The 15 Best Places to Visit in Maldives Islands


At the mercy of the sweet and hilly Indian Ocean, the Maldives Islands have been sculpted and molded. It is one of the most beautiful tropical places in the world. From the dusty beaches of the northern atolls to the terrestrial marine huts and fishing villages of the southern islands. The whole nation is scattered in the turquoise waters of the Indian subcontinent offering a lot of places to visit in the Maldives

Most visitors will land in the electrifying city of Male, an island, spice markets, and large mosques. Whereas, others are quick to take the plane or boats and head to the sparkling private bays of the resort of their choice. Where infinity pools and huts on stilts are the norms.

More recently, new local guesthouses and the discovery of the waves have started to transform the Maldives from a honeymoon place. To a destination for surfing, adventure, and hiking: paradise is now open to everyone. Here is our list of the best places to visit in the Maldives:

  1. Male

male , places to visit in Maldives

Full of scooters, Indian cars, and bazaars full of spices and coconut, the capital of the Maldives atolls, the city of Male, has the frenetic feeling of a crowded place in a slot too small for all this.

Although it is rarely visited (most travelers pass through the city by seaplane which takes you directly to its tourist center. The city is full of an island on the North Male Atoll. It manages to integrate fascinating panoramas into its streets though, such as the 17th-century Friday Mosque and the Golden-Tip Islamic Center.

The male market is another necessity, just be sure to improve your bargaining skills. Hence, make it popular amongst the places to visit in the Maldives

  1. Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island

Located just in front of the crystal clear waters of the capital city of Male. The island of Hulhumale is growing and developing forever as more and more land should house the city’s sprawling urban tentacles. It is also home to the Velana international airport, which is the main airport to most of these beautiful islands.

Hulhumale is a lovely place. It has a beautiful, albeit artificial, beach in its eastern paradise, a cluster of green neighborhoods, a glass-covered mosque, and scheduled walks on the Indian Ocean. That is why it is noted in the list of best places to visit in the Maldives

  1. Maafushi


Maafushi may not have luxurious luxury resorts and opulent 5-star hotels unlike many of its closest siblings. But, it’s a very charming place. Sadly the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami devastated it. But, the place has been busy rebuilding its salt fishing docks and industrial sailors’ huts over the past decade.

One thing that helped was opening up local pension rights, making Maafushi one of the best destinations on the island for budget travelers. Of course, beautiful beaches lined with palm trees, waves, and a handful of cozy little cafes on the shore can be heavens you always expected.

  1. Utheemu


The northernmost of all the island chains of the Maldives, located at the northern end of the Haa Alif atoll, the magnificent Utheemu site holds a special place in the history of this archipelago nation. This is because it was once the home of the revered Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, the chief who is known for chasing the Portuguese invaders from the islands in the late 16th century.

Of course, there are the usual waves and the sparkling white sands, but these are marked by historical sites such as Utheemu Ganduvaru, which is the magnificent wooden palace where the respected leader grew up.

  1. Feydhoo


In the nineteenth century, the people who lived between tree-lined streets and narrow apartment buildings were the inhabitants of the nearby island of Gan (more on that later).  When the British arrived before the Second World War, Gan was transformed into an airbase and the inhabitants were sent to live on the next island of the Seenu atoll.

It was Feydhoo, who today is a beautiful picture of life in the Maldives.  Let’s go and stroll the winding paths and sample fish curries with the locals – the welcome is always warm.

  1. Maradhoo


Attached to the aforementioned hip of Feydhoo by a coastal causeway that extends just above the coral shores of the Seenu atoll, Maradhoo is an important link in the island chain beginning with Gan in the east.

Long and lean, it advances into the Indian Ocean like a finger delimited by narrow fronts on the beach and coconut groves. Like Feydhoo, the locals are relaxed and charming and the cuisine is spicy and rich in seafood.  Make sure to walk along Link Road and stroll through the palm-lined cafes and sandwich shops.

  1. Island of Veligandu

Romantic sunsets glow red and yellow on the Indian Ocean;  cocktails clink in the resort’s luxurious bar;  Sea kayaks sway on the turquoise coast and crystal clear waves roll gently from the inland lagoon.

