Tirthan Valley – The best part of Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan Valley

Standing at a towering height of 1600 kilometers and located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan valley is undoubtedly one of the most underrated and unexplored tourist destinations in the country. The valley derives its name from the grand and peerless Tirthan river serenading on the side with its mellifluous burbles and babbles. The river originates from the ice-cold glacial springs of Hanskund, a snow-capped peak in the dense Great Himalayan National Park(GHNP).  With beautiful greens for trekking and a pristine river for fishing and the stunning silence drowning you in utmost tranquillity,

Tirthan valley Cottage

Tirthan valley certainly has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here is a list of things that you simply must engage in if you ever visit this mesmerizing location.


The river crossing is definitely for the adventure seekers and if you are one them, you are in luck. In this activity, the person is strapped to a safety harness as he moves across the river. The water cascading beneath the feet, it’s icy cold chills sending a shiver up your body and the soothing water sprays as the water hits the rocks are all a part of a truly liberating experience. It’s almost unpardonable to not experience this after visiting this iconic location.

Great Himalayan National Park


Tirthan valley is also a paradise for the trekkers. The Great Himalayan National Park offers an array of trails and sights which makes the whole experience a memorable one. The alluring lush greens of the forests, the blooming flowers, and the beautiful flexuous streams will all transport you to a world of complete introspection. The mist erupting out as you blow air out of your mouth on a chilly day and the sunlight gently stroking your face is all worth living for as you engage in this one-of-a-kind trekking experience.


They say lakes are the eye of the earth and in the case of Serloskar, it truly is. The still and clear waters which stare almost into your soul is a truly humbling experience. The fallen leaves from the nearby oaks float on as if in a race to reach the other side. The main attraction, however, is the Goddess Buddhi Nagin temple situated nearby. Legends say that the goddess had 100 sons to protect this beautiful lake. As you sit on the banks in complete solitude observing how clean and beautiful it looks, you just feel maybe the old fables of the past had some truth in it. All in all, Serloskar should be in your bucket list of places to go if you ever visit the great Tirthan valley.

Serloskar Lake



The Tirthan  River, blessed with abundance trout of brown and rainbow color is one of the most ideal places for the fishing enthusiasts. Fishing here is an enthralling experience. It provides a peaceful space to retreat to oneself and collect one’s thoughts. Undoubtedly this is a stop every visitor should make as they make their way into the Tirthan valley.


A rare sight of 2 waterfalls set apart by a short distance is a view to cherish for all visitors. The waterfall gushing down with ferocity still manages to inculcate a soothing experience to the onlookers. The water sprays that stroke you as the water hits the rocks and symphonic music of the water as it makes its way through the trails unknown can be a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience for everyone. Hence it’s a no brainer that the waterfalls should be visited in any case.

Tirthan Valley Waterfall

The camping under the stars, the rich flora, and fauna of the GHNP provides a photography feast. The cloud kissed mountains and the rich traditions and cultures of the people, very much intertwined with old rustic temples and worshipping areas are all part of Tirthan’s bewitching charms. When they say the best has not yet been seen, it’s true. The best is yet to come as the Himachal Pradesh government has taken strides to make Tirthan accessible to everyone.

If you are someone who is begging for a respite from city qualms and squalor, Tirthan is for you.

“Pack your bags, the mountains are calling”.


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