Top 10 Beaches In Mumbai – A city that never sleeps

Serene Mumbai Beach

The moment you step in Mumbai, you know what’s in store for you and what matters. The city is all about who moves the fastest,  who goes the farthest and who comes the first. The lights that never dim even after the clock strikes twelve and the people that never rests even though the sun has set is truly the essence of this beautiful yet so mystifying city. It’s true when they say that the city never sleeps. The incessant clamor and the fast pace of the city might easily wear you down. Maybe that’s why when the city named after the goddess ‘Mumbadevi’ was created, it was blessed with several beautiful beaches-a solace, a respite and maybe a relief in this fast-paced city. So with the sky above, sand below and Mumbai at heart, here are my top ten beaches in Mumbai.


This is easily the most popular of the lot. Stretching at 6 kilometers, Juhu is undoubtedly one of the longest beaches in Mumbai.  Basking in the sun with sand under your feet is a therapeutic experience that you can experience at Juhu. The huge crowd and the regular hustle and bustle may put you down but Juhu is much more than that. The fascinating view of aircraft soaring in the sky as the sun takes one final dip in the horizon is a view to cherish. However, for me, the most quintessential feature of this beach is the variety of Indian cuisines available. As you enter the beach an aroma of delicacies like ‘bhelpuri’, ‘panipuri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ hits you transports you to a time where you rushed after school to the local ‘chat shops’. Yes, Juhu certainly seems to have it all.

Juhhu Beach in Mumbai


Unlike Juhu, Gorai beach transudes tranquility and calmness. Being much farther from the city, Gorai exudes a sense of soothing. The light breeze brushing your face as you stroll down the beach the sand between your toes and the dips in the crystal clear waters all alleviate the experience. That feeling of getting hold of your breath after a game of football at the north end with one hand shielding the glare of the sun giving a farewell call is all to experience in this iconic spot. The bumpy camel rides, the very spicy chana masala that can make tears roll down your cheeks and the water sports that call on the adventurer in you are all-together a different experience that shouldn’t be missed.


Marve Beach is located in Malad. It is a very small and narrow beach due to its fast sinking mud and swift current. This is the reason why this beach is least suited for swimming. Hence, the low rush which makes it a very ideal spot for some alone time or quality time with your loved ones. The breathtaking sunset sinking shadows and the light winds ruffling your hair truly epitomizes what ‘love in the air’ means. The romantic charm is unquestionably the reason why Marve is popular among couples.


Madh Island beach is yet again another scenic beauty in Mumbai. The mangroves at the shore with rustling leaves as a gentle wind makes it plight to a place unknown all add up to the charisma of this location. This is apt for nightlife seekers, the reason being the late-night DJ parties. Madh Island beach is absolutely a must-visit for someone who seeks a respite from the monotonous and mundane city life.

Madh Island


Aksa beach like Marve is also popular among the couples as it is still an unexplored territory by the city crowd. The panoramic view of the coastline and the mesmerizing view of sunset and sunrise can easily rejuvenate the onlookers.  The beach is immaculately clean and is ideal for yoga practice. Be it a space for introspection or cherish a moment with the lover, Aksa beach blends it all.


Versova beach is an extension of Juhu and is far less crowded compared to the latter. At its core, Versova is a fishing village and has the vigor to it. The smell of fresh and exotic fish, umpteen number of fishermen screaming at the top of their voices to attract customers and the cats sneaking from the back in hope of a feast…quaintness is etched in the picturesque setting of Versova. This should be in your bucket list if planning to visit beaches in Mumbai 

Versova Beach in Mumbai


Dadar Chowpatty beach is located in south Bombay and is located at the heart of the city. The absence of snack shacks although they have warded off tourists, has made the spot ideal for jogging and yoga. While the view of the Worli sea link, an architectural beauty can leave you awestruck and flabbergasted the serene shores induces a soothing effect. Chowpatty soaks in the true essence of Mumbai. While the beach overlooks aesthetical and architectural wonders on one side, the filth of the city, dumped on the side of the beach can be seen on the other side. Just like Mumbai with its Bollywood glamour at Bandra on one side and Dharavi slums on the other


Girgaum Chowpatty beach accentuates the nightlife beauty of Mumbai. Located at the heart of the city,  amongst the beaches in Mumbai this one has a delirious effect on its visitors. The nights at Chowpatty transports you to a time of carnivals. The regular buzz and excitement of a carnival is ever-present with snack stalls, Ferris wheel rides and many more. The wind gushing on your face as the wheel goes round and thudding beats of yours as you reach the very top are all one of a kind experiences. As you reach the very top you truly see the city that never sleeps. Children running around making and breaking sandcastles, husband, and wife finally pausing the mundane routines and making quality time for each’s fair to say this beach has a fair share of beauty to it.

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai


Uran beach is a tiny fishing and agriculture village located in Navi Mumbai. The enthralling view of the sun breaks the claustrophobic shackles of the city with ease. If you visit this beach you often see fishermen catching fish with bare hands without any fishing gear. They crouch in the waters, their eyes strenuously focussed on what’s under with an intensity of a chess player and as they spot the fish, they swiftly move their hands like a matador. Spellbinding doesn’t even cover it.


Lazing on the beach with the sand behind and the sun up Kalamb is a paradise in the fast and furious Mumbai. Still mostly unexplored and unheard of, the beautiful sun, the soothing winds and the crispy fried pakoras with red chutney leaving your tongues burning is all enough to pack your bags and hit this spot.

So here are my top 10 beaches in Mumbai. And, as someone wise said, “smell the sea, feel the sky and let your soul and spirit fly”


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