Top Places to Visit near Pune for a Holiday Getaway

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While, Pune is a delightful city with its famous Misal Pav and the Peshwai, there are several places around with its scenic attractions that you would surely not want to miss out on visiting. When we think of a holiday getaway; we often want it to be good as such it acts as a stress buster for us. The rushing in our daily lives to keep up with the workload, we look forward to the weekend eagerly. Here is the list of top places to visit near Pune for a perfect holiday getaway

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    Dudhiware Waterfall: This picturesque location is around 10 kilometers from Lonavala. Being 135 ft high, it is peculiarly known for its water rappelling and zip line activities across the waterfall and is certainly one of the most popular places to visit near Pune. One can certainly indulge in and relax by the beautiful waterfall.
    Dudhiware Waterfall

  1. Vanaga Valley: Waterfall flowing into a stream to dense forests and a natural Jacuzzi built around, Vanaga Valley is a breathtaking place situated in the Sahyadris near Lonavala and is yet to be discovered properly by the travel enthusiasts. Vanaga Valley Natural Jacuzzi
  2. Karla Caves: A Buddhist monastery, this rock-cut cave is off the road on the Mumbai Pune expressway, near the village Karli and also not too far from Lonavala. It is one of the most noteworthy and oldest cave shrines of the country.Karla caves

  3. Rajmachi Fort: Another favorite among the trek lovers, located in the western ghat ranges of Sahyadri Mountains. It has twin fortresses which makes it unique with the neighboring presence of natural beauty in abundance.

    Rajmachi fort

  4. Panshet Dam: Categorized as a backwater, situated on river Ambi amidst the lush jungle of the Sahyadri ranges. Due to this, it is ideal for a day’s picnic with family and friends. Access to the local food is in a large quantity. Boating is a common water sport in this area.

    Panshet Dam

  5. Kamshet: Another small hill station, Kamshet in the Western Ghats mainly renowned for paragliding. The hilly region around has several temples situated and tranquil lakes in the region itself. Hence, this place leaves travelers awestruck.

    Kamshet paragliding

  6. Visapur Fort: The most noteworthy thing about this fort was built by the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. Furthermore, trekking up the fort, one can find royal decorations and architectures, old houses, and lush greenery.

    visapur fort trek

  7. Duke’s Nose: Also called Nagphani,  known for its rock climbing and hiking. The Duke of Wellington was the reason behind the name. It has a long forest trail and a picturesque view of the Sahyadris and the deep valley.

    Dukes nose

  8. Thosegar falls Famous for the soothing sound heard from a distance and the beautiful sight for the eyes.

    Thosegar falls - places to visit near pune

  9. Tapola: Called as the Kashmir of western India, Tapola is a little hamlet with the lake Shiv Sagar as the major attraction spot. A jungle trek to Vasota fort starts from this place as the base village.Tapola - place to visit near pune

  10. Bhandardara: Fireflies camping takes place for 15 days once a year. Mount Kalsubai known as the Everest of Maharashtra and the highest peak is located alongside. Trekking here leads to the trails of the serene environment.

    Fireflies Bhandardara camping 2019

  11. Malshejghat: Called as the grand canyon of India, it has trek trails, waterfalls, and rugged rocks across the Western Ghats. Various sanctuaries here have diverse flora and fauna.malshej ghat -place to visit near pune

When you plan your next trip, we hope you visit all these places listed above near Pune so that we can help you plan the most memorable trip of your life.

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