Jibhi – The Magic of Refreshing Getaway in Himachal Pradesh


Jibhi is a beautiful hamlet located at the Banjara valley in Himachal Pradesh.  Be it a refreshing walk along the many beautiful nature trails or the symphonic duet of the many birds and burbling river or the mesmerizing sight of the lush greens of the verdant Himalayas, Jibhi can simply enrapture anyone. Jibhi, if not anything else, is heaven to anyone who wants a much-needed break from the cacophony of the towns or the much marring city blues. Here is a list of things that this quaint village in northern India can offer.

Visit Jalori Pass

Jalori pass

Located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Jibhi and an elevation of 3000 meters, Jalori pass is nothing less of bewitching beauty. The captivating whispers of nature, the chimes of the soothing breeze that brushes against your hair, and the spellbinding view of the rocky hills all invoke a sense of serenity and calmness that are much craved by the city dwellers. The beautiful lush greens of the pines and cedars ignite a sense of euphoria in the minds of the observers. Lazing on a carpet of pure pristine green with a  ray of sunlight on your face in itself is an experience of a kind this beautiful village can offer.

Visit to Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi

A stroll to the Chehni village takes you to a thick coat of deodar trees along the verdant slopes, standing almost as an invitation for the enthralling views and event to be unfolded. Walking along the meandering trails through tall pines you can almost the first glimpse of the stunning tower as you approach the fringes of the village. The quaint, yet towering 5 story structure stood out with ease. The watchtower slightly reminds you of another beauty, the leaning tower of Pizza due to its characteristic lean-to aside. Supported by a masonry wall and timber logs laid parallel, the presence of a secret tunnel underneath adds to the rustic charm of this architectural beauty.

As you make your way down the steep flight of stairs with the smell of juniper smoke and eerie cold for the company you get a sneak peek of the insides, which is now a yogi shrine. Run your hands along the walls of this sentinel tower and you’ll truly appreciate the genius of this architecture. The tower made in Pahadi architecture is a rare specimen, in which timber and stone are layered and interlocked to overcome natural calamities. It becomes less surprising how this tower still stands proud even after the Kangra earthquake in 1905. The Chennai fort opposite to the tower, now converted to Krishna temple and the Syringa Rishi temple located half a kilometer away are all examples of this rare exquisite architecture that is a feast to the visitors.

Visit Seroyul Lake

Seroyul Lake

The drive from Jibhi to Jalori pass in itself is a breathtaking adventure. The two trails along this route lead to the mystic Seroyul lake and the Raghupur Fort. The trip to Seoul lake is a trip to cherish. The view overlooking the green lush mountain tops, the captivating oak forests, and the serene view of the blossoming wildflowers. Between the mossy oaks, all add to the charm of this sacred lake. The clear waters of this lake resting about the meadows truly engross you in this pinnacle of beauty. The lake has a beautiful temple on its shore. Which adds to the very sanctity of the soil under your feet. Seoul lake is undoubtedly a trip that you have to make at any cost.

The Jibhi Waterfalls

jibhi waterfall


An early visit to the Jibhi waterfall offers an enthralling sight. Which is a feast to the eyes of all the visitors? As the skies clear for the beguiling evening light to soak the entire landscape. The glistening green of the meandering meadows and the narrow beam of light through the gaps between the mountains can leave anyone awestruck. The quintessential view, however, is the full-fledged rainbow ring around reflecting off the mist and water ahead. The soothing sprinkles as the water hit the rocks.  And also the icy cold dip are all experiences worth checking off your bucket list. Yes, this panorama is a must-capture moment in memory and frames.

Trout Fishing

trout fishing

The trout fishing in Jibhi is a memory to cherish- be it an amateur or an experienced fisher. The fishing experience is a must-do if you ever visit Jibhi. The umpteen number of angling posters will remind you of the same. The sweet whispers of the winds. The symphonic burbles of the lake and enrapturing calmness and serenity prove to be a great picturesque. Setting not only for fishing but also for a retreat to one’s true self. The high after getting a catch is something that can’t be put into words.

Jibhi is undoubtedly one of the finest India has to offer. So if you have not said yes to this adventure yet, pack your bags, Jibhi is waiting.


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