No COVID negative certificate required for Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Dun… Dun… Dun!!!

No more rona for Corona!
Bas khud ko hai khona!
Un Himachal ki wadiyo me hai sona!
Breathe in Uttarakhand’s aroma!
Don’t be in a dilemma!
Be your best persona!
Bas ab travel to hona hi hona!!

Well, if you have a question in mind, “Are we even ALLOWED to do Interstate travel and visit Himachal Pradesh or Uttrakhand??”

The answer to your question is: HELL YEAH!!

Govt. of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand have opened their gates for tourists. After such a long time, they are going to be more than happy to welcome you. 

If you ask, “Swagat Nahi karoge humara?”

They will be welcoming you with,” Aayiye padhariya here gharma ji but dhoor dhoor se,” well not literally but….. you get it right?

Next question: What about guidelines, do we need to get a COVID test negative certificate or e-pass or anything else? 

Earlier both states had allowed with condition that every person should provide COVID negative certificate but now they have loosened the criteria. I totally feel that’s fair. Even though kits are in ample now, still we don’t want to take away needful person’s test, right?

Obviously, if you have any symptoms, you will have to get tested before they let you in the state but if you are fit and fine… you can see the divine! 

Interstate buses are still not operating but with everything slowly resuming to normal or its said, “New Normal”, it is expected that it might resume in October. 

But we are travel enthusiastic, 

Gates are open, and

There’s no stopping us. 

We can book a car or private vehicle or rent some or the other thing…

Don’t they say? “Where there is a WILL there is a WAY!”

With more options for Staycation, Workcation, and needing to feel rejuvenated, this news is really good. On the side, it will help both the states as they are heavily relied on tourism (psst. there are many attractive discounts as well) our travel can just not help us but them as well. 

Note: If you visit Uttrakhand you need to register yourself on their portal ( and provide your travel details.

So travel safely and unwind. Tada… until then.

Official order by Uttrakhand Govt. Order covid-19 Unlock-4

Let me know if this news makes you happy.

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