Top Gokarna beaches that you would keep coming back to


Cradled by the ocean, Gokarna beaches are a feast to the eyes. Transforming their shades from the blues to sunset and then pitch black, you could stare at these beaches and not notice the time tick by.

This place is mythologically important as well, as it derives its names from one such belief. The Sanskrit translation of the word “Gokarna” means “Ear of Cow”. It is historically believed that Lord Shiva had emerged here from the ears of a cow.

Spending several days here becomes a piece of cake as the climatic conditions, culture and so on are as welcoming as the place.


If you would ask us for one place along the Western Ghats where time stands still, it would unarguably be Gokarna. Located along the Konkan coastline, this refreshing beach land lies almost 50 km away from Goa.

What sets aside Gokarna, is the rustic calmness contrary to the touristy hustle in places like Goa. There are several train halts and bus connections that thread the way from Gokarna to the major cities such as Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

With an entirely different and enriching culture of Uttara Karnataka, this place falls on the list of every travel enthusiast who wants some time off from the crowds and chaos of cities.

Beaches in Gokarna

Top beaches in Gokarna

Cocooned between several hills and palm groves, the beaches in Gokarna give an unparalleled experience to the visitors. Simply lying down on the fine golden sand and listening to the waters hitting the rocks bring about a certain sense of peace.

This does not limit the fun one can have around the beaches either, as there are several resorts, stalls, and activities that cater to them.

1.Baada Beach

To know how untouched and undiscovered spots look like, this beach is the go-to. The place is surrounded by the greens and browns of hillocks. This beach is one of the cleanest in Gokarna.

Apart from the few cafes and cottages around here, there is not much of bustle seen across this beach. This makes it the perfect spot for a stay at Gokarna as well.

Baada beach provides the perfect spot for you to take your evening stroll uninterrupted, play a game of Volleyball or Frisbee, and relax at one of the shacks when the game tires you.

For a traveler who always indulges in the blast of cultures and people, this place is a fresh breath of air.

Half Moon Beach

2.Half Moon Beach

It is a hot favorite amongst tourists because of its shape. Just like its name suggests, the beach carves in the form of a crescent. One among Nature’s many plays to have placed the moon at our feet.

On one side of the beach, dense forest lines are tracing the path. Trekking is one of the most observed activities around here. It guarantees the trekkers with a scenic view like no other.

You will not want to miss camping around this forest-beach space with a blanket of night stars right above you.

Along with this natural beauty, you can also indulge in an array of fun activities when at the Half Moon Beach. There is the option of going for paddle boating, kayaking, swimming, trekking, and camping.

3.Om Beach

Just 20 minutes away from Half-moon Beach is yet another symbolically shaped beach – Om Beach.  Considered to be one among the best beaches in Gokarna, the Om Beach is shaped in the form of an “Om” from the Devanagri script.

Dolphin spotting is one of the most enjoyable activities around the beach. Considered as one of the most intelligent animals, getting to spot them through the crystal clear waters will surely leave you mesmerized!

Apart from this, you could also engage in several adventurous activities such as Jet Ski ride, water skiing, and parasailing at very feasible rates.

Several shacks and coves cover the vast stretch, that would create the perfect scenario to chill on your hammock reading one of your favorite books or simply basking in the sun.

Om Beach

4.Gokarna Beach

Filled with a wide spectrum of people such as surfers, pilgrims, yoga enthusiasts and so on, this beach becomes the witness to Gokarna in all its essence and entirety.

The beach energizes you with vibes that set you all geared up for the day. Therefore, a lot of pilgrims visit the place to take a dip at the waters. As it is just a few meters away from the Mahabaleshwar temple, it is the most crowded and popular beach in Gokarna.

Infamous for being a surfing site, the beach assures you no compromise in terms of adventures. Mapping a trek from Gokarna beach falls under the itinerary as it covers most of the popular beaches within 10km distance of it.

5.Kudle Beach

This is one of the major attractions of Gokarna. Cut off from the touristy and loud spots, this solitary beach is a common space to watch the sun dipping into the depths of water.

Generally, you will see tourists swimming or simply relaxing along the shores of the beach. But, activities like swimming have to be conducted under one’s own risk. As there are no lifeguards, being responsible while taking the risk falls in your own hands.

There are boat rides available to Kudle beach from the Om beach.

Beach Gokarna

6.Paradise Beach

You’re blessed with a view of paradise after trekking or riding from Om beach/Half Moon beach and hence the name.

It brings about the beach hopping to complete a circle that goes from the two beaches to finally the Paradise. It is also known as the Full Moon Beach because of this trek

There are rocks worth looking through covering 70% of this place. If you are one among those who collect pebbles in the form of souvenirs, you’ve come to the right place.

Stretching around 150 meters, this spot is one among the famous sunset and sunrise points of Gokarna.

7.Nirvana Beach

If the name doesn’t give it off, nothing else could. Among the offbeat locations in Gokarna, this place is an experience beyond words could describe.

Meant for the longing explorer within you, this place is everything dreamy. The 5km stretch of blue waters, grains of sand beneath your feet, the mellow clouds above your head.

If there is anything that could knock you out from reality for a while, it would be this piece of heaven lying in Gokarna.

There are not many activities that you could find on this beach. Except for the few excited bunches, you could spot climbing the rocks, chasing around the crabs till sunset and so on.

So don’t wait along in the line and pack your bags to witness what Gokarna holds back for you!



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