Under The Stars – A Secret Jaisalmer Desert Safari

jaisalmer desert safari

With stars above, sand below and Jaisalmer at heart, here are the finest and most majestic of a Jaisalmer desert safari. Standing at the heart of the great Jaisalmer desert, Rajasthan’s pride and pleasure, you couldn’t help but notice the rustic beauty. Even as the night engulfed the desert, the gleaming stars above were all that needed to admire the beauty. The desert reminds you of a never-ending golden carpet adorned with breathtaking dunes, traditionally adorned camels, and more. The rich culture of Rajasthan oozes in all shapes and forms, especially through the very welcoming locals of the area. However, the coruscating nightlife is easily the quintessential aspect of a Jaisalmer visit. It’s a  cultural kaleidoscope-the pure splendor of traditional music, folk dance and to top it off- the grand Rajasthan thali. Moreover, the glittery skies above will transport you to a world of its own. 

Camel Rides

camel rides, Under The Stars - A Secret Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Camel rides are one the greatest appeals of a Jaisalmer desert safari.  Traversing the never-ending Thar on camelback holding to its hump, swaying in rhythm to nature’s symphony is truly an experience to cherish. The sky adorned in the pitch-black cloak had studded gleaming brooches. The night sky and stars have never seemed more heavenly. The ride showcases the true nature of the desert. Unlike the smooth Sahara, Thar is studded with rows of green- shrubs and cacti. As you break the journey for respite, you see villagers, probably heading home after work. People here are mostly cab drivers and Kharif crop farmers and of course local artisans. Their symphonic quibbles, too loud for the gushing winds doubtlessly exemplifies the cultural purity of this location. The innumerable dunes is surely a wonder for visitors and is a part of the ride to be etched in memory and frames.

Sure, the long camel rides in the unending Jaisalmer will leave you with a sore back. Despite this, the exuding grandeur of Jaisalmer desert safari with a cool night breeze for the company makes it all worth it.

The Rhythm of The Night

rythm of night life

If you want a glimpse of the cultural tapestry of Jaisalmer, then you must witness the folk music and dance performance by the locals. The performance, usually at night near the campfire is an enriching experience. As you lay on the finest carpet- the desert sands, with a cool night breeze, you know the experience is one of a kind. The local women dancing to the catchy beats of drums played by the men is a feast for your eyes and ears. The fire in the middle, blazing with brilliance is the only speck of light inland trenched in darkness. As you see across the mirage effect to see the locals dancing in unison with a beautiful beat, you realize the tales of Jaisalmer are true. The nights are certainly heavenly in this beautiful desert.

The Night Life


the rythm of night, Under The Stars - A Secret Jaisalmer Desert Safari

After a tiring trip in and around the desert, the quaint campsites provide a much-needed respite for the visitors. The homely delicious vegetarian food and the hot tea to go with it, simply elevating your experience to the next level.  Lying in the open air with a beautiful night sky for a roof and soothing desert breeze for comfort, you realize there is nothing as homely as mother nature herself. Staring at the star-studded skies, you unravel an unsaid story. The lone pole star and the different constellations tell stories from a hunted bear to a  couple kissing. As you gaze at the stars you realize something special- that someone else miles away or maybe even across the seven seas might be staring at the same star. It’s unquestionably a humbling experience.

The vastness is intimidating in away. The glittering roof stretches to infinity and beyond and you truly realize your place in the universe. A speck..a minute portion of the big picture. Staring at the sky above, with the occasional buzz of some insects beyond and the tranquility oozing within, you simply can’t deny what Jaisalmer means to different people. A much-needed space for solitude or a moment to experience with your loved ones. It’s a magical and mystical feature of Jaisalmer for sure.

The captivating night sky, the mesmerizing dunes, and the mystifying music of the dark are all little things that make Jaisalmer so great.  But then again, it’s the little things that matter. Clear your schedule. It’s time to make time for the little things.


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