride, Limestone Caves

    Today, we rise as early as the sun! And trust us mate, it’s gonna be the best decision ever made. We savour some delicious breakfast and aboard the car as we’re heading to Baratang Island. 

    Ever fancied listening to mysterious stories from the locals while you travel? Hikerwolf is gonna make your fancies come true. We vroom for two hours through lush green dense forests, while spotting the Jarawa tribe. Jarawas are the local indigenous people of Andaman. We observe their houses, their way of living and their appearance, and listen to multiple tales and stories about their culture and lifestyle. And throughout the car ride, we shall enjoy listening to some awe-inspiring stories about the Jarawas. Such stories from the locals will enrich your mind like no other. No history book can enlighten you the way this journey does, as the entire ride will be about unravelling their culture, one story at a time.

    After a while, our car halts next to a jetty, where we hop into a ferry. Get ready to experience the most stunning ferry ride of your life that HikerWolf’s Andaman package has in store for you! Now, take a pause. Just look….look around you. Feel our boat sail through the river. Slow down, look, and feel. While we sail on the waters, the mangrove plantation mystically appears on both of your sides. Now, look above. Do you see the branches of the trees forming a canopy above you throughout the stretch? It’s almost as living those Disney movies and fairy. Now imagine, if it sounds so beautiful, how amazing it would feel to experience the whole thing for real? 

    Soon, we reach the starting point of our walk to the limestone cave. Throughout the trail, we chat and talk, exploring a little bit about the tropical village life, and a little bit about each other. On reaching the limestone cave, you will be stunned to see the age-old sedimentary rocks forming spectacular shapes over millions of years. This, my friend, is a perfect blend of geography and history! Apparently, these caves change their shape almost every day due to usual wear and tear.

    Our trip back to Port Blair will be equally fun and refreshing- with loads and loads of conversations about the boat ride! And if you feel that the car ride doesn’t suffice, we have the entire night dedicated to more such fun conversations and gossips. Let’s play dumb charades over dinner?

    Day 5 of Andaman Tour: Port Blair – Jolly Buoy – Port Blair | Water Sports Activities, Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

    Rise and shine! It’s Day 5, and officially the most LIT day of our trip as we explore some of the best places included in our Andaman Package. Because us peeps are going to Jolly Bouy Island! So hurry up and let’s head to the jetty. But oops, may we remind you, that today is the last day of countless ferry rides? So how can we let this go? We make the most of the ride, with the craziest of fun, soaking every beauty of the sea… until we finally reach Jolly Buoy. 

    And if you wonder what’s Jolly Buoy, it is a beautiful uninhabited island that’s ecologically preserved for its beautiful underwater corals and flawlessly white beach. There’s no inch of pollution or made man constructions around, undeniably nature’s purest and best. 

    And this is also the place where we are gonna enjoy the glass-bottom boat ride. We take our seats in the boat, and halfway through our ride, we look down beneath. What do you see? The magnifying glass will help us see through the deep blue ocean, literally. You will spot the most mysterious marine life and corals. And the view is clearer than you would have ever imagined. 

    And damn… let us tell you. You will literally be stunned to unravel this side of our biodiversity- so pure, so raw and so out of the world! Moreover, Jolly Buoy also offers the best snorkelling experience! Our Andaman package is a slice of heaven for adventure enthusiasts- let’s put our face underneath the water for one last time? 

    With Jolly Buoy, the finish the whole circle of our Andaman & Nicobar Islands trip. But don’t you worry, we are only packing happy memories and a bag pack full of beautiful friends- no kidding. 

    Tonight, we make the most out of our last night in Port Blair, with each of us sharing the most happening incidents from the Andaman trip, and also engaging in some happening games. So tell us, “Truth or Dare over drinks or the infamous Never Have I Ever?” 

    After some out of the world madness and great food, snacks, and lots of drinks, we bid goodbye to the day and head to our bed with the happiest of memories.

    Day 6 of Andaman Tour: The Andaman Trip Ends

    It’s time. Today, we bid each other goodbye with the tightest of hugs, just like we did when we met each other for the first time. We reach the airport to take our respective flights, but we also promise to stay in touch. Because for a fact, we are going to cross paths very soon! On some another killer trip. Until then, hasta la vista! See you soon. 

    1. How big will the group be?
    We prefer to have a group of 15-18 people as we intend to have more fun and give personal care. We need at least 6 people to manage our trip

    2. Who will accompany us on the trip?
    All our trips are led by professional travel coordinators who have good experience in management groups.

    3. If I’m the only girl in the group, is it safe to travel?
    We generally have many girls joining us on the trip so there are high chances that you are not the only girl on the trip. 

    Safety is of prime importance and we understand them very well. The major of our staff is a girl for that very reason so be assured you are in safe and reliable hands.

    4. What type of ground transportation will be used during the trip?
    We rent taxis such as Innova, Tempo Traveler, Bolero, Tata Sumo, etc.  from our suppliers.

    5. What will be the type of accommodation?
    We are known to provide the best possible accommodation on our trips, the accommodation can be in a hotel / alpine tent/dome tent/living room at home.

    6. How many trippers will be in a room?
    It totally depends on the dynamics of the group.  If there is a couple, we can give them a separate room, or if there is an odd number of people, then there would be a triple exchange. (If you’ll are couple inform us once you have booked) 

    7. How can I book a trip with you?
    After selecting the trip, you can book by clicking the Book now button or you can contact us and we will guide you through the booking.

    8. What kind of food is served during the Trip?
    We provide nutritious and healthy food on the trip.  We always try to select best/famous restaurants for the food on our trips

    9. Can we change the itinerary?
    Yes, you can make suggestions.  We will analyze this and, if we consider it feasible, we will apply it.

    10. Can the trip be personalized?
    Yes, we can customize any trip based on your needs and feasibility.

    11. Do you prefer to take medications with me?
    Yes, it is recommended to bring your own medicines on the trip

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