Top 5 Places to Visit in Kanyakumari

vivekananda rock memorial

A humble one of its kind places lined near the Western Ghats and the Laccadive. Rich in cultural heritage and natural wonders, Kanyakumari will take you through a ride of surprise by how it doesn’t confine to the usual tourist spectacle.

Being the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland, it was a favourite spot for the colonizers to watch the sunset.  Travelling to Kanyakumari made me think “Just who WOULDN’T love to watch the sunset here?”.

It’s absolutely breathtaking, and consider yourself lucky if you spot the sunrise and sunset at the same spot. A phenomenon that’s only seen in this charming town of Tamil Nadu.

With beaches bringing grains of sands from different parts of the ocean to your feet to the mystical temples being home to fascinating stories, this coastal town is a must-visit place for every travel bug.

Welcoming you to the views of a lifetime, here are the Top 5 picks from Kanyakumari.


Top 5 places

  1. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

vivekananda rock memorial

Opening time: 8 am to 4 pm on all days.

Entry fees: No entry ticket. The ferry ride costs Rs 35 for a normal ticket.

Resonating with the vibes of the entire town is this peaceful tourist attraction. Taking a ferry down to this place, you’d get to witness the blissful spot where Swami Vivekananda had attained enlightenment.

The rock memorial leads to a serene Dhyan Mandapam which observes pin-drop silent ambience. Meditating here for a while makes you leave behind the chaos and enjoy the moment in all its entirety.

Walking out from here you’d get the panoramic view of the Triveni Sangam (converging of the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea) and the 38 feet high statue of the infamous poet Thiruvalluvar.


  1. Bhagavathy Amman Temple

bhagavathy amman temple

Opening time: 4:30 am to 12:30 pm; 4 pm to 8 pm on all days

Entry fees: No entry ticket. In case waiting in the queue gets tiring, a fast darshan ticket can be bought at Rs 20-50.

The most famous temple, not just in Tamil Nadu but entire South India is the Kanyakumari Devi Temple. Also known as Bhagavathy Amman Temple, the temple holds religious significance that dates back to almost 3000 years.

Along with the decades of history also comes stories that’d strike the chords of mystery and fascination.

The Devi’s nose pin carved out of diamonds is said to shine so bright that it could be easily mistaken for the bright light shining from the lighthouse. Located at close proximity from the seashore, this architectural spectacle is both spiritually as well as aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Gandhi Mandapam

gandhi mandapam

Opening time: 7 am to 7 pm on all days.

Entry fees: No entry ticket.

Dedicated to the lovingly known father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Just like every other place in this town, the Mandapam comes along with a mystical aura of its own.

Gandhiji’s ashes were said to be kept here before immersing them off in the sea. Finding its roots in this historical event came the belief that his presence blesses the place till date.

On his birthday every year, the sun rays reflect exactly on the spot where his ashes were believed to have been preserved. Many tourists come by during this time to witness the beautiful moment and pay honour to the legendary figure.

Spend some good amount of time in this modern architectural mandapam that holds an ancient soul close to its heart.


  1. Kanyakumari Beach

kanyakumari beach

Opening time: 9 am to 6 pm on all days.

Entry fees: No entry ticket.

One of the must-visit spots around Kanyakumari is the beach. Unlike most kinds in the country, Kanyakumari beach here boasts striking features with a bewitching beauty to it.

Located exactly around the confluence of the three grand seas, the beach offers a picturesque sunset reflected in various shades of blues and greens.

While it’s highly unsuitable for swimming due to its rocky and unpredictable nature, it’s always open for some fun and splashing around.

The seas also bring to you the multicoloured sand it carries from every part of the country it flows around. The thought itself made me feel like I was stepping onto many lands standing at the same spot.


  1. Kanyakumari View Tower

kanyakumari view tower

Opening time: 5 am – 7 pm

Entry fees: Rs. 3 for adults and Rs. 2 for children.

What better way to bid goodbye to this beautiful town than watching it high up from a vantage point?

The view tower here offers exactly this and much more. Going up a spiralling walk, you’ll be welcomed by the fresh breeze from the ocean.

A telescope awaits you here to quench your enthusiasm and look beyond. Clouds and hues, all upsetting surprises every other day with their changing patterns.

It also offers a panoramic view of the Rock memorial, Vivekananda statue and the Thiruvalluvar statue towering over the high tides.

Kanyakumari skies, seas, and lands are something that’d make you come back to it again and again, tirelessly. The view tower assures you this in the form of a final showdown.


How to reach

Kanyakumari is well connected to major cities around, so be it a flight, train or by road, reaching here is a task as easy as a pie.

By Air:

The nearest airport to Kanyakumari is at the capital city of Kerala. Located at about 90 km from here, the Trivandrum International airport receives frequent flights – both domestic and international.

From here you may avail public transport facilities, and within a couple of hours, you’ll be at your destination.

In case you prefer taking taxi services, opt for the pre-paid ones at the station that would charge you by the meter.

By Rail:

Kanyakumari railway station is the closest at not above 3 kilometres from the main town. There are connecting trains from many major cities including Trivandrum, Bangalore and Mumbai.

The second nearest station, Trivandrum Central, does not fall farther than 90 km. There are frequent trains passing through Kanyakumari from here.

By Road:

Thanks to the well-connected road networks, driving down to the coastal town is also an easy task. A simple map would do all the directing required to the southernmost point of the mainland.

Opting for public transport is also a feasible option with regular buses from several parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Based on your budget you could pick on the state provided services, from the delivery to the regular.


Best time to visit

Unlike the rest of Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari doesn’t face excruciating heat pangs, and so makes it for a pleasant visit round the year. Even then, the best period for visiting and experiencing the town’s glory would be between the post-monsoon months of October-February.

During this period the beaches become more alive than usual, and the weather, in general, is pleasant without any severe variations.

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