Midnight Cycling With HIkerwolf -Mumbai Midnight Cycling


When was the last time you felt the winds gusting against your face? When was the last time you paddled? We want you to relive your cycling memories. Mumbai Midnight Cycling is an enthralling experience that will allow you to have a soulful conversation with a city that never sleeps. Shimmering city lights. Empty lanes. The smell of the sea. The sound of the wind.  And the thump of your heartbeats as you paddle your way across South Bombay at Midnight. Mumbai Midnight Cycling is an event awaited by cyclists and night lovers across the city as it offers one the chance to experience the romance and beauty flowing in the air of Mumbai like never before. This is your chance to be a part of one of the most happening night events that the city hosts- the action-packed Mumbai Midnight cycling drive!


  • 2nd Dec 2023
  • 9th Dec 2023
  • 16th Dec 2023


With your own Cycle: 299/-

Cycle on Rent: 750/-

Yulu Electric-Bike: 1099/-

NOTE: Block your seat at just ₹200/- and pay the rest 4 days before the trip date. 



    • Duration: 5 hours, commencing at 11:00 pm.
    • Distance: Covering 22 km.
    • Cycling Route: Journey through Colaba, Marine Drive, Girgaon Chowpatty, Hanging Garden, CSMT, Flora Fountain, Asiatic Library, Gateway of India, and Taj Hotel.
    • Availability: Limited to 30 Cycles per batch.
    • Difficulty Level: Rated as an Easy Cycle Ride.

We will also have some fun games in between the Mumbai midnight cycling ride


The event is conducted by HikerWolf & Affiliates 

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Itinerary:

Meeting Point: Colaba Market, Mumbai.
Reporting Time: 10:45 pm late comers will not be entertained. 

Please note: The exact GPS location will be shared on the WhatsApp Group, formed 3 hours prior to the event.

    • Arrive at the designated GPS location by 10:45 pm. We’ll depart at 10:59 pm.
    • After a brief safety and introduction session, gear up and collect your cycles. We’ll follow a pre-marked route, pausing at various points for enjoyment, photography, and fun.
    • At Hanging Garden, we’ll have our introduction session. Take a break for refreshments to recharge.
    • Around 04:00 am, return to our starting point, return cycles and riding gear, concluding the ride with cherished memories. You can choose to continue your morning at Marine Drive, Girgaon Chowpatty, or head back home.

Points Covered during the Night Cycling:

    • Colaba
    • Marine Drive
    • Girgaon Chowpatty
    • Hanging Garden
    • CSMT
    • Flora Fountain
    • Asiatic Library
    • Gateway of India
    • Taj Hotel

Kindly note: A WhatsApp group for coordination will be created at 7 pm on the event date.


    • Gear/Non-Gear cycles (as per ticket choice)
    • Necessary safety gear
    • Biscuit and Juice Tetra Pack
    • Expertise and administration charges
    • Basic First Aid


    • Personal expenses
    • Costs related to transporting the cycle via taxi in case of ride-related issues
    • Anything not explicitly stated above.

Important notice for cycling event:

Following your payment, you will receive an email update. Ensure accurate, correct, and authentic details during registration, as your own name, phone, and email are required. Failure to provide authentic information will result in non-participation without refunds.

Please refrain from booking if you are not physically fit for the event, lack sportsmanship spirit, or haven’t thoroughly read and understood the details, FAQ, and terms on this page. Outdoor activities are teamwork-based, and every participant is accountable for their role in the team. We do not accommodate latecomers, so prompt reporting is appreciated.

Things to Carry

    • Mandatory: Identity Proof
    • For participants with their own cycles: Helmet
    • Optional: Riding gear and accessories
    • Mandatory: 1-liter Water Bottle
    • Any required personal medicines (Note: We provide a basic First Aid kit)
    • Snacks like chocolates or candies for sustenance
    • Mandatory: Sling bag or backpack for carrying your belongings.

Note 1: Do not carry any valuables on the Mumbai midnight cycling drive. Please take care of it in case you are carrying the same. We will not be responsible if you lose them by any chance

Note 2: In case of an accident, the bicycle rider has to compensate for the damage caused to the bicycle and any damage caused to any other third party.


Q1: What if the cycle breaks down or gets punctured?

In the event of a cycle breakdown or puncture, participants should hire a taxi to return to the starting point of the cycling event and arrange for a replacement cycle. The transportation cost is the participant's responsibility. Hikerwolf facilitates cycle rental but does not own or rent cycles directly. Any issues with the cycle should be addressed by contacting the cycle vendor directly.

Q2: Can I make a cash payment on the spot for the midnight cycling event?

No, advance booking is required to secure your seat as we do not accept cash payments on-site. Mandatory online payments can be made through the website or various payment apps, net banking via UPI, NEFT, or QR Code before the seats are sold out.

Q3: How many people will be at the night cycling event with Hikerwolf?

The participant count for night cycling depends on the number of people booking the event. Typically, the batch size is around 20-30 participants. Hikerwolf prioritizes safety and avoids overcrowding in adherence to safety protocols.

Q4: How many kilometers do we ride during the night cycling event with Hikerwolf?

The total distance covered during the night cycling event is approximately 18-20 km. The cycling track includes multiple halt points, and ample breaks are incorporated to ensure participant comfort.

Q5: What type of cycles are used for the night cycling event?

We offer both geared and non-geared cycles for rent. If you lack experience in handling geared cycles, we recommend opting for non-geared ones for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Q6: Is Midnight Cycling safe for solo participants with Hikerwolf?

Yes, around 60% of participants join solo and seamlessly integrate into the group. It is safe for solo participants to engage in the midnight cycling event. Besides the typical risks associated with any outing or sports event, no additional hazards are present. Hikerwolf's team will be present throughout the event.

Q7: Is Midnight Cycling in Mumbai safe for girls/women with Hikerwolf?

Similar to any outdoor activity, standard risks apply, but Hikerwolf has a proven record of ensuring safety for both females and males. Typically, 60-75 percent of our participants are females, and we prioritize creating a secure environment for all participants.

Q8: What refreshments are provided during the Cycling event?

Participants will receive a tetra pack of juice or a drink, accompanied by a bakery item such as cake or biscuits throughout the night cycling event.

Q9: Can I bring my own cycle for Midnight Cycling in Mumbai?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own cycle for the event. Simply meet us at the starting point and join the group with your personal cycle.

Q10: Which is the nearest train station to Colaba Market with Hikerwolf?

Colaba Market is closest to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) Train Station, accessible via the Central and Harbour lines. The travel distance from CSMT to Colaba Market is approximately 2.5 km by road, taking about 15 minutes. For those on the Western line, Churchgate station is the nearest, with a travel distance of 2.0 km to Colaba Market, taking around 11 minutes.


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