Palampur – The Himalayan Heritage of Himachal Pradesh


Blessed with a cool climate and lush greens of pine and deodar, Palampur is a quaint hill station nestled between the majestic Dhauladhar ranges in Himachal Pradesh. Ever wanted to go back in time? Wait for Palampur’s magic. Palampur’s rich colonial history with its Victorian-style mansions and the architectural splendor will transport you back in time. The remains of the glorious past will give a glimpse of the rich history of this place. Compounded with its natural charisma-be it the verdant tea plantations or the palatial mountains, Palampur’s wonder is beyond your imagination.
Palampur is still, a much-unexplored gem. Here are 4 reasons why that should change.


It is the least surprising that Palampur is considered the tea capital of north India. The scenic beauty of this quaint hill station is significantly contributed by the alluring lush greens of acres of tea plantations. Step into the plantation and you find yourself in heaven. The sweet fragrance, the awe-inspiring visual, and of course, the delicious tea are all part of this enigmatic experience. The tea plantation visits are undoubtedly a rejuvenation for all your senses. As you trod along, your hands ruffling the tea leaves, you ask yourself why you couldn’t do this more often. Sipping the hot tea with a gentle cold breeze for a company you are struck with a revelation. One can’t get enough of this.


The Tashi Jong monastery is undoubtedly a pride of Palampur. As the thick juniper smoke coming out of the monastery, kisses the clouds, you feel an air of sanctitude. The Buddhist monks, the fluttering bright flags, and the whispers of prayers drown you in utmost tranquility. The monastery is not just a center for worship. Tibetan refugees have found a haven in this heavenly adobe for decades. The monastery also has a restaurant on the side that serves exquisite Tibetan dishes. The aroma out of the restaurant is more than enough to salivate your senses. Tibetan artifacts and other souvenirs are also sold here. The spectacular Tashi Jong monastery is more than a good enough reason to visit the iconic Palampur.



The Saurabh Van Vihar is a quaint nature park built in honor of the very brave Saurabh Kalia, a martyr in the Kargil war. The park is a perfect site for solitude or introspection. A quick getaway from the incessant qualms of the city. The mesmerizing view of the Dhauladhar ranges is a view to cherish for sure. These clouds kissed mountains surrounding at all sides almost makes you think of the great Saurabh Kalia, the valiant soldier who stood strong and brave at the borders to protect us. Step into this garden and correct me if I’m wrong, the shiver at your spine that you feel at the first makes you wonder if the brave soldier has embarked his journey back in time.

The park today stands as a symbol of and gratitude for all the fearless soldiers of the Indian army. The proud sons of the nation who willingly laid down their lives to protect it till their very last breath. The sanctitude felt at the very ground you’re standing is so much more than you’ll ever feel in a temple. However, the nature park is also a great spot for a simple boat ride or even bird watching. The boat rides with the gentle breeze ruffling your hair and the exceptional serenity as you watch a golden eagle are all experiences that shouldn’t be missed. So, if you ever visit Palampur, Make sure you never miss the Saurabh Van Vihar experience.


Ever wanted to learn pottery? Maybe even try for a bit? You have reached the right place. Andretta pottery is a concept introduced by Mansimaran Singh in 1983. Wondering what the catch is? The classes are free and you learn pottery at the backdrop of the captivating view of the Himalayas. This is an activity that most of the visitors enthusiastically take part in. Even people who have absolutely no interest in pottery also participate just for the sheer enigmatic experience. Even if you don’t become a great pottery artist, rest assured you’ll have a lot of fun. Visit Palampur, take part in the pottery class, and strike it off from your bucket list. 

Palampur is a lesser-known tourist gem of the country. The place has a lot to offer for all its visitors. Stop dawdling, it’s high time to be a part of this rich Himalayan heritage.

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