Welcome to the beautiful island of Veligandu, which has long been claimed as one of the best destinations for couples in the Maldives. Honeymoon and honeymoon are the order of the day on this long, thin finger of land on the northern edge of the Ari atoll, and there are many luxurious oceanfront villas and suites to match.

  1. Banana cliff

Banana cliff

Many travelers heading to the Maldives will come for one thing: diving. And there is no better place to put snorkeling gear and wetsuits in the country than in Banana Reef. This fruit-shaped line of multi-colored corals and sandbanks bordered by algae is found underwater between the islands of the North Male Atoll. It is served by countless vendors, who make excursions to discover striped snappers and bulbous sponges, reef sharks, and barracudas that gather here.

  1. Thulusdhoo Island

Thulusdhoo Island

It is the spirit of the salty Caribbean that seems to lead to the island of Thulusdhoo. Widely unknown, this place of male atolls is surrounded by vast areas of sand from which hundreds of trunks of bulbous coconut palms sprout.

The beaches are wonderful by nature. And, the locals love to lean on their fishing boats which occasionally vanish to find an excellent fish barbecue. All this fits perfectly with the other hobby of Thulusdhoo: surfing. On the left look for the fun reels that turn into barrels near Villingilimathi Huraa.

  1. Fuvahmulah


Fuvahmulah promises something slightly different from the rest of the Maldives atolls. To begin with, this place on the Indian Ocean map doesn’t have any close neighbors and occupies its atoll. It is also dotted with occasional inland lakes, which is rare on this plain. Meanwhile, the booming sandbanks on the famous Banging Beach create crashing rollers and a refreshing spray of salt (a break from the usual relaxing lagoons), and proximity to the Earth’s equator means wet weather all year round.

  1. Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island, places to visit in maldives

Perched on the eastern tip of the Maldives, on the famous Felidhe Atoll, Alimatha is a large tourist island. That offers luxury cabins, stretches of pristine and unspoiled beaches. And, above all, some of the most famous dive sites. The complex that covers the island can often be seen as full of diving enthusiasts. The ones who come to look for the beautiful coral forests and dams that surround the coasts. These are full of jackfish, moray eels and are known for their high visibility and popular night dive packages.

  1. Hithadhoo

Hithadhoo, places to visit in maldives

Large (for at least Maldives) and very populated is this subsection of the city of Addu in the former Seenu atoll. It is accessible on the same roads connecting Gan to Maradhoo.

At its southern end, the place has mangroves, swamps, and shrubs. Whereas, the north side of the island is full of cafes and bakeries. And sometimes a series of minarets that arise from the local mosques. More than anything else, Hithadhoo exudes a fascinating and lively atmosphere. One that is difficult to discover in another part of the country full of seaside resorts

  1. Kuredu

Kuredu, places to visit in maldives

Kuredu is the self-proclaimed gem of the Lhaviyani Atoll. Moreover, it has its headquarters in the far north of the Maldives archipelago. A boomerang-shaped island is completely covered by a single complex. With its rustic bamboo huts and rows of these ubiquitous water bungalows with terraces on the waves.

The whole place is surrounded by its private strip of powdery sand. As it is considered one of the most advanced diving and snorkeling destinations in the country. Strong currents and high waves often make manta rays and tropical schools visible. Kuredu also houses a 9-hole golf course.

  1. Gan

Gan, places to visit in maldives

Gan is primarily known for its airport. Also, which is the second-largest airport in the Maldives. It is a famous former airbase for the British Air Force during World War 2.  Today the island has lost its former military importance due to tourism. As it is slowly increasing to become one of the most famous places in the Addu Atoll.

It’s not just the accessibility (thanks to the airport) that attracts the crowd. As Gan has small earthy fishing restaurants and small expanses of shiny sand that are usually completely free of visitors.  Enjoyable.

  1. Kunfunadhoo Island

Kunfunadhoo Island, places to visit in maldives

If you are looking for the legendary luxury and romance of the Maldives. The opulent resort of Kunfunadhoo Island is unlikely to disappoint. It is continually hailed as the most forgiving place to stay in the country. Visitors enter through a large wooden room with a thatched roof hidden in the coconut woods. From there, head to the cocktail terraces that rise on stilts over the jungle. Or to the beaches where candles flicker in the sensual sea breeze.

Add some infinity pools, poolside bars, and the option to dine on a small private sandbank. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular!


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