A complete guide to Jaisalmer Camping – Experience the best

Desert Dream Jaisalmer Camping

Men in vibrant Pagdis (turban)-Pyjamas along with women in their traditional Ghagra Choli folding together their hands in Namaste. Yes, you are being welcomed to this heaven called Jaisalmer. You can have extremely different experiences when it comes to the deserts of Rajasthan. Here is a complete guide to experience Jaisalmer Camping at its best


Located at the westernmost part of Rajasthan- Jaisalmer is at the heart of the great Thar Desert. The deserts are also one of the connecting points to the tourist cities of Jodhpur and Bikaner.

Even though most of them arrive here during the summer season for Jaisalmer camping experience, the most appropriate time to visit would be during the end lapse of winter in January and February to witness the grand desert festival. 

Camping options

There are extremely different experiences that you can choose across when it comes to camping in the deserts of Rajasthan. 

The infamous camping sites around Sam Sand Dunes, with a fully facilitated tent and an itinerary that shows you the desert in all its glory. Then there are the off-beat camps a bit farther away, which presents the raw and real Jaisalmer. 

The former is suggested most of the time due to assured safety and trip experience like every other. We would love to recommend the latter experience with a simple bed amidst the desert and no tent cloth blocking your view of the night sky.

desert night camp

What to keep in mind while looking for camps 

It remains important to research about the camp you choose to stay at. Even though we act as facilitators for this, to a great extent personal assurance adds on to the trip.

Some camps around the place include Damodra desert camp, The Serai, Prince desert camp and so on. A decent place tailored to your liking and choice of the crowd makes the experience even worthwhile.

Either way, the sandy dunes of the Maharaja state are sure to live beyond your expectations. 

The activities that go on board when you thumbtack your plans in Jaisalmer camping include – Jeep ride, Dune bashing, Camel safari, Campfire, desert sports, and stargazing. 

Camel Safari

Almost all the camel safari’s come with an option that would cater to your preferred route. We would highly recommend the overnight options that include the camel ride, watching the sunset, having dinner under the stars, riding back while watching the sunrise. 

Other than this there are also other options where you can come back from the ride on the same day or even go on up to 30 days with the ride. Be prepared for somebody’s aches along with an unforgettable experience if you tick the latter. This is very common. As camel rides with no breaks and for long periods can get a little uncomfortable for those who are not used to it. 

Price rates vary based on the options as well. The longer the trip, provisions for food also has to be accommodated. This all becomes a tad bit expensive than the normal 1-2 days camel rides. Most of the packages don’t charge beyond 2000 Rs for a full day camel safari package.

There are many more adventure activities that you can indulge in like, quad biking, zip-lining, body zorbing, horse riding, archery, etc. You can sign up for all of these in a package or separately. 

Jaisalmer Activities

What not to miss!

The cultural programs are a must-attend that happens during the campfires. This completes the entire trip Jaisalmer camping experience. Local men and women dressed up in their traditional Rajasthani attire dance along to the tunes of their celebrated folk music. 

Welcoming you to their land they sing along the lines of “Padharo Mhare Desh”. And there is no way you could miss grooving to the songs. 

The colors and the campfire all add to the vibe. After which you can end the night with a plate of their authentic meal while gazing at the infinite stars gleaming above you.

The charm & warmth of the Rajasthani traditions stay close to your heart, no matter how many beautiful cities you visit after it…