Nubra Valley – A trip to an Unexplored Gem of Ladakh

two young monks at the valley

Nubra Valley located in Ladakh is an unexplored gem situated about 140 kilometers from Leh. Nubra valley is a highly tensed area located at the backdrop of pristine meandering rivers and serene monasteries. The heavily guarded Siachin army base camp is only a few kilometers from here. And, every visitor needs a special permit to visit this region. Travel documents have to provide on-demand to the soldiers, especially at the Khardung La Pass. However, the everlasting splendor of Nubra valley makes the trip worthwhile. The most ironic things are often the most wonderful. A breathtaking valley in the highest battlefield of the world is as ironic and as wonderful as it can get. Here are a few of Nubra’s finest which are truly breathtaking


BACTRIAN CAMEL SAFARI, Nubra valley - the unexplored gem
The Bactrian camels and camel rides are one of a kind and will put the normal Jaisalmer camel safari to shame. Bactrian camels are dual humped, unlike the usual camel kind. These camels are more comfortable for a safari and are the primary transportation mode in the silk route. Traversing the majestic Nubra with its awe-inspiring dunes is an experience to cherish. You blow the air out of your mouth and you feel like a Buddhist monastery spewing out juniper smoke. Yes, the cool climate provides a much-needed respite from the excruciating Indian summers.
As you embark on your journey from the Hundar village to Diskit, stupendous views bless you. The cloud kissed mountains, the golden barley fields, the spectacular beauty of the apricot and apple gardens are all a feast for your eyes. Stop a moment and satisfy the photographer in you. However, the orange berry orchids are one of the most enthralling views. As the sun sets, the orange orchid garden almost makes you feel as if you are in the skies. The glittering night skies are also a remarkable view to cherish at the great Nubra valley. With a doubled humped and white sands extending to infinity and beyond, the Bactrian camel safari has a lot to offer.


SAMSTANLING MONASTERY, Nubra VAlley - An unexplored gem
Samstanling monastery founded 140 years ago by Lama Tsultim Nima is the main monastery of the region and undoubtedly one of the oldest ones. This place is one of the must place to visit in Nubra Valley. This architectural wonder has stood the test of time with awe-inspiring ease. One look at this mystical beauty and you feel the tranquillity seeping in. The yellow and red trees of the landscape, the vibrant prayer flags fluttering with the calm breeze will enrapture you. The lush greens of the bushes on the side and the golden mountains reaching up to the pristine blue skies are all views that will captivate you for sure.
Even to this day, the monastery houses 50 monks. It has 2 assemblies, both of which have enchanting murals and paintings of Buddha, Dharma Chakra, and the 4 kings. The guesthouse in the monastery is the resident for the 7-year-old incarnation of the great visionary- Rinpoche. The serenity and calmness you feel as you set your foot in this untainted and unblemished grounds are magnificent. It invokes a sense of closeness to the almighty. With nature’s immaculate abundance around for view, you don’t question the sanctitude of the Samstanling monastery or the great Nubra valley.


YARAB TSO, Nubra valley - An explored gem
Yarab Tso is a high-altitude lake tucked between palatial mountains in the Nubra valley. The locals revere this lake and consider it as the holiest specimen in the valley. The lake is an unexplored beauty, simply because it takes a 20-minute hike up the hill to reach here. The lake is captivating with its crystal clear water. People are not allowed to dip their feet or have a swim at this spectacular lake to maintain its purity. As you sit in the banks staring at the clear water, you might get a glimpse in the depths of your soul. If you are fed up with incessant city clamor, then this lake will be a blessing and a true site of solitude. A visit to Yarab Tso is completely worth it. Sit in the banks, breathe the pure mountain air, watch the vibrant fluttering flags and cherish the oozing tranquillity.


Maitreya Buddha is a towering 32-meter statue of Buddha located near the Diskit monastery. It is the oldest in Nubra valley. This man-made wonder is built on 8kg gold. Further, it stands proud as a symbol of world peace. The locals in the region strongly believe that the statue will protect them from all evils. The statue stands facing the Shyok river a testament to how the creation of man and god can exist in tandem exuding utmost beauty. Dalai Lama unveiled it in 2010. The statue is an architectural wonder and a must-visit. Even now, Nubra valley is an unexplored place. However, the abundance of nature’s beauty and man’s creativity harmoniously co-exist in this quaint and iconic location.  Grab your backpack, let’s hunt unexplored treasure beyond. These are undoubtedly the best places to visit in Nubra Valley.

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