15 places to visit in Shimla – Queen of Hill Stations

Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

The majestic snow-capped mountains, the incredibly rich vegetation and the magnificent lakes of the village of Shimla welcome you to enjoy its eternal beauty. We have listed these 15 places to visit in Shimla is the main attractions, which necessarily find a place on any tourist’s itinerary.

Shimla has magic in the air and is also the most visited tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. No wonder Shimla is called Queen of Hill stations. Shimla was the Summer Capital for the Britishers who were fascinated by the land when they ruled India. The influence of the British presence is notoriously evident in its buildings. One of the best features of Shimla is that you can visit it at any time of the year.

The crest, Shimla Ridge, Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

1. The crest

In the center of the city lies Shimla Ridge, which offers spectacular views of the earth’s mountain peaks.  The ridge is a large open space that extends from east to west along the shopping center, which is another popular tourist destination.  It connects to the scandal point to the west.  If you love the mountain view, this is the destination of your dreams.  The magnificent view of the snow-capped mountain ranges will fascinate you.

Jakhoo Hill, Shimla, large statue of Hanuman, Places to visit in Shimla

2. Jakhoo Hill

Located 2 km from Shimla, Jakhoo Hill is the highest peak in the entire mountain resort and offers panoramic views of the city and the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Visited by nature lovers and pilgrims, the 8000 foot Jakhoo Hill is a popular tourist attraction.  It was said to be home of Jakhoo and has a large statue of Hanuman – his main deity.

Mall Road, Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

3. Mall Road

Located under The Ridge, Mall Road offers an overview of Shimla at a glance.  It has numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and many tourist attractions. Take a walk along Mall Road and be amazed at every step by the things this place has to offer. The scenic beauty of Shimla can also be seen here making it one of the must-visit places.

Kalka-Shimla railway, Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

4. Kalka-Shimla railway

The Kalka- Shimla Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Indian Mountain Railways which was built in 1898 to connect Shimla to other railway lines in India by the British.  The railway line extends from Kalka (a city of Haryana) to Shimla. It stops at many tourist places such as Summer Hill, Solan, and many others.  A train journey through this line will offer the visitors breathtaking views and the journey through many tunnels and bridges would make up for an unforgettable experience.

Church of Christ, the crest, Shimla Ridge, Shimla

5. Church of Christ

An exquisite example of neo-Gothic architecture, Christ Church has been an irreplaceable part of Shimla’s landscape.  Located on the Ridge, it was built in 1857 and it took almost 3 years to complete this architectural wonder.  The stained-glass windows, the clock tower, and the frescoes are some of the attractions of this church.  It also houses the largest pipe organ in India and has been part of many Bollywood films such as Black and 3 Idiots.

Indian Institute for Advanced Studies, Shimla

6. Indian Institute for Advanced Studies

The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies or Rashtrapati Niwas, located in the famous viceregal lodge located on top of the Observatory hill is one of the places in Shimla one should visit. The building was built between 1880 and 1888 during the British kingdom.  The year 1965 the Indian institute for advanced studies here was inaugurated by Dr.  Radhakrishnan.

Summer Hill, Shimla

7. Summer Hill

A picturesque town on the outskirts of Shimla, Summer Hill is also called Potter’s Hill.  In the past, this was the place where potters collected clay to make pots.  At a height of 1,283 meters above sea level, Summer Hill offers spectacular views of the valley and surrounding vegetation.  It is located 5 km from the famous ridge, frequented by numerous tourists.  The hill is part of a group of seven hills, which form Shimla and therefore you will surely have a breathtaking view from above.

Kufri, Shimla, Adventure Centre, Places to visit in Shimla

8. Kufri

Kufri is located 17 kilometers from Shimla.  At 2,510 meters above sea level and the foot of the Himalayas, the mountain resort delights nature lovers and adventurers.  Kufri and some places around Shimla belonged to the kingdom of Nepal. This is one of the must-visit places for anyone visiting Shimla because of the impressive views it offers and also because of its status as an adventure center.

Annandale, Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

9. Annandale

Annandale, also known as Annadale, is one of Shimla’s top attractions.  It is about 4 km from the ridge.  This flat field was once the playground of the British, who played cricket and polo here. A popular sport also practiced here was Running. Today, the track turns into a small golf course, which is also used as a helipad.

The Shimla State Museum, Shimla

10. The Shimla State Museum

Built-in 1974, the Shimla State Museum is located on top of Mount Pleasant and is also known as Himachal State Library and Museum, It was built to preserve the state’s cultural wealth and record its rich past.  The colonial-style building amidst beautiful gardens is an inspiring sight.  It gives you an in-depth look at the city’s glorious past.  It has an impressive collection of various objects related to art, cultural anthropology and archeology. Some of the classic collections found here are Sculptures, paintings, crafts, and coins.

Chail, Shimla

11. Chail

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh from Patiala founded Chail – a picturesque hill station.  According to the story, Bhupinder Singh fled with the viceroy of India’s daughter at that time, from a place now known as Scandal Point.  This sparked the wrath of Lord Kitchener, who then banished Shimla’s partner.  This place has the highest cricket ground in the world and is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday.

Solan, Mushroom City of India, Shimla, Places to visit in Shimla

12. Solan

Popularly known as “The Mushroom City of India” and “City of Red Gold” for its production of mushrooms and tomatoes. Solan is a city that will never cease to amaze you. Its history goes back to the Pandavas who lived here during their exile. The British can be credited with its initial economic development as they are responsible for Solan’s evolution.  The temperature here remains good all year round, the panoramic views here will continually surprise you and the kitchens here will satisfy gourmets.

Daranghati Shrine, Shimla

13. Daranghati Shrine

Located 150 km from Shimla, the Daranghati Shrine, which covers 167.40 km, is one of the most important tourist attractions.  It is in the upper region of ​​Shimla.  In the past, it was a game reserve for the royal family of Rampur Bushahr. This wooded area was declared a sanctuary in 1962 for being rich in fauna.

Naldehra and Shaily Peak, Shimla

14. Naldehra and Shaily Peak

Naldehra is a picturesque mountain resort at 2044 m above sea level and an irresistible natural wealth has led Lord Curzon to establish a golf course.  Dense cedars and impressive vegetation create magic in the atmosphere.  The snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas are a pleasure to see from here.  It is so peaceful and calm that you would hear the sounds of the winds.  You can go horseback riding to cover the forest area.  One of the advantages of horseback riding is that you can go a little further in the woods.  You would like to see the sunrise and sunset from Naldehra.  In summary, it is a perfect destination to relax.

Fort Arki, Kangra paintings , Shimla, Places to visit

15. Fort Arki

Built with a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture, Arki Fort is a must for all history buffs.  It was built in 1660 AD. and was passed through numerous rulers.  This fort is perhaps best known for the Kangra paintings that adorn it, which are supposedly around 200 years old but still retains their beauty.

When you find a land of infinite natural beauty, it is as difficult to write about its main attractions as to cover the whole place in one go.  Shimla is a place that needs a lot of visits before one can claim to have seen Shimla. 

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